Cops REACT to Abducted In Plain Sight

How CRAZY was the story of this recent documentary released on Netflix!? I thought it was insane enough to get Dave and the UPP reaction on the recent Off The Cuff Podcast.

Going to premiere this 2/11 at 7p EST!

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24 thoughts on “Cops REACT to Abducted In Plain Sight

  1. Thanks to all who showed up and chatted together during the Premiere of the video. Particularly to the super chatters who helped support my work that way. I am humbled and grateful.

  2. Dam, it's easy to go after the parents cuz yes it is bad, but I can't do that and the thought of how and why they could let this happen is only one answer… the mormon faith…. that is the bottom line in this story…

  3. Modern mainstream Mormons don’t practice polygamy and abhor it because they don’t want to be mistaken for the small groups of Mormon fundamentalists who do practice it. What’s more likely is that they are just naive and trust everyone in their church to be honest asked upright citizens. Idaho is about 26% Mormon and would have been much higher in the ‘70s. Utah is right next door (to the South) and more like 70-80% Mormon, also probably higher in the ‘70s.

  4. Scumbag list in order
    1. Berchtold
    2. The mom
    3. The dad
    4. Berchtolds Brother
    5. Mexico, for allowing grown men to marry 12 year old girls.
    6. Dr. Phil, for exploiting damaged people

  5. I am so grateful that I came here before I watched the entire documentary on Netflix. I usually don’t like spoilers, but in this case it was necessary. I will not continue to watch this documentary. This case sickens me; my spirit is disturbed tremendously by the parents and the sick pedophile that doesn’t deserve to be called by name.

  6. Thanks for the rundown. I tried watching it and turned it off. Her parents pissed me off even more than that POS. Protect your child, don't fuck the pervert fucking your kid!! WTAF. Goddamn cult bullshit. The parents deserve a slow painful death. I get that Jan was only 12 and it was a long time ago….. but she wasn't 5. She believed that alien story?
    Not blaming her for the other shit. She is 100% a victim of 3 adult pieces of shit. Poor girl

  7. These parents were disgusting and selfish. They were both cheating with B and in the documentary they mostly talked about themselves and how bad it was for them, and barely mentioned that this guy was molesting their daughter. They should be in jail too.

  8. Everyone keeps saying that the family was stupid … but they were obviously complicit with the whole thing. That family believes the rest of the world watching the documentary is stupid enough to believe their story. The parents kept quiet to save their reputations. Even the paedophile in court said they allowed me access to their daughter in exchange for sexual favours. That right there explained the whole twisted sordid situation, and explained why they didn't call police for 5 days the first time, why they sent her off to stay with him, and why they allowed him into her bedroom 4 times a week for six whole months. Every single adult in that whole situation should have been put in jail. Wake up people, there was more than one predator…. there were three of them.

  9. What really disgusted me watching this was the mother. She has this fucking twinkle in her eye when she talks about fucking the dude who raped her child.

  10. It was the 70's man…. Everyone on acid talking about aliens…. Even the nuns were brainwashed! But seriously, i dont buy that alien box shit. I think is just a way for her to justify her story. I guess shes not ready to just admit she was seduced. Shes also not ready to admit that her parents were just as fkdup as 'B'!

  11. Her parents were the dumbest fucking people in the the fucking world… I really believe that they sacrificed their daughter in some ways because they didn't want to be exposed by the shit they had done.. I saw her in an interview recently and she really stuck up for them.. but IDK!! No one could be that naive and stupid about what was going on.. then to let this guy back in your house after the kidnapping.. bullshit!!! This documentary on Netflix had me so angry that I was shaking and started crying.. yeah 55 year old grown ass me.. I just wanted and was wishing I could blow his brains out (berthold).. this guy makes passes at you and your wife?? and then you let him take your kids off anywhere? Get the fuck outta here..

  12. Um did nobody just here this cop said that he would trust committing murder over the criminal justice system and the police force that we are supposed to be trusting to not only provide Justice to victims but not murder us because of their own personal agendas or moral codes?
    If you wouldn't even attempt to inform or trust the criminal justice systems to provide Justice to you and your family and times where you are a victim such as this family; and instantly, yet so confidently say that you would no question commit capital murder you should not be protecting and serving you should honestly hand in your badge or at least go through some sort of behavioral therapy because that is not healthy or safe for all the people that are supposed to be relying on you and put their lives in your hands every day

  13. I think… or she have the worst parents in the world EVER or … Her parents have too much to tell … The second is the closely I think because 2 or 3 days to calling the police after the child is missing ?
    The parents left a 40 years old man slept with his daughter ? The sounds of the mom when she is talking to the phone with principal suspect and she sounds so quiet, calm… C'mon that's not a reaction of somebody who has lost a child and talking with the suspect !!… The mom sent in a plain to her daughter … C'mon … And a lot of another incongruences …

  14. Was CPS not a thing back then? I’ve heard of kids being taken away from their homes for much less than this

  15. Mormons and hypocrisy, what's new?! The guy seduced the entire family and got away with it because of the parents shame , the mother even went on to see Jan as a rival to Bs affections at one time, and sent her away to him rather than lose his attentions.
    The father at least saw the truth sooner and tried to divorce the wife and Bs influence out of his girls life, might have been late but it was better than the never would have happened from his wife.

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