Cops Arrest Fleeing Suspect Running Across Highway While Armed With a Knife

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Weatherford, Texas — On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, at 9:30am an employee from First Financial Bank at 745 Adams Drive called Weatherford Police Department To report a male behaving strangely in the parking lot. At 09:37am Officer Yarbrough arrives on scene and obtains a suspect description and last known direction of travel. The bank employee also made the officer aware that the subject had left behind the broken blade of a knife. At 09:39am Officer Lazo located the subject on foot in front of Olive Garden. As Officer Lazo approached the subject, he began running westbound towards the north service road of I20. As Officer Lazo pulled onto the service road the subject sat down on the roadway intentionally trying to be struck by passing vehicles.

As Ofc Lazo pulled in behind the subject, he observes the subject reach into his pocket and pull out a knife. At 09:40am the subject runs from the westbound to the eastbound lanes of I20, almost being struck by several vehicles, and lays down in the roadway. As officers approached, the subject turned, and a knife could be clearly seen in his hands. Officer Yarbrough put away his handgun and retrieved his JPX Peppergun. The subject raised up and threw the knife from his right hand over his shoulder, and at the same time Officer Yarbrough delivered one shot from the JPX. Officers continued to give verbal commands to the subject, to which he did not comply. Therefore, a second follow-up shot from the JPX was delivered to the subject.

After the second shot was delivered, the subject became more compliant and followed the commands of the officers. He was subsequently placed in handcuffs and removed from the roadway. An extensive search of the area led to the discovery of the knife which had been thrown during the incident, which was collected for evidence. The subject was treated by LifeCare due to the effects of the pepper spray as well as exhibiting signs of a condition known as “excited delirium”, which is a medically dangerous state characterized by extreme agitation and delusion. Due to the mental crisis witnessed by Officers and statements from involved parties, the subject was transported to a medical facility for emergency detention. The subject has no pending WPD charges.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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42 thoughts on “Cops Arrest Fleeing Suspect Running Across Highway While Armed With a Knife

  1. Covid has nothing on the mental health pandemic is this country has seen for 5+ years. Get help, find a therapist, find a psychiatrist.

  2. he really didn't want to die that day. He could have so easily stepped in front of that tractor/trailer but stopped real quick. Idiot. What a big waste of time.

  3. Bruh that dude is stupid he not only put himself in danger but as well as for the officers trying to apprehend him for his Own safety and the Public's safety as well..👍 Kudos to those officers

  4. I’m glad they got him and no one got hurt. TBH I actually panicked when he almost got hit, I couldn’t look 😰😮‍💨

  5. Where's all the idiots who say that you know, grocery baggers and plumbers face the same dangers in their job? Don't see them here on this video…weird.

  6. I literally blame ALL politicians of this great country for the horrific number of videos we see every day like this. Depression and drugs are rampant.

  7. The Federal government, you know, the one we HAVE to pay part of our paychecks to every time we get paid and who is SUPPOSED to be WORKING FOR US and using that money to solve nationwide problems on OUR BEHALF??  You know the one that IS NOT doing anything BUT LYING to and MANIPULATING US with the news media and social media they collude with?
    Here is an idea for any and all politicians (few exceptions like Tulsi, and The Paul's, Jim Jordan, etc). Instead of taking OUR MONEY we give you to make OUR NATION BETTER and sending it to Ethiopia or Ukraine to murder and kill people or get stolen by whichever corrupt nation it goes to, WHY DONT YOU TAKE OUR MONEY AND INVEST IN MENTAL HEALTH CARE HERE FOR EVERYONE!? Since you literally tried to destroy the lives of every American, and still are, its the least you could do you unaccountable POS!

  8. Well, you want him to stop or get out the road? Decide what you want him to do.
    Oh, wait, you cant decide, so you'll just end up pewpewing someone for your conflicting instructions.

    "Put your hands up"
    "Stop moving"
    "Dont you want me to put my hands up?"
    "Ok here you…."
    "I SAID STOP MOVING…..PEW PEW PEW PEW × mag dump".
    Headlines: cop says put your hands up and shoots suspect for putting his hands up. 🤦‍♂️
    🇺🇲 cops for ya.

  9. Glad everyone came out of that okay including that suspect for whatever reason people just aren't happy these days with everything going on nobody feels like anybody cares about them I like to see The Compassion that with used here hopefully that man will get some help the second lease on life pray for everyone

  10. I wonder in this instance if lethal force would have been justified in order to try and save the guy from getting flattened by a car, as contradicting as that sounds. Considering he was too far to be tased I assume a few well placed rounds would get him down right? I don’t know. This situation is just fucked up on so many levels.

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