Cop pulls over Drunk Doctor Speeding in his Porsche

@YouTube removed this video once already with an extremely broad and vague excuse. This New Mexico Doctor apparently has friends in low places, or high places, and were able to get the first version of this video removed. Therefore we are Re-Uploading it! Doctors mess up just like cops, pilots, cooks, mechanics, and just about anyone else. There should probably be a case made for anyone who deals with the public in any profession to wear a body camera while working.

@Cops&Cons obtained body and dash camera of an incident in Albuquerque, New Mexico where Dr. Terry Hansen blew by a NM State Police Officer going over 115MPH in a Porsche. The Officer caught up to the driver and the officer smelled alcohol in the car. The officer performed field sobriety tests and Dr. Hansen was placed under arrest resulting from the performance of the tests.

There is a link here breaking down this DWI stop with our legal expect which can be seen here:

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46 thoughts on “Cop pulls over Drunk Doctor Speeding in his Porsche

  1. it's incredible how uneducated police are, they have so little knowledge of laws and how they work that they have to just read paragraphs of text off cards and can't even be bothered to offer any sort of comprehensive summary of what they've just read because they genuinely don't have the slightest clue what they're talking about. They're just like "well, I read the thing on the paper and that means I did my part… Anything beyond that is beyond my job description." It's pathetic. It's no wonder they only hire low IQ NPCs for these jobs.

  2. If he didn't feel drunk, he would've done the breath analyzer test and knocked it right out with a score below the legal limit.

  3. To the New Mexico State Police, thank you for detaining this too cool for the room know it all threat, we are now standing down knowing our antennas and bi-planes have not been compromised. Best regards, Empire State Building engineering staff.

  4. Officer comes up passive aggressively. He was looking for a reason to arrest somebody that night. This isn't a positive light on any police.

  5. Wait a minute 😳 I thought by the looks of it HE PASSED THE TEST …. he didn't have missed steps etc…only his arms were not by his side! HE PASSED WITHOUT A DOUBT! he should have only gotten a ticket

  6. The Driver is wrong for going 116, if he was actually drunk then there is no way the cop could have known that with the sobriety test that was given. I don't agree with ever driving drunk. Was it warranted to tow the vehicle? Never agree to anything a cop wants you to do. It is their discretion to determine if you are drunk or not. They are not the judge and jury. They are public servants up holding law. Request not to participate in any of their games. Request to speak to a lawyer and keep your mouth shut through the whole process. You may go to jail but the burden of proof is on the cop. He has to prove you were drunk. Now your rights.

  7. Well, the date is over for tonight, and you can't leave just yet, but it was your choice to drink and drive. Had you not been driving at 115 in a high-profile car, right past a cop, you would have probably had a very nice evening.

  8. If you've been drinking and are pulled over never admit you drunk anything and refuse all test that's the best way to fight a DUI in court

  9. He failed the test he used his hands to keep balanced even though he told him to keep his hands by his side and he wasn't listening to directions

  10. That doctor and his gf are both disgusting, entitled fools. Educated people know (or ought to know) not to drink alcohol or do drugs and get behind the wheel, not because it's against the law, but because it is irresponsible and dangerous. Their reactions are stereotypical – projecting the blame onto the cop who is helping to make the roads a little safer while demonstrating their true characters – just rather unpleasant, rather nasty, untrustworthy people. It takes a little humility to see that, when you drink and drive, you're no better than any other criminal, no matter how superior you may feel. I'm very glad they have been exposed in this way. You never know – they might get a clue.

  11. Cop goes home happy he wrote a dui man goes home and loses career house family life… DO YOU UNDERSTAND This cop doesn’t wanna answer yes or no he’s a typical cock I mean cop…

  12. Is there a freaking drag strip next to them?
    Is he an opioid doc. Thinks he can do what he wants? Every new Mexican. Does 116 on the highway. Just a normal night?🤔🤔

  13. If youre going 116 with your gf in the car, youre trying to kill her. Also are there any kind of repercussions for a Dr drinking and driving? I wouldnt want this guy operating on me, he cant make sound decisions.

  14. He's not really drunk, was he a .9 on a bad day, however the speeding was the reason and good cause, for the issue,he let his ego got the best of him, probably relieving stress from treating , COVID… seems like a good doctor, and I hope he beat the DUI on plea bargaining! I'd bet it was just speeding after agreeing to be on show.

  15. I read the caption, and it’s interesting that he had the video removed, his reckless driving, and his reckless actions of getting behind the wheel as a drunk could have removed someone’s life. This is a person who took an OATH to do no harm. I find his actions disgusting. No sense hiding from it.
    in the military when we were talking about drinking and driving in class. they gave everyone in the class a beer, one beer, after we drank it, they tested all of us, and we all failed. And this is why they told us that you can’t even buzz drink and drive.

  16. He's stalling or else how can a dr not understand the simple concept of the law??? Drunk or dumb, i hope i never have to treated by him, he's an idiot. He's attacking the process which is designed so u can't win. Cooperate and take the nasty medicine, and call a driver next time…..usually, people who r the drunkest want to drive period..

  17. Regardless if he was drunk or not, you can’t drive 116mph down a freeway!!! He put peoples lives in danger!! He maybe a Dr, but he’s also an idiot!!!

  18. This guy is laughable! He has zero awareness. He believes he’s above the law and can “control” his driving at 117mph after having had alcohol at Fogo. After he gets through the process, he should drop his obnoxious girlfriend.

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