Cop Kicked Out of Elementary School for Just Existing

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Congrats lady: you’re dumb.

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37 thoughts on “Cop Kicked Out of Elementary School for Just Existing

  1. Bruh our school resource officer is like the only reason some of the kids are still in school, and some of the people who talked to him daily are the ones who used to be on the street

  2. This was probably a school that makes the white kids apologize to the students of color.
    I don't like the idea of police needing to be in schools either, but in today's world, it makes sense for them to need to know the floor plan of the school, and they really, really need to show the kids that not every interaction is bad with the police.
    The media is destroying society.

  3. This just makes me sad. As a parent, I would welcome the police presence and getting to know the teachers, staff, and most importantly kids to see someone who serves others. That lady believes she’s right and has no idea what a bad influence and example she is on the entire district. I hope she’s able to grow and learn how wrong she is before it’s too late. Police, please continue to do the incredibly hard job you do and ignore everything this lady stands for and says. There are far more people that appreciate you than you know.

  4. What is it with school teachers ? I’m Irish and time and again I had nothing but trouble with asshole school teachers regarding my two daughters education, it seemed that they never missed an opportunity to make matters worse regardless of the situation. It appears to be a worldwide phenomenon.

  5. Any kids in school are fucking wasted, look at who they have leading them. Stay in the GOVT ran schools and you will end up a threat to freedom.

  6. I am so waiting for a video on stupid liberal gun quotes😂😂some of them are so dumb that my brain makes the Windows shutdown noise as a coping mechanism

  7. Hey blueisis bootlickers, when will you learn that no situation is so bad that the blue line egomaniacs can't make worse?
    Police egos get people hurt. Disgusting. No one should feel safe when a cop is nearby. Ever get pulled over and felt great about it? Learn dammit.

  8. Wow. Just, wow. This is the epitome of teaching children to not respect authority which is ordained to protect and serve. However, the children should obey – without question – these “educators.” Wonder what he response would be if someone were attacking her or the students in this same building. Maybe she would appreciate “dialogue” before welcoming police protection and intervention. Sickening.

  9. I dont know how you do this channel. Its great you can stomach all the crap that is going on. And hold back from blowing up. I get so mad seeing stupid crap like this.

  10. Do not agree with the lady’s opinion.. however, the disagreement was totally civil and professional, so I can really appreciate that

  11. ugh every school should be absolutely appreciative and ecstatic they have the capability and chance to have an officer on the premises to stop altercations/ stop a shooting / be fully involved in the school and culture and know what is going on with certain problematic kids and any possible threats being made etc, these assigned officers r in a good position to help save lives and keep an overview of the students to keep an eye on problematic or threatening students

  12. Dr Comacho would have a whole different take on that officer if someone were hurting her kids! She'd be screaming to get here right now, right now right now…..what's taking so long! Well Dr. perhaps he and his colleges are doing community relations somewhere they are actually wanted, I'm retired so not impressed with the woke speed bump!

  13. I wonder how the parents feel about a teacher telling the police they can’t walk through their school.oof and police are the problem … right lmao libs are so under educated.

  14. Cops are violent and advance white supremacy. They are part of the institutional systemic racism. It's not appropriate for them to be around children, they make the environment more dangerous and not conducive to education.

  15. I don't think that was a woke ideological embattlement so much as a school of teen students whose behavioural standards are simply not as high as those enforced by police strictly adhering to law as written in blanket generalisations, without interpretation, application and autonomy. In the increasing case of those officers incapable of independent thought due to stricter developments of appeasement policy, it is a robot existence teenagers simply do not adhere to and she probably doesn't want them charged with a crime or upon police radar where a student counsellor is in fact more warranted for thus type of environment for majority issues. We're not talking hardened crims here. Schools aren't really the place for randomly patrolling police unless there us a threat alert, she's not wrong on that. Rare specific exceptions aside. It's like having legislators waltzing through, but legislators are often idiots, you see the point?

  16. The "Dr" is putting the faculty and the children at risk to people who might want to harm them. It is completely unacceptable for her to do this to them. She does not have the right to do this and in thinking she does have that right makes it all the more egregious! She needs to be re moved from her job (fired!) and a new, more responsible, person hired and put in place to ensure the safety of the children.

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