Convict Thinks It is Okay to Shoot at Cops

​@CopsConsTV obtained body warn camera footage of an interrogation of a felony convict after he was arrested for shooting at a New Mexico State Police Officer.

Caleb Elledge was in a high speed chase with New Mexico State Police officer Jeremy Vaughn. Officer Vaughn did a PIT maneuver and Elledge engaged with gun fire. He escaped and then led law enforcement on a two day manhunt.

Police captured Elledge and they did an interrogation of him after the arrest and he is charged with many felonies to this case and will be held till trial. The case was adopted by the federal government.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


37 thoughts on “Convict Thinks It is Okay to Shoot at Cops

  1. Ya, NORMAL people run from the cops and shoot at them…
    Jackass 🤦🏼😖
    The judges who keep releasing these people knowing that they are danger really need to be held accountable.
    Him killing a cop would have been partially their fault.

  2. His explanation for his actions are "I have ptsd from fighting with the police, you can only expect me to immediately without hesitation respond with violence" he knows he doesn't deserve to live outside of jail, he knows he's not capable of existing among the general populace.

  3. I looked for a news article about this man. 3rd time out of prison. When he violated his probation, the probation officer wrote he wasn’t a good candidate for even the highest level of probation. She asked for probation to be revoked but the judge refused to do so. What is the matter with our judges who let these people out on the streets? Where is justice and why can’t the judge be forced to be accountable for his actions?

  4. In the end, he gives them everything they want without getting anything in return, which is interesting, because if he wanted to talk to his girlfriend, he could’ve said if you wanna know where the gun is let me talk to my girlfriend in this room while I’m being recorded and then I will tell you after I talk to her. What I’ve noticed is police will do pretty much anything to get the information they need however, once they have it, they really don’t have to make any deals if you want dinner or if you wanna pop whatever they will make it all happen up until you give them the exact information they need then we’re putting you in your cell, and will let you know when we get a chance lol! Don’t get me wrong I think people who shoot at police or any other human beings deserve to go to jail! What a lot of people don’t realize is bullets don’t always go to your intended target, so he is lucky he didn’t kill some passenger or driver in another car, and hopefully this officer is doing OK, I didn’t hear about that, however, if he died, I’m sure that he would’ve been told this is attempted murder or murder, and I would be shocked if the DA still doesn’t charge him for attempted murder, since it was a gun. Which is fair because the minute you fire a gun toward another person you should assume that somebody could die.

  5. What an idiot everyone knows if you commit a crime against a cop you will get caught and double the time. If a cop commits a crime against you they get a paid vacation and qualified immunity.

  6. We should be able to do just that. Any time we feel threatened, period. That badge don't mean shit. The police don't like it when someone else can inflict their usual outcome, onto them.

  7. This scumbag shot a cop in the neck and pled not guilty. Here is the truth.

    According to the criminal complaint, Elledge opened fire on the officer, striking him on the left side of his neck. He was transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque.

    Monday in court Elledge entered a not guilty plea. He’s charged with assault with intent to commit a violent felony of a peace officer and tampering with evidence, among other charges. Elledge has a lengthy criminal history that includes multiple arrest warrants, aggravated fleeing of a law enforcement officer, and assault.

  8. This clown was up to way more than innocently scratching lottery tickets in a parking lot. Does he really believe he can back into a cop car, lead them on a chase, possess an illegal gun, shoot at the police and he did nothing wrong because the cop banged on his window too hard? Now look at it from the cop’s point of view. The cop gets a call about people possibly doing drugs in a car and this guy backs into his car and flees. Now what do you think the cop is thinking about the call at this point? This guy is going to reside exactly where he belongs for a very long time…unless Democrats release this dangerous, violent criminal into our society again.

  9. How in the hell is this dude still alive after shooting at the cops not once but twice and actually hitting an officer… He's extremely lucky to be alive.

  10. As much as police lie and violate your rights everyday, shooting at police is just plain STUPID,any attack on police is dumb dumb dumb!!!
    Take them to Court!

  11. Ran from the cops because he didn’t want to go back to jail then proceeds to incriminate himself in multiple felonies landing himself in jail for longer than saying nothing would have. Happy he’ll be in jail for longer but poor move ratting himself out, at least he didn’t sell out his homie though again would have been better for people in general.

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