Chevy Impala falls apart in 135 MPH pursuit

From the narrative of Trooper Quincy Harris, lightly edited for clarity and brevity: on the June 20, 2019, at approximately 12:00 p.m., Troop A Communications advised that Saline County was in pursuit of a vehicle on Interstate 30 eastbound, approaching Geyer Springs Road. Saline County advised the reason they were attempting to stop the vehicle was an outstanding felony warrant on the driver, Ricky Pennington. Furthermore, Bryant Police Department had been involved in a pursuit with the same vehicle earlier in the day.

At 12:08 p.m., I observed a single unmarked patrol unit with lights activated in pursuit of the Impala. Trooper Roam and I entered Interstate 30 East from Geyer Springs Road and we became involved in the pursuit.

At Approximately 12:09 p.m., I assumed the primary position and Trooper Roam assumed secondary.

As the pursuit continued on I-30 East, we reached speeds of more than 100 mph, driving on both the left and right highway shoulders. While continuing to drive recklessly through heavy traffic conditions, at times I had to maneuver to the inside shoulder.

[Apart from my addition of a comma, the last sentence is unaltered. Not sure that’s what he meant to say… Anyway, continuing…]

In an effort to not only keep up with the Impala, but to give drivers traveling ahead of the pursuit a warning that an emergency was taking place and they need to take precautions due to Pennington driving in such a manner as to indicate a wanton disregard for the safety of the public.

The pursuit continued to reach speeds of more than 100 mph, as we took the Interstate-440 East entrance ramp from Interstate 30 East.

While on the entrance ramp to I-440, it should be noted that Pennington struck a vehicle while attempting to pass on the left shoulder. Pennington continued to drive recklessly at speeds of over 100 mph, even with a flat tire that he gained due to the collision.

Around the Fouche Dam Pike exit, Trooper Dotson took the secondary position in the pursuit due to Trooper Roam experiencing flat tires. I attempted to P.I.T. the vehicle several times, but the volume of traffic and Pennington’s attempt to prevent the P.I.T. maneuver made my attempts unsuccessful. Pennington”s rear passenger-side tire eventually disintegrated, causing a large piece of metal to strike my windshield. Due to the shattering glass covering the upper half of my body including my face I pulled my vehicle to the left shoulder and advised dispatch I could no longer pursue the vehicle. At this time Trooper Dotson took the primary position in the pursuit.

“After locating my safety glasses in my vehicle, I was eventually able to catch back up to the end of the pursuit where the vehicle lost control and wrecked out. Myself, Troopers, and assisting agencies placed both subjects in the vehicle in custody without incident. The Saline County Sheriff’s Office took custody of both subjects and [Pennington] was charged accordingly.
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  1. I noticed a comment about the sound quality in this video, which reminded me that I had intended to explain it. Below is what I wrote in response to that comment, and a bit more (okay, a lot a bit more):

    I had intended to add some text explaining that – in violation of agency policy – neither officer activated their portable microphone during this pursuit. That’s part of the reason for the relatively poor audio quality.

    In ASP vehicles, the video recording system automatically activates when the vehicle’s emergency lights are turned on (possibly the siren… I’ll have to double check.) This automatic activation – which the trooper can override – also activates a fixed microphone. For reasons beyond me, that mic is optimized (1) to capture wind noise, and (2) to always be clipping. Sometimes it catches radio traffic as well.

    The underlying video files from ASP all come with stereo audio. The left audio channel is from the trooper’s portable microphone, and the right audio channel is the wind noise channel. Which, in fairness, can be somewhat helpful since it captures a ‘throatier’ version of the car’s engine sound. (When mixed properly, it can be used to fill out the lower end of the left channel audio.)

    Typical workflow, in part, involves converting each video’s audio to dual mono, toning the right channel down tremendously, cleaning up the audio in each channel, and then mixing the two. That happens once for each trooper’s vehicle, as in any given vehicle, the cameras all share the same audio.

    Occasionally, separately-recorded radio traffic is synced and mixed in.

    But that’s the ideal workflow, and ideal doesn’t always happen. Occasionally, there are hiccups—the most common of which is an absence of audio from the trooper’s portable mic. Like here.

    At that point it becomes a question of whether the footage is still appropriate for publication, despite the unavoidable audio issues.

    ::The end::

    Separately: in the near-ish future I intend to communicate the disciplinary outcomes of certain pursuits you have seen on this channel.

    As many viewers have observed, some of the pursuit videos published on this channel feature extraordinarily reckless driving by the police. As determined by the police.

    About that, I have only shared a minimal amount of information. That is a problem, and I will fix it.

    I strive to be biased toward the truth — whatever it happens to be — and that goal extends beyond myself. It is important to me that you have a complete and accurate picture of the facts. To make that happen, I need to fill in the blanks on some disciplinary cases, explain why there are many others you will never see, and a bit more.

    That will likely happen in the pinned comment on a future video, paralleled by a post on the Real World Police subreddit, /r/realworldpolice.

    Which you should totally join if you haven’t already.

    On Twitter? Follow @realworldpolice.

  2. This is why I will never buy an American car. They fall to pieces while you're driving down the road minding your own business.

  3. To bad the get away driver never entered nascar racing…bet not many pros could have maneuvered that car that good….all that talent just wasted!!

  4. Editing of this video just plain sucks – nearly unwatchable. Rando cuts to nothing, the best parts interrupted mid-action by more rando edits. Literally one of the worst chase edits I have ever seen. Put the freaking editor away man – you aren't good at it. Just the video roll, whoever has eyes on the target vehicle you stick with that. Let the video tell the story. I am going to have to look for another ASP channel (there are plenty) to put this chase video out without the skitzo edits.

  5. I have rode along with police many yrs, I was yelling pit pit many times here!!!
    Seriously something has to be done immediately because so many lives in danger here, pit or permission to open fire . (It really scares me that children are in those cars)

  6. Probably would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for that pesky trailer on the red pickup truck..

  7. Random idea. But it would be a cool idea to set up volunteer groups to clean up and sweep the side lanes on freeways. An emergency vehicle getting a flat due to debris could be terrible

  8. That impala was not falling apart! The driver was simply using Chevrolet's clever "police apprehension avoidance feature"! The driver pushes a button on the dash, and various mouldings, trim pieces, etc. are ejected from the car. This serves 2 purposes: It makes the car faster, because the car is then lighter, and the flying pieces are intended to discourage the police from getting close enough to perform a pit maneuver!

  9. I will never, ever, understand what goes on in there minds. What are they expecting to happen? Are they really hopeful that they can escape? Stupidity will always amaze me!

  10. Honestly, watching 80% of the rest of the clowns on the road in this video, it astounds me there aren't more people killed every year in motor vehicles.

  11. Amazing how many people refuse to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle.
    It's time the 'Tagalong Cops' in the rear of the chase start pulling these people over and issuing citations!

  12. So many times they look like they're setting up for a pit, and ….. Nothing. So many chances while they're in a wide open traffic situation with no cars around. I was looking at the chase and muttering, "Just pit the f**ker !!!".

  13. Front wheel drive with no flat tires in the front is how he kept his speed for so long. They did good just giving up and getting on the ground. Good video. Wondering why they were running. Now they are in more trouble.

  14. People mad that drivers weren’t moving over, do you not understand how the Doppler effect works? Even then if you see a cop car speeding behind you, you can’t always move over

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