Car Chase Ends Three Cops Careers!!!

@CopsConsTV obtained body worn camera footage from an incident that happened with the Town of Bernalillo Police Department on April 29th, 2021. The timestamps were not properly set. The Town of Bernalillo PD went on a chase of two suspects in a vehicle. During the chase they threw out items and hit police units.

When the chase ended in Albuquerque the two suspects were taken into custody with the assistance of Bernalillo County SO. Warshaw Suazo was one of the suspects in the vehicle. When Bernalillo PD tried to arrest him he had a knife in his hand. During the apprehension three officers were found to have used excessive force. Gabriel Waters, Adalida Lopez-Esquibel, and Anthony Jaramillo were fired from BPD for lying to investigators about their use of force.

Lopez Esquibel was fired from the Rio Rancho Police Department a few months earlier over a domestic violence incident regarding her fireman boyfriend.

New Mexico State Police are investigating this case to see if any charges need to be filed. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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28 thoughts on “Car Chase Ends Three Cops Careers!!!

  1. Cowards every F##KING 🐖 that does this shyt should be taken out back and dealt with accordingly, then the they want to lie and say that he tried to cut him. Cowards do nothing but lie and ruin people's lives. Just know that everyone ain't going to keep taken this from you Cowards. 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Adalida wasn't this tough when she was crying and sobbing like a 2 yr old while fabricating a complaint in the other video. What a pathetic garden tool

  3. Added comment so that female was fired from one department just two months early and another department hired her and unleashed this officer in to our community! Why would any department hire a officer that has been fired from another department they knew she was corrupt! These officers were appalling!

  4. The officers were fired for lying on what happened and there use of force, any officer caught lying is a corrupt cop period any arrest these officers made should be reopened this wasn’t the first time they lied just finally got caught any department that would hire them puts the community in danger period. My grandmother always said the worst person and the most dangerous people are those that lie!

  5. As a officer you do everything to protect yourself to get the suspect in handcuffs but once that happens a good cop arrest them a bad cop gets there kicks by knocking a person around! There’s a difference. That female cop is one piece of s…! They should never be hired by any other agency! Support good officers not criminals who get a badge and gun to inflict pain and enjoy doing it.

  6. Anthony Jaramilla actually charged me with a false charge in 2019 and it affected my life, I filed multiple complaints and tried to fight it but since he was “friends” with the judge and BPD chief, my complaints went unheard and undocumented so now when I tried to file another complaint and included my prior complaints they stated “they never had a complaint from me”

  7. That bitch really got her rocks off hitting a handcuffed man on the ground!! She been wanting to do that her entire life, she just hadn't had the opportunity. Until a bunch of men immobilized another man for her to slip in a few hits knowing he could never defend himself!!!

  8. Didnt some of these officers get their licenses revoked by the state? They can no longer be employed by any agency in the state of New Mexico.

  9. That peice of crap deserved the punch. He was KICKING the other officers while on the ground! They told him multiple times to calm down. What are they supposed to do, just let him kick them? I don't understand how people have compassion for filth. If he hit YOUR family member while driving like this I bet you wouldn't care so much about that punch to the face!

  10. That punch to the face was unnecessary! I hope more cops lose their jobs doing unacceptable stuff like this. Everyone licking the cops boots need to stop excusing excessive force.

  11. I'm not for cops being aggressive but after speeding through a populated area were all types of ages of people are and going the wrong way. I don't think it was too aggressive from the cops. Dude had a knife and was not listening. They might have just saved some lives imo

  12. Didn't realize after you run from the cops, they were supposed to treat like a princess and offer your Hughes and kisses, don't run from the cops and you probably would have anything bad happen to you, sounds like a bunch of people on this channel have never responsibility for themselves and probably blame cops when they get arrested….. If you wanted to show a unbiased view maybe just maybe show A) dashcam and B)other officers bodycams of the what happened between him stopping the vehicle and running….. Conveniently missed all that eh? Totally unbiased though

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