Can We Pause Long Enough to Be Reasonable?

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I am 100% willing to call bad cops and bad policing out (I do it regularly) but the hypocrisy coming out of this house built on the sands of emotion will crumble; we must build our responses on the truth of this situation which next to NONE of us know yet. Everyone has jumped on the DPS press conference while conveniently forgetting his qualifier: benefit of hindsight.

This isn’t a “defend the cops at all cost” this is a big deal that REQUIRES of us the utmost attention to facts so that we know what to actually criticize and what to praise and how that will shape us moving forward.

Maybe practice what you preach. Sick of more people demonizing cops that went toward danger than the one who perpetrated it.

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26 thoughts on “Can We Pause Long Enough to Be Reasonable?

  1. Mike, I echo your sentiments on all of your content. You are a good sturdy "salt of the earth" man. Respect you to the moon and back. Sandy

  2. I usually don’t comment on YT. but YES, 19 police officers where cowards. If parents fought to get into the school and a mother jumped the fence to get to her kids, ohhh and let’s not forget the numerous 911 calls made by 4th graders from a dead teachers cellphone, then those officers are definitely not worth the $0 I have in my pockets.
    Just outrageous and sickening, children where slaughtered while some wanna be heroes held parents back because of…. What???
    I will die trying to get to my children just so they can live another day.

  3. The chief ir whoever spoke the other day already said the main guy on scene said it was a barricaded situation even though yes it was wrong is what the cop who was speaking said which he was honest and said no matter what they should have went in but the reason they didn't was because they were given an order. So its really the mistake of one person not everyone. I feel like liberals are the one to accuse people of not doinf what there supposed to but you just haven't seen jt yet. I'm a former liberal who now is doesn't go to either side but democrats are ruining everything and have manipuled us for years the Democrat party cripples us as a nation and divides us more and more everyday

  4. Coward piece of shit cops stop parents from saving their own kids lives while they hand cuff the parents then stand around with their dicks in their hands and let the murdering of children continue while doing NOTHING, and now their making excuses and constantly changing their story. FUCK YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. I hope to god the parents of these murdered children show up at all those piece of shit coward cops homes when they don’t have their fucking gang of cowards with them. Let over deserved justice be served on them, and anyone like you condoning this murdering of children by running that fucking mouth and conservative conservative blah wah. Fucking piece of shit, you talk like those pieces of shit cops who ran into the building to save only their own kids lives then stopped parents from saving their own kids. You are PURE fucking evil and you all deserve whatever you get for this. You fucking demon, let this happen to YOUR kids, then we’ll see how big and intelligent that swine fucking mouth is. This video coming from a coward who couldn’t cut it as a cop and quit. Go cry conservative conservative to the faces of the murdered children’s parents that are looking for answers as to why those cops did this to them and their kids, back up that fucking mouth.

  5. I agree on the broader point, but disagree with the officers' reactions. Yes. They were ALL cowards. You're not a hero just for showing up outside. I don't care if the chief was/is an absolute coward and told the men to stand down, you have to disobey that order because the right thing is to go in.

  6. If there’s another delayed response to a school shooting like this – I guarantee you there will be gunfights between perimeter officers and parents

  7. I'm sorry. You are off. I don't trust anything the media says. I'm getting my info directly from the police press events. Direct from the horses mouth.

    I don't think they were cowards for not going in. I think they were cowards for following bad orders.

  8. I say it about any time there is a shooting that goes nation wide. Give it some time to learn actual details. So many times initial reports are here say.

  9. conservatives have a terrible habit of throwing allies under the bus when it becomes inconvenient. It is why most people abandonded the GOP for MAGA.

    that said, it is looking like incompetence or indecisiveness if not cowardice. they treated the situation like barricaded suspect instead of active shooter, even after recent training.

  10. 100% agreement on waiting for more.

    It’s a hard situation but so far the emerging, reliable, details support what I suspected from the beginning. I’m extremely disappointed in the Texas DPS Director making conclusive statements while the investigation continues.


  11. That's the part I've been hunting for so please explain. I've still been withholding my opinion on the whole thing because I know it can't be that simple

  12. Well we have a better story timeline today. The police chief there ordered the border patrol swat team to stand down. Why? They finally told him kiss off and ended it within 4 min. As far as the officers not rushing this guy as he was shooting kids while still receiving 911 calls to dispatch knowing the kids know they are outside. Yeah, they are cowards in my book. I’m near a door and kids are being killed, I’m on mission to kill the shooter. I give a crap about orders coming through a broken chain of command. They dropped the ball all the way through this situation. They got the calls from the funeral home 12 min before he got to the school. Why was school not notified to lock down immediately? Why did a teacher mysteriously prop the door open minutes before the shooter came directly in it??

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