California Cops Shoot Man Who Charges at Them With a Knife

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Lake Forest, California — Newly released body camera video shows the moments before deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department fatally shot a man holding a knife. The video shows portions of an hours-long standoff between several deputies and the man, identified as 23-year-old Hunter Tice, in Lake Forest on Feb. 10. Deputies responded to a call of a traffic collision that occurred on Calle Vecindad just before midnight. The caller stated that a dark-colored truck struck multiple parked vehicles on the street and the driver was refusing to come out of the car. When deputies arrived, they located Tice seated inside a truck, at times pointing a knife at his own chest.

Tice initially refused to communicate with deputies and would not exit the vehicle. Deputies were able to call the Tice’s cell phone and for almost three hours, deputies and the OC Sheriff’s Crisis Negotiations Team talked with Tice. At approximately 2:45 a.m. Tice exited the vehicle holding the knife and charged at deputies. The deputy-involved shooting occurred. A knife believed to belong to Tice has been recovered at the scene. Tice was struck multiple times and deputies at the scene provided lifesaving measures. Orange County Fire Authority provided additional medical aid and transported Tice to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead around 10 am.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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42 thoughts on “California Cops Shoot Man Who Charges at Them With a Knife

  1. White man gets shot by police, nobody bats an eye. Black man gets shot by police, and everybody just loses their ever freaking Minds!

  2. People who interfere like the guy standing on his front porch in the line of the officers fire deserve what happens if it does. What an ignorant person.. Also the cop negotiating in the beginning couldn't coax a dog with a bag of bacon!

  3. the guy who called the cops sounds like he's drunk or on drugs. he literally answers half the questions wrong and then states "he won't go up to the car" but then he says "he sounded drunk".

  4. This is heartbreaking 💔! The cop talking to him on the phone did a really good job talking to him, he obviously had some very serious mental health problems and clearly thought his life was over, and at 23 that really is so sad 😞

  5. I would be interested to see if their firearms are equitable with what the civilian population is allowed to carry.

  6. Its not the end of the world dude…wtf yes it is 50 guns pointed at you the cops also have distress cause the gun is the almighty effort to end the made by excited over amped females with a gun…wheres the real effort phony cops.

  7. 911 Conversation was like:
    911: Was it a new or old truck?
    Caller: It's just a 2 door.
    911: Can you see his license plate?
    Caller: He's not going anywhere.
    911: Do you know what time it is?
    Caller: No, I don't smoke.

  8. These cops tried everything to bring him to comply but unfortunately he wasn't having it. Good job on the cops though they did their job and tried to preserve his life.

  9. Damn I wish that had worked out for that officer's sake at the least, he did such a good job of talking with him, one of the best I've seen.

  10. omg. Can your cops do anything other than kill people? He just has a knife, cops are not trained in self-defense and protection from a knife? Wouldn't a simple tazzer stop him? What a horror…

  11. The chinese just use a long forked stick for this in america they just excute you. Cant think of a better way to deal with this? How about a fuckin net or something.

  12. Could there have better rapport-building without the constant "just put down the knife" every sentence? I know that it's imperative outside the vehicle, but inside it seems not so important

  13. Police need new tactics against suicide-by-cops people. Really. Talking to him for almost 3 hours and nothing happened. They should have tried somehow to get away the knife. Maybe tazering him or blocking his door with a patrolcar could have been successfull. Maybe a stungranade, pepper or a placed shot into his arm would have saved his life. There are no tactics for sbc people but talking and that cannot be enough

  14. There alot of mental illness & depression out there's not alot of help out there. We need more resources for people, giving them medications is not enough too many young people lost their live to this its so sad may he rest in peace 🙏🙏

  15. The two officers talking to this man showed amazing training. Trying to establish rapport by using his and their names. Super patient and calm. Stayed positive throughout. Total heroes. It’s a shame the outcome was not what they wanted.

    Some of that cross fire was concerning.

  16. Love this channel. Question? So you have a young man armed with a large knife inside of a locked vehicle I'm presuming. Why couldn't Leo's break window with a long object then use less lethal?

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