Burglary Suspect Gets Shot In The Arm During Foot Chase Through Hollywood Traffic

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Los Angeles, California — On June 8, 2022, around 4:00p.m., Hollywood Division patrol officers responded to a radio call of three burglary suspects at a residence in the 2000 block of Paramount Drive. When officers arrived at scene they detained two suspects while the third suspect fled on foot. A perimeter was established, and a description of the outstanding suspect was broadcast. Approximately one hour later, officers on the perimeter observed a male who matched the suspect’s description, walking south on Highland Avenue.

Officers broadcast their observation and attempted to detain the suspect. The suspect turned and ran southbound on Highland Avenue. The officers went in foot pursuit of the suspect. During the foot pursuit the suspect produced a handgun and an Officer-Involved-Shooting occurred. The suspect was struck by gunfire, dropped the handgun and ran back onto Highland Avenue, attempting to force his way into multiple occupied vehicles. The suspect continued running south toward Franklin Avenue where he was Tased and then tackled by additional officers.

The suspect, later identified as 27-year-old Anthony Huapaya, a resident of Los Angeles, was subsequently taken into custody and transported to the hospital for non-life-threatening gunshot wounds to the arm. He was treated and absentee booked. Huapaya’s loaded 9mm Polymer 80 Ghost Gun was recovered at scene and will be booked as evidence. No officers or bystanders were injured during the incident.

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0:00 – 911 Call
1:28 – Surveillance Camera Video
3:18 – Bodycam: Officer #1
4:44 – Bodycam: Officer #2

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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47 thoughts on “Burglary Suspect Gets Shot In The Arm During Foot Chase Through Hollywood Traffic

  1. California has Gavin Newsom…these guys will be out in 3 days and given the title and rights to the Airbnb upon release and the woman will have to pay his medical bills now and probably reimburse the individual for the ghost gun he lost

  2. Great hockey check by that LAPD Corporal to take that punk to the ground.
    Followed up by the straddle mount, fierce look and ready fist.
    Nice cuff up and punk scream too.
    Stealing people's shit and pulling a gun on the Police, WTF are these people thinking?
    Oh yea, they're not thinking!
    Now, how did these people get the keys and codes?
    What happened to the original guest who rented the apartment?
    Was he part of the scheme too?
    Or just another victim?
    Note to self don't Air-B & B.

  3. It amazes me even in absolute defeat these stupid criminals still don't just give up, like dude you're done. You were done the minute the cops first laid eyes on you. The year is 2022 and technology is only getting better you aren't going to get away. Lol

  4. Sadly our DA will probably go light on this guy. Would love to see follow up of charges and trial assuming he doesn’t plead guilty. He had a ghost gun, fled police, attempted to car jack people, and burglarized someone. Also, what happened to original AirBnb renter ??

  5. Wow they shot him in the arm and then they use their tasers and then they use their tasers wow yeah it's racist stun gun on white thieves but go straight out unload your clip and reload your clip on a black thief

  6. Sucks that the guy was essentially using all those cars as human shields. Cops couldn't risk firing too much when the guy was weaving in and out of innocent people's vehicles.

  7. PoliceActivity stated in their description that a "polymer 80 ghost gun" was recovered at the scene. Why do you say that in specific PoliceActivity? That sounds like a progressive left play on words. Are you guys progressive leftist's, or anti 2A?

  8. She was like “thank you so much for answering” I just checked google and it literally said that no one has ever tried to call 911 and didn’t get an answer. Seriously. That’s what it said

  9. Holy cow that officer has stamina. He ran the whole piece and even had breath enough to tell him what to do without catching breath.

  10. Reason 810293737291919282 not to use air b&b. Who the fuck lends their house to a complete stranger while they're away and not expect it to go wrong?

  11. The officer who was sitting on the dumbass was so ready to crack him in the back of the head if he moved even a little look at his face! That is priceless he is so focused and ready lmaooo, the suspect cries in pain and the police officer clinched his fist harder 😂

    they would have been justified to shoot him for trying to get into the cars

  12. So much for airBNB. Did he really get the gun shot out of his hand? That's Hollywood, and some nice shooting officer! Would have rather seen those shots contact the center of mass, but then we wouldn't have seen the take down and that "orange thing" in his hand.

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