Brittany Zamora’s Lookout: Forensic Interview of Victim B

Goodyear, AZ — On March 22, 2018 Brittany Ann Zamora was arrested by officers of the Goodyear Police Department. A sixth-grade teacher at the time of her arrest, Zamora is now a resident at the Arizona Department of Corrections Perryville Complex, where she lives in Santa Cruz Unit I.

Zamora is serving a twenty-year sentence for one count sexual conduct with a minor, one count attempted molestation of a child, and one count public sexual indecency. The first two charges relate to “Victim A” — whose forensic interview you have already seen. The third, however, relates to “Victim B” — Victim A’s best friend, and the student Zamora recruited to serve as a lookout while she and Victim A had sex. This is the forensic interview of Victim B.

Zamora is scheduled to be released on March 16, 2038. There is no possibility of parole. A copy of Brittany Zamora’s plea agreement is attached to this post and is also available at

00:00 Settling in
07:47 Truth vs. lie
10:04 “Tell me what happened”
13:41 “It starts with a “v”‘
19:20 “They told me to cover the door”
22:29 “It was very uncomfortable”
26:24 Creating a signal in case someone’s coming
33:32 “Like, every day”
39:58 Has Ms. Zamora done something like this to someone else?
49:30 Break
53:27 Back (Sorry, you’ll have to turn up your volume)




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38 thoughts on “Brittany Zamora’s Lookout: Forensic Interview of Victim B

  1. If it was a man who did this they would nail him to the cross, and rightfully so. I googled this case because I hadn't heard about it and I saw some fluff peice on how well this woman is tutoring other inmates now. The double standard is palpable, in men's prison the other inmates would kill the dude.

  2. I forgot how immature a 6 grader is! He sounds very innocent when he talks about details! I hope she gets victimized in prison like she victimized those children!

  3. One of my long comments regarding Victims A & B (I know them well enough) was deleted, but that is probably for the best, heh.

  4. Pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated it is a proven scientific fact…they should be publicly executed to keep them from destroying the lives
    of children!! Just ask their victims…

  5. It says something about American culture and attitudes towards sex education that a child can identify an iPhone by model number but doesn't know how to pronounce the word 'vagina' 😲

  6. For all of the idiots commenting that the interviewer is being too patronising towards the child, or criticising her actions in other ways, you clearly have no idea how forensic interviewing works.

    All interviews with all witnesses/victims need to be conducted in such a way that they can't be later challenged in court by the defence. This is especially the case for children, who are more vulnerable to being unfairly influenced or steered during an interview, to giving answers they think the interviewer wants to hear rather than those which are completely true, and to stating as fact things which they actually only first heard about in the interview.

    Remember that this interview is providing essential evidence that will be used to justify the arrest/charging/conviction of the teacher. If done properly, it will also be concrete and detailed enough to prevent any need for this child to be required to testify in court on the witness stand. Instead, the interview will serve as testimony on its own.

    This requires there not to be leading questions or yes/no questions, but rather open-ended questions where the child is providing all of the information with minimal prompting by the interviewer.

    It also requires the standard child interview techniques of there being ice-breaking and rapport building chat at the start, and a very clear determination that the child knows the difference between truth and lies, and knows they can seek clarification if there are any questions they do not fully understand (rather than being tempted to please the adult by giving an inaccurate answer rather than 'making trouble' by asking for clarification).

    The interviewer also needs to never presume to know what level of maturity or sexual knowledge the child has based solely on their age. That's why the interviewer's questions appear a bit patronising, especially towards the start of the interview before she has gotten a feel for how much this particular child knows about sex and how easily he is able to articulate things. It's always better to err on the side of caution and assume the child is immature for their age, and thus start with basic questions that may even be too basic, than it is to assume a higher level of maturity and start using terminology or phrases that you later discover the child didn't properly understand. Because that's where defensive lawyers can cast doubt on the testimony of the witness/victim.

    Remember also that as well as being vital court evidence, any forensic interview (especially with a child or vulnerable adult) also aims to be as non-traumatic as possible. This is more relevant in the case of victims rather than witnesses, although certainly witnesses can also be traumatised by what they have seen, and so having to revisit that again during an interview needs to be handled as carefully as possible.

    This woman's interview technique was basically perfect. It was certainly frustrating to watch, including for me, because of the slowness of the speech by both parties, and I put it on 1.25 speed to avoid losing my sanity completely. But this was perfectly appropriate for a child forensic interview, and was in no way a negative reflection on her technique (or on the witness). Also, while her tone of voice may seem annoying and belittling to us as adults, I can guarantee that the child didn't think this at all. This child is nervous about being interviewed, and reluctant about discussing things (especially related to the topics of sex and vaginas). He isn't going to be thinking for even a second about the interviewer's tone of voice. It is mainly appropriate to both his age and (more importantly) the vulnerability of the situation and the topic involved.

  7. Reading the comments left me astounded. People were complaining about snitches and talking about them getting stitches. Did this channel attract child molesters or did I read wrong? If I read it right, there are some sick monsters out there.

  8. What a sick disturbed woman. Not only is it so weird and gross, that this kids is so young his voice hasent even begun to change, but like, your GOING to get caught. A little boy isn’t going to understand the emotional implications this is going to cause later, their gonna think it’s the coolest thing that ever happened at the time, and they aren’t gonna keep a secret like that. The kid is in 6th grade, and knows she should be in jail.

  9. I gotta say watching this one without interruptions was much appreciated
    I kept anticipating a interruption but glad there wasn’t any especially with this serious situation 👍🏼
    (Like 317) thanks 👍🏼💜

  10. Holy crap. For some reason i was expecting the kid to be like one of those football players that are like 12 but sound 16. Nope. This is a child.

  11. How is this lady going to ask an 11 year old what sex is?

    She’s 50 and I bet her husband doesn’t even know what sex is.

    If I was him I would’ve said “you don’t know what sex is? Damn, I feel bad for you.”

    I have a serious issue with how she’s coming across to this kid. She just sounds SO FAKE.

    It’s insane that the people who are SO EDUCATED about this type of stuff are the people who come across the worst. It’s not about WHAT you know…it’s about how you feel it…how you relay what you feel…and you how you relate to the person across from you.

    That lady failed at every single step.

  12. This boy sounds like he has a good relationship with his parents. He told them after he realized and he said his mom told him to tell everything. His parents took action. My bet is he will be okay, he has a lot of help. What about the children who were in different classes having to hear about it and deal with it?These kind of things affect people all around them. 🙏

  13. The fact thus ladies husband tried to defend her after knowing all of this is absolute insanity. How a woman could see these kids and think sex is sickening.

  14. This is so sad. This lil boy is 11yrs old and you can tell he is super uncomfortable in this. You could hear it in his voice when he said he wasn't gonna be a look-out anymore. Lord.. help this boy and the boy that the monster victimized… This is so very sad.

  15. I dont think this kind of audio should be posted publicly. These kids may want to try putting this behind them, and they may not be able to when there are video/audio on YT of them recounting everything. I feel bad for them now, and I feel worse for them knowing this video may harm them later on.

  16. How sad and very devastating for these young boys….
    I mean listening to this kid talk, one hears how youthful innocent & naive he is… 🥺☹️

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