Bodycam Video Shows Florida Deputy Shooting Suspect Moments After His Brother Was Shot

* (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) *
Orlando, Florida — On August 6, 2022. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office received reports of shots fired at the Heritage Hotel at 7900 South Orange Blossom Trail. Two people had been shot before deputies arrived. When deputies arrived on scene, they encountered a man – later identified as Dylan Jimenez – with a gunshot wound. As they approached him to render medical aid, deputies were alerted to another man nearby who was holding a gun.

Deputies directed that man – later identified as Bryan Richardson – to drop the gun. When he did not comply, one deputy fired his weapon. No deputies were injured in the shooting. All three people who were shot were taken to the hospital. Dylan Jimenez and Bryan Richardson died from their injuries. The third person survived. The deputy who fired his weapon was placed on paid, temporary administrative leave.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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49 thoughts on “Bodycam Video Shows Florida Deputy Shooting Suspect Moments After His Brother Was Shot

  1. Play at 25x. The other office removes the firearm from his hand, and his unarmed before being shot. Murder.

  2. Bruhh… I think one bullet was enough to knock him out….

    This seems like he shot him with the intention to kill…

    Edit: And the weird part is… The other officer already took the gun from him… even after that he got shot… Wow

    I guess he just wants some action in life… or he used to play GTA 5 before he got this job🤣

  3. Isn't this one of the scenarios against having guns? People will just shoot whoever because they dont know who is the good guy or the bad guy and this is exactly what happened here. Imagine every american had open carry guns in a club and some altercation happened, 2 people get mad then they start shooting, but no one knows who the good guy or the bad guy is so everyone starts shooting at the guy who shot last. The bad guy dies, and several others, but when the cops arrive they start shooting at everyone who has their guns drawn. I think this is what conservatives want.

  4. Normally I will defend a cop if I think the shooting is understandable, but I cannot understand this one.

    The guy didn't even get a chance, yeah he was carrying but we do not know why, but I understand cops drawing guns on approach. The cops partner was holding the gun hand and the guy was trying to speak, he wasnt really aggressively fighting back it was more of I don't know whats going on and shock from seeing his brother, he even said "that's my brother" but this cop reacted so quick and overreacted before the guy even had a chance to comply/react/do whatever he blasted him and not only blasted him, he kept shooting him… the cop reacted with fear and kept shooting with fear.

    This cop is trigger happy, scared man and needs to be fired.

  5. The first, maybe also the second shot was justified. But eight shots, six in the second the body is dropping to the ground, are way too much.
    Glad everyone of police walked away safe, but that officers days are counted

  6. 1. That was his brother
    2. The guy who shot his brother had run off
    3. He had the gun to protect the paramedic and his brother
    4. He had it down and finger off the trigger
    5. Female cop took the gun from him
    6. He literally says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone
    7. Cop shoots him 7 times point blank.

    He would have been better off killing the cop and spending the rest of his life in jail.

  7. How many more videos do we have to see until we figure out females should not be cops.. they can't handle high stress situations and react emotionally and are way faster to the gun than a male

  8. I’m sorry but that many shots was uncalled for, yeah he should have been shot for shooting his own brother maybe one fatal shot not 4-6 shots.

    I like many also have said feel sorryfor the mother, no parent as they say should bury their child

  9. Thats cold blooded murder and the cop should be charged. Guy clearly had the gun the entire time and was posing NO THREAT to anyone. Cop unloads the whole mag. Totally not necessary. If he HAD to shoot a shot to the knee would have sufficed.

  10. What a joke. That cop should lose his job and be put in jail. He literally didn't see the gun at first, making the brother feel like it's cool and gave him like 3 seconds to drop his gun after someone shouted that he has a gun. Zero awareness.

  11. The other cop gave him his gun back before this prick showed up. Then he shoots him multiple times after the other cop tales his pistol. Like a fucking coward.

    This is murder by all counts. And people wonder why no one trusts the police anymore. 🙄

  12. "the last thing you want to do is be the guy holding a gun when cops show up, good guy bad guy, doesn't make a difference, holster it or die" ccw instructor.

  13. There's so many problems with this. The deputy had zero situational awareness, at the scene of shooting of all things, and didn't notice a guy brandishing a firearm 5 feet away. And the brother, bless his heart, was a moron. Cops are there, and you're just casually holding a gun while they're working a shooting… This was such a Florida video

  14. i never hear this brought up but what about officers who may be taking drugs? pharmaceutical drugs, have we not seen in the past shooters and crazy people killing others due to a mind state in which you are on the drug could be ativan could be xanax antidepressants etc whatever it may be drugs have side effect is my point and a lot of these pharmaceutical drugs are taken regularly or normally by average day citizens.

  15. lets go of gun, cop then executes him with out warning. the dude had the gun pointed at the ground the hole time and let the lady take it off him with out incident. Still gets executed. Cop should be charged with murder.

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