Bodycam Video of Deputies Responding to and Shooting Man in Stolen Car

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Denver, Colorado — On March 3, 2022, while on patrol, Deputy Daniel Willmont with the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office received a citizen request to investigate a suspicious vehicle. Deputy Willmont learned the suspicious vehicle had been reported stolen and called for assistance. Once on scene, the deputies contacted the suspect, who was sitting in the driver’s seat of the stolen vehicle, a brown Kia Sportage SUV. The deputies announced themselves and attempted to obtain the suspect’s voluntary surrender, but the suspect failed to comply with the deputies’ commands to show both of his hands.

The suspect then placed the stolen vehicle into reverse and hit the patrol vehicle where Deputy Willmont was positioned. As the stolen vehicle reversed, Deputy Foley deployed his taser through the driver’s side window and Deputy Willmont fired his agency-issued rifle through the rear window of the stolen vehicle. The suspect then placed the vehicle into drive. Once the vehicle came to a stop, the deputies removed the suspect, secured him and rendered emergency aid after determining he had suffered a single gunshot wound to the back. Deputies requested fire rescue and advanced life support resources but the suspect, 30-year-old Jamarian McGhee, was pronounced dead at the scene. A weapon was also recovered from the suspect.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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31 thoughts on “Bodycam Video of Deputies Responding to and Shooting Man in Stolen Car

  1. Murder another citizen in cold blood. Fucking mental cops. To dangerous to be allowed weapons of any sort and never work in law enforcement in any capacity.

  2. As soon as a black dude in a car where you can’t see what his hands are doing goes “auah auahah auahaha I don’t wanna fight” he’s just making noises to pull a gun I guess lmao happens every time they always make this noise why?

  3. Just comply and surrender, and you live to steal another day (or preferably, to reconsider your life choices). It's that simple.

  4. was the shooting necessary? they was no enough time when they said “boyh hands outta the window” and when he shot the man. I wonder if this could have been prevented. I just feel like it was a rush. Also the dude literally woke up from sleep now and was half sleep, he barely processed wtf is going on before he got shot.

  5. He pleas should have been

    "imma about to do something stupid don't shoot me please"

    Felt like he knew he was going to jail regardless if he was the one who stole it or whatever. Just going by his plea alone he was looking guilty as hell imo

    I still cannot fathom why people like this just don't surrender. Whatever in their minds thinks they can get away is astonishing, pure fantasy imo

    It is not the end of the world. Unless you killed someone usually the sentencing is low and democrats usually pop them out for good behaviour anyway.

    I wish they had a weapon that just knocked them out in like a second or less (dart, rubber hammer, whatever).

    This way both parties don't have to end up doing what usually happens in these scenarios.

  6. They steal someone's car without mercy. But when it's them at gunpoint they cry like some punks. Rest in piss puto

  7. I think they should add a class to all American school called ‘compliance’ . Every person who has been killed during a police intervention has died because they didn’t want to comply for some strange reason. It should be compulsory to take the ‘compliance’ class.

  8. I was gonna comment about the first on scene officer standing in front of the passenger side A frame which is a really bad place to stand (saw another vid where an officer was badly wounded and almost died by standing there. However all is well that ends well.

  9. Well another unjustified police shooting… these cops need to stop shooting arm people…..oh wait, did I say he was armed? Nevermind, continue with the deadly force….sorry!

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