Bodycam Shows The Moment a Dallas Officer and His K-9 Partner Were Injured in a Gun Battle

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Dallas, Texas — On April 27, 2023, at 9:45 PM, Dallas Police responded to a shooting call in the 2900 block of Cypress Avenue. When officers arrived, they learned the suspect, 20-year-old Bryan Casillas shot two people inside the home after being confronted for loud music. The two victims locked themselves inside a room and called for police. Casillas ran from the scene. Officers provided first aid to the victims and Dallas Fire Rescue was called and took the two people to a local hospital. While the home was being processed for evidence, officers started the search for Casillas. Southeast patrol officers searched on the ground and a DPS helicopter was called in to help for a short time, while the DPD Canine Unit also responded to help in the search. At 12:27 AM, a 9-1-1 call was received for a male knocking on the door in the 9400 block of Briggs Street. Shortly before 2:00 am, officers located a shoe and a blood trail in the area of 9300 Briggs Street.

Canine Officer, Senior Corporal Scott Jay and his K9 partner, Figor, responded and met with patrol officers. Senior Corporal Jay started a canine track with patrol officers and made their way through the trees to a creek where they found Casillas near a bridge. At around 2:30 am, K9 Figor moved in and engaged Casillas. Casillas then shot at K9 Figor, hitting him in the chest. Casillas then fired at Senior Corporal Jay, hitting him in the leg, and in the chest. Senior Corporal Jay returned fire, hitting the suspect multiple times. Dallas Fire Rescue responded, and Casillas died at the scene. Senior Corporal Jay and K9 Figor then made their way out of the creek to the yard of a home, where Jay secured Figor to a tree for his, and other officers’ safety. An officer applied a tourniquet and others administered first aid to Senior Corporal Jay. Senior Corporal Jay was taken to a local hospital for treatment and was later released. K9 Figor was taken to a local emergency veterinary hospital for treatment and released. The two were reunited with each other over the weekend.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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33 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows The Moment a Dallas Officer and His K-9 Partner Were Injured in a Gun Battle

  1. So happy to hear both k9 and officer are ok, out of the hospital. Amazing to hear the suspect died there in the dirt like a POS.

  2. When you can't get medical attention from your own people… because youve so thoroughly weaponized your dog that it will attack anyone trying to help you…
    Leave it to modern cops to warp man's best friend into one of those cautionary tales about creating something that can destroy you.

  3. It's hard to tell for me in the video, but what firearm did the suspect have? I think it's a handgun however I've replayed the part where he shoots several times and I just can't identify it.

  4. That's a great officer there. He wanted his partner ( dog ) seen to before he'd let them check his own condition. Kudos, and I hope you both have fully recovered.

  5. Says a lot that this cop is more concerned about his K-9 partner than himself. This is a good man. I hope they both made it.

  6. Imagine dying at 20 because you played music too loud. What a dumbass. Props to the officer for finishing the job and saving taxpayer money.

  7. 0:20 0:21 0:22
    *A breakdown clearly shows the K9 engagement with the subject and handler’s hands.
    Notice the Officer’s hands from his reaction while holding his flashlight.
    Then shooting with his right hand.

  8. Wow the K-9 getting shot and still staying at his handler's side. The K-9 never ran away in fear or anything. Both officers are f*ckin units, hope they recover quickly!

  9. Dear God, these are heroes. Hope both officers recover fully. Yes I too had tears in my eyes when I heard the noises from that pup and Jay's concern for him even knowing he himself had been shot multiple times. Likely the most needed officer involved shooting ever. May that b@st@rd rot in hell. No way this officer pays for beers at any bar I'm in.

  10. This is exactly why K9s need bullet proof vests and/or plates. I am personally sick and tired of seeing dogs get shot and most of the time dieing. If your going to use dogs for this kind of job, make sure they're just as safe as you are.

  11. I'm so happy that the officer and his K9 partner made it out and are safe. I'm gonna be honest and say that this video made me choke up and cry. 😢🙏🏻

  12. This one is for the Casillas family……..the entire internet enjoyed watching Bryan meet his timely end. We rejoice at the fact that he is worm food and no longer a threat to upstanding citizens. We'll play his death on repeat many many times, and I hope you know that. Glad the officers are going to be ok. Nothing of value was lost that day.

  13. So glad to hear the Officer and the K9 are ok…..That was hard to listen to….. Also glad to hear the POS Casillas left this Mortal plane……..good riddens….

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