Bodycam Shows Police Shooting at Wedding Reception in Winter Park, Florida

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Winter Park, Florida — The Winter Park Police Department released body camera video and a 911 call, from the February night when an officer fatally shot 39-year-old Daniel Knight at his niece’s wedding reception. Officers were dispatched at 9:39 p.m. on Feb. 19 to the Winter Park Events Center. A 911 caller described an “irate,” and possibly drunk, guest at the wedding reception. The caller told police the guest was “being violent” and later added that he pushed two people to the floor of the ballroom. Video footage recorded by the venue cameras show guests removing the subject from the ballroom to the outside through an east side doorway.

Two Winter Park police officers got to the scene, reports states that one officers began speaking with Knight but was physically attacked by Knight, leaving the officer unconscious and on the ground. Knight then physically attacked the second arriving officer as a crowd began to surround the injured officer. During the physical altercation, the officer shot the man. Seven gunshots are audible in the footage. Several people, guests and police officers, can be seen performing chest compressions on Knight. Knight ultimately did not survive the shooting. The officers were taken to a hospital to be checked, according to police, and the officer who shot Knight was placed on administrative duty.

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0:00 – 911 Call
2:20 – Bodycam: Officer #1
18:32 – Bodycam: Officer #2

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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46 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Police Shooting at Wedding Reception in Winter Park, Florida

  1. A family of liars and criminals….a wedding attended by fools and thugs …..

    The assailant got what he deserved…..this crowd should all be locked up forgotten….misfits

  2. Alcohol has to be stopped
    Light drink 1 shot or 2
    here and there is ok..
    Drunken rage ?? Open bars are stupid..
    Then call police ??? Then Shoot a man to death?
    What was so bad that night a man had to be shot to death ..
    "Pepper" smoke bullets would have got those 2 to the ground instantly ..
    This was unnecessary and un Pro and literally reckless.

  3. This cop is a POS! Mofo couldn’t fight him instead of shooting him. I always wonder why when this happens a family member never comes out with a rifle and begin giving them a piece of their own medicine. If that was my family I’m lighting them up.

  4. Bottom line, after re-watching it… His sister caused him to get shot! If she just got away from him, they could’ve tased him and the officer would not have been punched! 💯%. I don’t wanna blame the poor girl, but that’s what would’ve happened… It’s easy to say it now after the fact! If only she stepped away, told him to relax then maybe it would’ve worked out OK. The second one of the officers tried to move her out of the way, the guy got angry and threw a punch. That was it… The man was tased, but apparently it did not work the way they wanted it to. And of course he could’ve taken the gun from the man he knocked out, so that’s a threat.

    🌟👉🏻The only thing I do not like is the man’s behavior who shot him… “YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH ME… You don’t want a problem with me!”. Etc… WHAT A 🤡! 💯🎯👉🏻He is antagonizing people left and right after the fact, as an officer that is totally unprofessional! You do not have to answer to anyone, just tell people “back up, otherwise you will be arrested and most of all you are preventing us from being able to care for this man!“. There needs to be more training for sure… But the sister probably was also intoxicated, along with the entire wedding party. What an awful place for this to happen, and it looks like the bride saw the entire thing as well! This cop is lucky he did not hit anyone else, seems like he was a little bit reckless in my opinion! To fire live rounds without someone else having a weapon, not worrying about anyone else in the line of fire is a rookie move in my opinion.
    🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️👉🏻👉🏻Is there any officers out there that can let me know if I am wrong? I have no problem with being wrong… I rather be educated and wrong, than uneducated and thinking I’m right. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Holy shit these people were fucking annoying, nobody could control this dude and where was everyone when he was kicking the cop, anything could’ve happened, the cop did the right thing.

  6. At least two against one.

    A physical threat repelled with lethal force.

    Lawyers will have a good time.

  7. Big lawsuit. If a guy is coming at you with no weapons and just his fist you gotta put your gun away and go hands on. Or use a taser or baton.

  8. This so stupid and unnecessary, there's no reason people should be shot just because someones drunk at a wedding

  9. I'm reading all these comments the guy didn't have a gun on know how to defend myself without shooting some one more cop and just 1 drunk guy he would have just been on his ass he shouldn't have been shot I Rather knock his ass out with all of us that would have been last result smh some people bot just to damn scary and don't need to be police officer if you know some one is drunk just take him down before anything go on it's more of y'all wow these comments lmao

  10. They want the police to do something yet keep interfering causing them to be occupied to even do anything, yet they are the ones who called the police to remove this guy because he's literately attacking someone… yet now that he is stopped they want to play the race card and say it was all the police fault.

  11. Get out the extra tazer cartridges and start putting the idiots on the ground. They wasn't worried about the dumbass when he was assaulting people.

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