Bodycam Shows Phoenix Cop Shooting Man Who Had Rock As He Enters Chili’s Restaurant

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Phoenix, Arizona — The Phoenix Police Department released a video that includes audio, visuals and information related to an officer-involved shooting (OIS) which occurred on May 9, 2022. This incident occurred in the area of 7th Street and Bell Road, when residents in the neighborhood called 911. The initial caller told 911 operators that a man broke an apartment window and was last seen walking towards Bell Road. Additional 911 calls were received stating a man had broken a window of a business, thrown bottles at passing vehicles and was acting violently. The first two responding officers were flagged down by a witness who told the them the man was still in the parking lot. One of the officers shared the information over the radio for other responding patrol units. As the officers drove around the parking lot, they located a man matching the description given. The man was holding a river rock.

The two officers discussed a plan for one of them to be ready to use a Taser. The officers got out of the patrol car and began giving the man commands to drop the river rock and get on the ground. The man did not comply with the officer’s commands. The man was further than the effective distance of the Taser, so the same officer retrieved a stun bag – an alternative less-lethal option. The man responded by running from the area on foot. The man ran across Bell Road and into another shopping area. Once in the second parking lot the man stopped with the river rock still in his hand. There were several patrons on foot and in vehicles as the officers attempted to negotiate with the man. The officer ordered the man to drop the rock, but the man again, did not comply. The officer called for a stun bag again, but the man ran away before the stun bag could be used. The foot pursuit continued through the parking lot towards a restaurant. The officer continued to order the man to stop and drop the rock. The man did not.

The officer again asked a backup officer for the stun bag. The man temporarily went out of view behind the restaurant but then reappeared in the restaurant’s outdoor patio. The man then lifted the rock in what appears to be a throwing motion and then continued to move toward the restaurant’s side door. As the man approached the side door, the officer issued commands not to enter the restaurant. The man again did not comply which resulted in the officer-involved shooting. The man fell inside the restaurant, and officers moved in to detain him and render aid. After the shooting, officers attempted to restrain the man as he continued to pull his arm away and kick the officers. The officers were able to secure the man and provide aid to include putting on a tourniquet. The river rock was found next to the man. No other citizens or officers were injured during this incident. The man was taken to a local hospital where he received treatment for his injuries.

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0:00 – 911 Calls
2:16 – Bodycam Footage of OIS

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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33 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Phoenix Cop Shooting Man Who Had Rock As He Enters Chili’s Restaurant

  1. Shoot the guy throwing rocks. Bullets are like currency in America. Seriously, y’all deserve your problems. I feel sorry for the kids though. They really deserve better.

  2. I was at the bar when he came staggering in, screaming and acting the fool. I grabbed some peanuts and pretzels and hurled them at him in self-defense.

  3. Imagine the massive casualties if that man would have entered that business with that rock. I'm glad they were aware of peoples safety and went in to check if everyone inside was ok… obviously not because he decided to shoot inside a building with possible people inside. FYI I know anything can be considered a weapon but my favorite videos are when a bystander comes in and shows sometimes how easy a situation can be diffused.. like someone smacking their head and they drop a pipe, or someones mom easily snatches the rock away… keeps things in perspective.. But yeah hey. Just wish I was a lawyer so I could contact this guy, getting shot in the back for breaking windows lmao

  4. 🎶I said, ' hey rock! What's the matter with you rock, don't you know i need you rock. Lord lord lord 🎶

  5. "We need to see if anyone needs help in there man!" Nope there's only one guy who needs help in there and you know already who it is.

  6. Why do people allow their mentally defective pets loose on the street? Either keep him on a leash or commit him to an insane asylum.

  7. So sick of the mentally deranged terrorizing society. It is a daily occurrence at my work, which is a few blocks from the local hobo "shelter"(lunatic enabling facility).
    Euthanization is the only answer since the cops won't do shit(they tell us to hire security when we call them about a violent hobo on our property attacking people and vehicles). One of them stole a cat-converter from my coworker's accord in broad daylight at 2pm. Cops didn't care.
    Pure insanity and it will be severely detrimental to society as a whole unless we stop enabling these creatures and start punishing them.
    Some people just get dealt a shit hand in life and death is the logical outcome. Some innocent children get terminal illnesses and die. It is part of life. We should not shy away from death for being too insane for society.
    Life is not for everyone.

  8. American police are horribly trained. I mean do they even get any training at all? The only country in the world where cops shoot someone who is holding a ROCK LOL. So embarrassing.

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