Bodycam Shows Officers Pleading With Armed Man Before Shooting

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On Monday, July 1, 2019, at approximately 12:45 PM, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was requested by the Athens Clarke County Police Department (ACCPD) to investigate an officer involved shooting. Preliminary information indicates that 2 ACCPD officers responded to a scene after receiving a 911 call about a male, later identified as Aaron Hong, age 23, causing a disturbance with a butcher knife at the River Club Apartments on Macon Highway, Athens, GA. Hong was using the knife in an aggressive manner and appeared to be injured himself. When police made contact, Hong immediately confronted them and began to walk towards officers with the knife in hand.

During the incident, officers provided numerous verbal commands for Hong to drop the knife. Instead, Hong charged one of the officers with the knife and the officer fired his weapon multiple times, striking Hong. Hong managed to get back up and during the confrontation attempted to grab one of the officer’s weapons. The second officer fired at Hong multiple times, striking him. Nearby medics responded and Hong died at the scene. One officer sustained minor injuries and was treated on scene.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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47 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Officers Pleading With Armed Man Before Shooting

  1. Cop should have grabbed his 12 gauge out of his trunk. 2 shots with a 12 gauge at that range, and that guy aint gettin up no more. 9mm bullets are small in case you've never held one.

  2. I wonder why the first mean wasn't the taser. When you get tazed, you cannot move. He was obviously suicidal and officers should have used tazer. Of course, he will not respond to your pleas. He wants to be killed by you. They knew that too. But they were trained to kill instead of apprehend.

  3. They had a really long time to pepperspray and then tase this guy, long before even getting to the main road. Absolutely no reason for it to escalate like it did

  4. These officers deserve praise and commendations. But these officers are not the problem. The problem are the ones who get out of the car, and immediately, without pause or thought, fire 4 or 5 bullets into the guy, immediately after getting out of the car. These officers are not the problem. That's the point. There are officers who act like officers, and there are officers who act like roided out lunatics. That's the whole point.

  5. These have to be the dumbest cops on the planet. You pull the gun if you’re going to fire. You don’t pull it and hold it on the guy for 15 minutes. Why the fuck did they wait that long to consider a taser? Why is this guy switching weapons while he’s being charged? Poor training. Poor tactics.

  6. Cops were never trained how to disarm a guy with a knife their training sucks. Any soldier knows how to disarm a guy with a knife so why can't cops learn? Nothing hard about doing this I can do it and I'm not a cop or a soldier. They should have kept shooting him after the first 5 shots he needed to be shot 5 more times. He left them no choice but they should be able to disarm a guy with a knife especially a guy who is smaller shorter lighter weight than they are.

  7. Incredible that so many seem to not understand anything about what & why of policing. The same I suspect would have done no better in situations like this

  8. They underestimated the man because he was shot. They both should've kept guns drawn until he was no longer a threat. That's my take away.

  9. America, be grateful for the police SOPs that makes them talk to you like a nice person and approach cautiously without rattling you. if you were in India, you would be smacked hard across the face for a hello, and while you feel dizzy, they'll drag your ass to the police station. One cuss word and you'll get a few rounds of extra humping before your ass is shoved in the police vehicle. You cuss in the police station, and consider yourself fucked ! You will be presented in a body bag before the court, cops don't care here. if you mess with them, your family would regret you were born coz they won't be able to watch you getting manhandled.

  10. The man took a lot of shots and he kept on coming…..amazing….and there are people out there that say cops do not need guns……imagine the damage he could have done had they not shot him…

  11. Sometimes this make me realize that people who ask to die do this yet they are the one that win bc well they asked to get killed. So the officer get traumatized bc they couldn't help someone live but do what they asked for. They should have officers trained for the mental health stuff like how to defuse something like this

  12. I believe when you have a proper backstop(100%) that you get one shot to the knee to comply. Obviously, it's a scenario by scenario approach but without legs you have to 'stop'. Regardless, these guys did everything they could do to not have to do what they did. I salute you.

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