Bodycam Shows Man Stab Dayton Officer in The Neck

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Dayton, Ohio — On Thursday, October 13, 2022, Officers from Dayton Police Department responded to a domestic disturbance regarding around 2:30 p.m. on Thursday on the 1500 block of Bancroft Street in Dayton. A woman apparently told responding officers that her son, 29-year-old Tyler Patrick, was acting delusional and banging on the house. Officers spoke with Patrick inside the residence and determined that he should be taken to a local hospital. As one officer, later identified as Off. George Kloos, tried to walk Patrick out of the residence, he swung a concealed [pocket] knife at the officer and stabbed Kloos in the neck.

Patrick then attempted to stab two other officers as they tackled him onto a couch. Officers “wrestled” the knife out of his hand and took him into custody. Patrick was taken to the hospital for minor injuries he suffered during his arrest. He was treated, released and booked in the Montgomery County Jail. Patrick is facing three counts of felonious assault of a peace officer. Patrick appeared in court Friday afternoon where his bond was set at $500,000. He’s set to appear in court next on October 24, 2022. Officer Kloos, 10-year veteran of the force, was taken to Miami Valley Hospital and was released later that day. Doctors said the knife somehow missed the arteries in his neck. He is now home, and expected to make a full recovery.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Man Stab Dayton Officer in The Neck

  1. This cop seems like a generally kind hearted person. They really need to get on board with sending out a social worker or a MHP with the cops for these types of calls. It may benefit the safety of the officers & other individuals involved.

  2. Tbh I think it was more of his mom telling him he can’t stay there she doesn’t trust him, that caused him to do what he did, not the medical issue, you can only imagine how bad hearing those words coming from your own mother have to no matter how messed up in the head you’re

  3. This is really a medical emergency he needs to be sectioned not sure how to get him to hospital but it’s not really a police matter…So glad officer who was showing compassion now recovered…

  4. Tyler Patrick gave Officer Kloos warning after warning, which Kloos chose to ignore. By words and body language, Patrick made his intention clear. Rookie mistake by a senior officer.

  5. I hate dealing with mental health crisis. There is no reasoning, there is no orienting to reality. What a situation we've found ourselves jn

  6. do not call police to mental health/domestic situations. immediately the cop made it worse and made him hyperparanoid he was about to be arrested. how are they so bad at this

  7. I am sick of hearing excuses for these mental assholes that have problems but are smoking weed laced in PCP, take other drugs and drink alcohol like cool-aide! The only place this dude should have been taken was the coroners office!!!

  8. There’s gotta be some way to protect against this situation. How about a Kevlar neck sleeve? It’s usually too fast to react to. I’m glad to hear the officer will be ok. I’m sure he’ll never forget it. Hopefully the paranoid guy can get some help & Mama can have some peace in her house.

  9. So sad to see this young man struggle with this mental illness. It almost brings me to tears. Incredible police work. Get well soon, officer. Prayers for the mother too.

  10. He kept his left hand hidden from view. They shouldn't have closed in on him until they could see his hands. The officer is fortunate his throat or face weren't sliced open.

  11. Earlier in the video soon after the Officer starts talking to the guy in the house I saw the dude fidgeting in his left pocket. I knew almost without need the video title that dude had some weapon hidden in his pocket and he was checking for it just in case he wanted to use it on the officers later. Just glad the officer survived this attack

  12. I am watching this for the 1st and paused it @:19seconds to say 'that left hand is already making me very nervous..we'll see how this turns out & will Edit in few mins..EDIT/Update: Body language my dear Poor cops!! Dam, that body language @19secs SHOULD of been screaming like a mofo, it certainly was for me!

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