Bodycam Shows Houston Cop Shoot Man Holding Zipped Bag Containing a Gun

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Houston, Texas — The Houston Police Department released body cam video of a shooting last month that killed a 29-year-old man. The male, Jalen Javon Randle, 29, was pronounced deceased at an area hospital. An HPD officer, S. Privette, who discharged a weapon, was not injured. He was sworn in as an officer in December 2014 and is assigned to the Narcotics Division. HPD Special Investigations Unit Sergeant R. Flores and Detectives C. Walker, D. Escobar and J. Kosler reported:

Members of the HPD Narcotics Division Tactical Team were searching for the suspect, wanted on three felony warrants. Officers observed the suspect get into the passenger seat of a silver vehicle, which then left the location. When officers initiated a traffic stop, the driver of the vehicle refused to stop and a pursuit ensued. Officers performed a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) maneuver. Officers were able to block the vehicle’s path and it came to a stop.

When the suspect exited the passenger side of the vehicle, the officer discharged his weapon one time, striking the suspect. At the time of the shooting, the suspect was in possession of a bag, in which a gun was recovered. Officers began medical treatment on the suspect before paramedics arrived and transported him to the hospital, where he was pronounced deceased. The male driver, 32, was taken into custody and charged with fleeing/attempting to elude a police officer.

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0:00 – Dashcam: Officer Privette
1:14 – Bodycam: Officer Mansker
3:07 – Bodycam: Officer Terrell
7:28 – Bodycam: Officer Bolanos

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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24 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Houston Cop Shoot Man Holding Zipped Bag Containing a Gun

  1. Accidentally shoots a guy to death and still little concern for trying to save him. These cops are psychotic. More interested in going through his shit than saving his life. God damn it I’m pissed and had enough

  2. Last officer claims he was reaching in the bag but it looked zipped up to me. I think the shooting officer played around with aftermarket triggers with too light a pull…

  3. The cop who shot em was sooo fvcking lucky he had a gun in that bag. Now maybe dude reached for something or whatever but the cop practically said opps I dint mean to shoot him aka OOH SHiT! 🤔 he got eem n luckily for the cop dude had a gun in his bag besides just drugs. Also I support cops we need them n the guy who was shot had drugs n a gun on em and was fleeing police til cops pit'd his man's car then he still got out on bare feet to run.. so dude who got shot wasn't some random innocent bystander the police just decided to kill like everyone always claims whenever there friend or family member get shot by police. Ya can't deal drugs, run from cops, carry illegal guns or weapons or drugs n them get shot n claim little Derrik was innocent n going back to school to better his families life. Nobody buying them stories everytime there loved one is shot by cops. Rarely do police try to set up innocent people or kill random innocent people. 99.9% of the time the people are breaking laws n if they would just comply w police orders be just fine n take whatever charge they get based on whatever law they breaking but when ya run, resist, reach, fight back whatever get ready for police to act accordingly. Just comply n be a big enough man to do the time for whatever crime u was big n tough enough to commit in the 1st place. There are some cops who shouldn't be police officers tho or abuse their authority and privilege but that is rarer than people claim. Most the times I been arrested or messed w by cops I deserved it or was breaking some law or in the wrong but sometimes police over-reach or hunt for some crime when there isn't any. I'd there is no clear law being broke then cops should treat ya w respect n not fish for something to justify there behavior. If ya want people to treat ya with respect ya should show it just as much. Treat others as u wanna be treated. Regardless of what authority or power ya got cuz in the end of the day your just a person too. We need police but we'll trained, calm n collective police. Not everyone is built to be a cop wether they pads the lie detector n physical training n intellectual test. It's more than that to be a good cop, they're just people n people over react, are judgemental, moody, bias, scared, etc. Need more positive, calm, patient, respectful, honest, police with integrity. But some of these criminals nowadays killing whoever for whatever reason n breaking any law with no regard for innocent bystanders safety is making police real jumpy n trigger finger itchy cuz let's face it nobody wants to n die for some lowlife criminal who don't want go to jail. Bad guy got a weapon n doesn't comply then do whatever cops I say but not everyone is a murderer or criminal… we need better police who know the difference n with more effective less lethal weapons to be used. Like I said if this dude didn't have a gun in that bag this would been manslaughter at least. Regardless of the guy dealing drugs n running ya can't just hop out n shoot em in the neck for that. Accountability on both citizens, criminals and police or the justice system is needed more than ever. To much defund police and bail reform is turning criminals loose to wreak Havoc back on our communities and police to shoot 1st ask later which isn't working out so well for the rest of us caught in-between all the chaos.

  4. When criminals including drug dealers get killed by Cops or by other drug dealers, gang members in turf wars or by people defending themselves I really have a hard time figuring out (how or even if) I should feel bad for them . At the end of the day these criminals choose this for themselves and more or less they do it to themselves by their own actions and all in all the world is probably a tiny bit better by their being out of the gene pool.

  5. Yeah that's all fucking bad, all I can say is I hope this cop can come to peace with this knowing he took a threat to society off the streets and got rid of a gun that would have most definitely been used on him or anyone else afterwards.

  6. it’s not an accidental discharge, police are so quick to shoot. clearly HES GONNA RUN opposite direction of you to get AWAY FROM YOU. talking about “did he have a gun.” trigger finger happy, that’s all. i hope he looses his job and the family sues for wrongful death.

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