Bodycam Shows Cop Shoot Teen Armed With Knife in Oxnard, California

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During the morning hours of Friday, May 3, 2019, the Oxnard Police Department’s dispatch center received multiple calls from a female reporting a woman with a knife in the area of 1835 San Gorgonio, and then behind the Carl’s Jr. on the 400 block of North Rose Avenue. The female was described as being 18 years in age, wearing a red shirt and blue shorts. During the first call to the dispatch center, it was reported that she “seems disturbed” and that she was walking around and waving a knife. The caller also indicated that the female was possibly armed with a gun. The caller recontacted dispatch three (3) additional times, and during these calls stated that the female was “getting increasingly worse” and that she was screaming and threatening people.

Oxnard Police Officer Timothy Roberts arrived on scene first, and made verbal contact with a female in the dirt field behind the business. The female approached, and then brandished a large kitchen knife (pictured below) at the officer. The officer drew his handgun and made several verbal requests for her to drop the weapon. The female ignored and expressly refused the officer’s requests, and began to advance on him. The officer retreated in an attempt to create space between them. The officer continued to give the female verbal commands to drop the weapon as he retreated backwards through the parking lot. As the second officer arrived on scene and was retrieving a “beanbag” shotgun, the female ran directly towards Officer Roberts with the knife in her hand. Officer Roberts fired his weapon, and the female was struck by gunfire. Officers promptly rendered first aid to her until medical personnel arrived on scene.

The female’s face has been blurred because of her age. Audio that identifies her by name has also been redacted. During the incident, the female brandished a large kitchen knife. During the investigation, detectives determined that the multiple calls made into the Oxnard Police Department’s dispatch center came from the phone that was in the female’s possession. Detectives have also discovered evidence that supports the position that the female deliberately intended to be shot by an officer. At the time of this news release the female is in an area hospital in “critical but stable” condition. A criminal investigation is continuing. Officer Roberts has been employed by the Oxnard Police Department since 2015, and is currently assigned to the Department’s Patrol Division. At the time of this update, he is on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure for officer-involved shootings.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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49 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Cop Shoot Teen Armed With Knife in Oxnard, California

  1. Nothing like the pain, blood and the life coming out of them to make people realize real life is very different than social media. She learned real quick she can't do whatever she wants in reality without consequences.

  2. Most times police shoot someone, its completely justified…but not this time. Did this cop not have a taser or some mace? He really had no choice but to shoot her right there? Give me a break. I dont understand why some cops are such pussies.

  3. Getting shot kinda snaps ones mental state into another gear. Luckily, it broke her outta what she was going through before she hurt someone and hopefully she survived with a lesson

  4. Attempted suicide by cop. I felt bad for the young girl, obviously was in a bad mental state. The officer did EVERYTHING correctly. I felt worse for the officer who HAD to shoot her.

  5. I mean, honestly yes she deserved it but not 3 shots. Could’ve just shot her once in the leg or arm and she would’ve went down. Dora is pretty weak you know😂

  6. Wow… Hope you are really proud shooting at an underrage girl 10 meters away from you barely approaching you, what TUFF guys you are punk police.

  7. Learn about the adult life the hard way. Stupid girl, does a very bad decision und realize her mistake after things get broken.

    Neverending story with young folks.

  8. He was that afraid of a teen girl with a knife? LOL. Wooow, he could have easily wrestled it away from her, and probably outrun her, too. sooo??

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