Bodycam Footage Shows Shooting and Chase of Armed Man in Kennewick, WA

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Kennewick, Washington State — On August 22, 2022, just before 10:30 a.m. Kennewick Police Department Officers were dispatched to the Circle K at 7707 W. Deschutes Ave. for a welfare check of a person who was sleeping in a vehicle, parked by a fuel pump. Two Benton County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were near the area and stopped to assist the KPD Officers. Deputies and Officers attempted to wake up James West in the vehicle. The Officer attempted to de-escalate the situation. West put what appeared to be a screwdriver into the ignition of the vehicle.

The Officer then opened the door and ordered West out of the vehicle. From the Deputy’s view on the passenger side of the vehicle, West reached for a firearm on his right side. West exited the vehicle and ran on foot, away from the scene. West ran North on Columbia Center Blvd. through the intersection of Columbia Center Blvd. and Deschutes Ave. A KPD Officer fired a less lethal taser at West in an effort to stop him. But it had no effect on him and he continued to run toward a apartment complex on 425 North Columbia Center Blvd. As West ran down the sidewalk, he removed a gun from his waist. Officers and Deputies gave multiple commands to West to drop the gun.

West refused to comply with their commands and fired his weapon. West then ran into an apartment complex. West raised the firearm to his own head. Deputies and Officers gave West commands to drop the gun, but he did not comply with their commands. The Deputy fired their weapon at West. He fell to the ground and an Officer announced the firearm is next to the suspect. Deputies and Officers ordered West to roll away from the gun and he complied. Deputies and Officers arrested West and provided him with first aid, and called for paramedics. It was determined West was not struck by gunfire. West was transported to a local hospital and was later released. He is booked into the Benton County Corrections Center.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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36 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage Shows Shooting and Chase of Armed Man in Kennewick, WA

  1. Always amazes me what criminals think. Maybe they think, “I can get away.” Lol Because most of the time. Things would just be easier if they just turn themselves in when approached by Officers. Like you know you’re in the wrong. Just own up and do the right thing. It’s not that hard of a choice.

  2. Soooo that’s when it looks bad, you already know he has a gun, he already reached at it, then runs threatening you with it, then discharged it and you still just calmly chase him, shoulda have lit him up, just gunna look like white privilege unfortunately

  3. Do you guys know why they didn't fire when he first shot? was it because there was a busy intersection and populated area beyond him or something else?

  4. There has been a significant rise in mental illness since the man-made pandemic. It's sad to see so much blowback from that global event beyond the virus itself. This coincides with record numbers of gun sales and over two million strangers wandering around after freely crossing our borders. There could be a whole foreign army in our country and our government wouldn't have a clue. That is a lot of intentional stress put on a nation.

  5. If anyone wonders why they don't just go in, they don't want the suspect to reach for the gun. That much is obvious. But the reason is because despite the suspect not having good odds at shooting at an officer, if the suspect grabs the gun, they'd surely have to shoot him again. And they don't want that. So they want the suspect to be clear of the gun so no more shots have to be fired.

  6. It's funny so see the "bad" language omitted in the closed captioning, when we can clearly hear it. Like somehow not seeing the word FUCKING during a police shooting video is going to save us all.

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