Bodycam Footage of SWAT Officer Shooting Armed Man During Narcotics investigation

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Richmond, Virginia — On January 9, 2023, around 4:47 a.m. in the morning, Richmond Police SWAT Officers attempted to serve a narcotics-related search warrant at a residence in the 3300 block of McGuire Drive. After establishing a perimeter and RPD vehicles on the scene flashing emergency lights, police repeatedly tried to contact anyone in the house via a PA system to exit the house. When no one responds to the police announcements, officers breach the home through the front door.

There, Officers were met by 61-year-old Douglas Price brandishing a firearm at an officer in the doorway. The officer fired his department-issued gun at Price, striking him. Shortly after Price was shot, he was removed from the home, given first aid and taken to a local hospital. On July 12, 2023, nearly six months after the shooting, Price died at a local hospital where he had been receiving treatment related to his injuries. According to Richmond Police, the Office of the Commonwealth Attorney declined prosecuting the officer involved in this incident. After an internal policy review, the department says the officer is back on active duty.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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49 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage of SWAT Officer Shooting Armed Man During Narcotics investigation

  1. I honestly think, that he didnt realize that it was the police breaching his house. as soon as the door opens and he sees them, his palm goes up and gun down and he even says "oh ok". but i cant wrap my head around how that would be possible. its soooo obvious

    or he thought its just one officer that he can handle and not a swat team

  2. Man why do they do these so early in the morning? If someone is banging on my door in the dark like that, I might show up with my gun too.

  3. Or you could have followed the guy to a 7/11 in the middle of the day and arrested him while he was buying cigarettes. But then you don't get to dress up and drive some military trucks.

  4. Good thing it wasn't a vape pen, you'd see how fast the commenters on this channel instantly turn on the police, waiting for their opportunity to bless us with their superior wisdom. Good job. Nice work. People need to learn how to cooperate, and quit playing stupid.

  5. Drugs should be legalized. Vote libertarian people. The only party that is actually in favor of liberty, freedom, and free will of man.

  6. How do I know he was given aid if its not shown in the video. It just shows him getting carried out, then it just shows the top of two officers heads looking around….
    For all I know, they could of just been setting up a checkerboard to waste some time until the medics showed up!🤣🤣🤣

  7. The fact that the man got shot and then gave up so easily makes me wonder why he had a gun in the first place? It’s not like he was Dillinger.

  8. I hate saying this because I am a law-abiding citizen but someday the US government will use the Police SWAT and ATF will team up together to try to take our gun rights away in some areas like social California and places like that

  9. Spoken like a true criminal. What the hell going on here. You know you heard him you should’ve come out.🤔🤦

  10. I was in a trap house when it got raided back in 2012ish. We seen the cops pull up and everyone had enough time to flush their shit but I'm the only person that ran upstairs to flush mine. By the time the cops kicked in the front door and made it upstairs my shit was gone so I laid down with my arms and legs spread out and yelled that I was up there when I heard them coming up the steps.

    They made it to the hallway and proceeded to put their foot on my head while calling me a piece of shit and hand cuffing me.

    They ended up charging one guy for having a gun (felon) and had to release everyone else. I kept on shooting dope for the next 4 years until 2016. I did a year in jail, got out, left ohio and my life has never been better. I've been drug free since 2016, im now married, a home owner and our son was born in 2018 so im also a father who is highly involved in his sons life.

    Sadly though I can probably name off 20 or 30 people I've met over the years that will never get that chance because they're dead from overdosing. I yearn for the day they start to give dealers harsher punishment and help addicts get the treatment they truly need. Not all of them are bad. I've met quite a few good people who's life changed the second that doctor or dentist prescribed them unneeded vicodin or Percocets.

    I did a year in jail because they found a needle and trace amounts of heroin residue on me when I overdosed once. While locked up I came across one of my dealers who was sentenced to 6 months. The cops not only spent god knows how long watching him, making buys and gathering intel, yet I got double the time he did.

    Our justice system is a joke.

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