Bodycam Footage of Stockton Officer Shooting Woman After Chase

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Stockton, California — The Stockton Police Department has released video showing a February officer-involved shooting which left a 54-year-old Stockton woman dead. On February 22, 2022, at 2:08 p.m., a Stockton police patrol officer was stopped for a red light at Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd and 1-5 facing westbound. The driver of a gray vehicle struck the officer’s car and drove northbound on the 1-5 on-ramp. As the officer attempted to follow, the driver made an illegal u-turn on the on-ramp and drove towards the officer’s car, causing the officer to pull over to avoid another collision. The officer notified dispatch that the driver was possibly a Black male, 50 years in age, and that he lost sight of the vehicle.

A short time later, a City of Stockton camera operator aired on the radio that they saw the described vehicle traveling westbound on Charter Way where it ran a red light at Fresno Avenue before continuing westbound toward the bridge. The officer asked dispatch to advise the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol of this information. A Stockton police K9 officer notified dispatch that he located the vehicle at Charter Way and Roberts Road and initiated a pursuit. The officer advised the pursuit turned eastbound on Rolerson Road and they were coming to a dead end. When the driver stopped, the officer parked behind the vehicle and began to exit his car. The driver put their vehicle in reverse, accelerated backwards, and struck the front of the officer’s car. The officer was knocked back inside the car and hit his head.

The officer advised over the radio he was being rammed. As the officer was getting out of his vehicle, the driver continued backing into the police vehicle, and the officer fired his weapon. The vehicle moved a short distance forward and the officer fired additional rounds. The driver then backed up towards the police vehicle and the officer shot again. The driver stopped their vehicle and the officer requested medics to respond. When additional officers arrived they pulled the driver from the vehicle and began life-saving measures. The driver was later identified as Tracy Gaeta. Medics arrived and transported Ms. Gaeta to the hospital, where she died from her injuries. The involved officer, K9 Officer Kyle Ribera, received medical treatment for a head and hand injury.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage of Stockton Officer Shooting Woman After Chase

  1. "That does not sound like my mother. To even interact with police officers, this is not her." Tracy's daughter said.
    Sound like the 54 year old version of "She was just starting seminary school next week."

  2. Um, you don’t need to say “shots fired” every time a shot is fired. The “s” on the end of the word “shots” let’s everyone know what they need to know.

  3. Am i missing something or did he just shot an intire magazine because she rammed her car? And im sorry if i sound stupid, I always try to undertsand the danger of the cop but in this situation i dont know if his actions were correct.

  4. I dunno guys… This one is real iffffy. Course the lady broke several laws but I don't know how a jury would handle the this cop's actions to resolve this… Really iffffy

  5. I generally don’t have a problem with the police, as a matter of fact, I treat the police like I treat criminals and hoodlums. I just try to avoid all of them. Now I am just a dump truck driver, but I’m pretty sure his life was not in severe danger. I’m sure that a reasonable person would not think that he was in severe danger inside his car with the lady ramming his front bumper at 5 mph. I don’t want to be a cop hater, But these fucking American cops will just blow you away for nothing there’s videos on police activity where cops shoot a guy for pointing a ballpoint pen there’s stories that I’ve read not long ago in Houston a cop shot a guy in a wheelchair for pointing his finger at him and that’s no bullshit this is just insane European police hardly ever kill anybody even when they are armed with deadly weapons. Fact.

  6. Stay in the car, or get away from the car. Standing behind the door when someone is ramming you is a great way to get killed.
    And that officer needs to learn how to shoot.

  7. I don't have any clue about ROE yet i know emptying out the full magazine and the car still moving is not a good way to start a report for this event

  8. What the fuck did i just watch? Gets rammed, is inside the car, has to time calmly radio that you are getting rammed, then casually gets back up aims at a car (which hasn't moved since the ramming) and starts dumping mags. big fucking yikes, this guy has been waiting for the day he gets to "legally" use his gun. I mean 95% of shootings i see are justified, but this is so obvious this guy has been dreaming of this day

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