Bodycam Footage of Shootout Between Burglary Suspect & Mesquite Police Officers

* (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) *
Mesquite, Texas — The Mesquite Police Department released video of a wanted felon opening fire on police officers, who shot back and wounded him. The incident happened in the parking lot of a children’s trampoline park near I-30 and 635. On March 14, at around 8:30PM, a man called 9-1-1 to report that someone had forced his way into his apartment, while pointing a gun at him, and demanded to know the whereabouts of a family member. The suspect, later identified as Ladarious Davis, left before police tactical officers responded but couldn’t make contact with Davis, who had left the apartment complex.

Just after 8:30 p.m. as officers were wrapping up, someone told officers were that the suspect was in the parking lot of Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park on LBJ Freeway. Bodycam shows officers arriving at the scene and with guns drawn approaching a man in a gray hoodie and repeatedly telling him to put his hands up. Davis, who was carrying a backpack, pulled a gun from the bag and fired three shots at officers who returned fire. Davis, 28, tried to run from the area but was shot in the neck, fell to the ground just outside the business, and was arrested at the scene. No officers were injured. Davis was treated at a local hospital, released and jailed. He is facing aggravated assault of a public servant and burglary charges.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


49 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage of Shootout Between Burglary Suspect & Mesquite Police Officers

  1. Got to love these blacks to that think cocking the gun sideways and having their other arm way out like they are balancing is the way to shoot. Thank god they are morons and that gangster way to shoot actually makes them less accurate

  2. i hate it when someone gets WAAAY overexcited and repeats the same thing, over and over. look, they heard you and chose to ignore you. saying it over and over isnt gonna make them listen.

  3. I figured the suspect took a bullet, by the way his body moved as turned to run like a cockroach. Unfortunately he will survive and be a load on our system. Now we have to house and feed that POS. It is amazing how compliant a suspect can be once his pathetic ass is dying on the ground. He would kill a cop, he would kill your mother, he would kill any human but when his own life was bleeding out on the ground he turned into a coward and we had to save him. Pathetic.

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  5. What a shame he survived – no tax payer will have to feed and upkeep another monster for years to come.. Like burglary – okay, throw into prison, but for attempt to kill police offer he doesn't deserve to live on taxpayers' cost.

  6. The Cop barking at the other cop telling him to relax screaming to the top of his lungs. Cops crack me up. I just
    want to say STFU and let me do my job Jesus Christ man

  7. Notice how fast he started thinking rationally after being shot. When has shooting at cops ever worked out for anyone? Did he actually think they would put their arms up and surrender?

  8. For real, enough with the "hands up" shit like 20 times in a row… Once the officer said it three times & he was reaching in the bag, he should've just mag dumped on em'.

    Take out the trash before it has a chance to take you out.

  9. And people wonder why cops are so "paranoid" and "on edge". Good job to these officers I'm thankful no one actually worth a damn was hurt.

  10. Good shooting by the cops. It’s a shame that the bullet wasn’t a couple of inches higher. Would’ve saved the taxpayers some money.

  11. "I just got robbed"
    "okay, did he take anything from you?"

    It amazes me that these people are able to breathe without having to be reminded to do it.

  12. In today's episode of "shoot me I'm an idiot!" We observe an individual who started a shootout with the police only to get shot and then play the victim and complain that he's bleeding!

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