Bodycam Footage Of Shooting That Left Suspect And Hostage Dead (WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT)

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **
Los Angeles police released graphic bodycam footage showing a police shooting in Van Nuys that left a knife-wielding suspect and an innocent bystander dead last month. The LAPD showed the graphic video during a press conference Tuesday morning. The footage was recorded on body-worn cameras from the officers involved in the incident. The incident occurred on June 16, when officers with LAPD’s Van Nuys Division received a radio call about a man who had stabbed his ex-girlfriend with a knife, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said. Responding officers confronted Guillermo Perez outside of a church on Tyrone Avenue. Perez was holding a metal folding chair and a large knife, Moore said. Officers told him to drop the knife, but he ignored their commands. That’s when police fired bean bag rounds at Perez, Moore said. “He moved away from officers and grabbed an innocent bystander who was standing nearby. Perez began to cut the innocent bystander’s throat with a knife. That’s when three officers shot at Perez to stop his actions and prevent him from killing the hostage,” the chief said. Officers fired 18 rounds, and Perez was shot and killed. The innocent bystander, 49-year-old Elizabeth Tollison, was struck twice by police gunfire, and she later died at a hospital, Moore said.

Moore said there’s much more work to be done in the investigation before he is able to provide recommendations on the actions of the officers involved. The investigation will look into whether proper procedures were followed. The chief said it’s been 13 years since an officer’s gunfire killed an innocent bystander or hostage. In the last six weeks, it’s happened twice — the most recent being the incident at a Trader Joe’s market in Silver Lake, where a store manager was killed by police gunfire in a shootout between LAPD and a standoff suspect. “The life of the hostage is paramount and protecting that individual from the threat of the assailant, and in doing that, the balancing act that the officer has – is how to protect them by stopping the suspect’s actions,” Moore said. “This was a tense situation that unfolded very quickly. It’s every officer’s worst nightmare.” Perez had a very violent past. He was released from prison and also convicted of robbery. He was a documented gang member who was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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41 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage Of Shooting That Left Suspect And Hostage Dead (WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT)

  1. How did this poor old lady ignore for thirty minutes them shouting drop the knife and an armed man next to her. This is as close to her fault as any innocent party can get. This is eggregious.

  2. Cops are there to protect the innocent but they end up shooting the innocent. Bad training that woman didn't have to die. 18 rounds what are you guys thinking. They shoot to kill alright!!!

  3. Absolutely horrible. Hopefully they determined who's rounds hit that lady and convicted him of reckless homicide. This is a tough situation, and you don't need dumb and dumber to resolve it! Geeze

  4. I would say this is the cops fault for not grabbing the old lady first before seeing the man coming up. As well they decided to shoot when she was taken hostage instead of trying to work something out so she could live

  5. Completely justified. What level of stupidity do you have to display to just remain in the general vicinity of an armed assailant? That imbecile of a woman brought this on herself.

  6. Haha why the fuck did they all start buckin?

    Let the dude on the far left with the clean heads hot (or bodyshot if he can't hit the target from 1 meter) take the shot…

    Sometimes it looks like cops are just looking for any small excuse to dump their mags

  7. I do not understand the rude and hateful comments directed towards mike Leo. Surely everyone is entitled to share their feelings and expertise. If you don’t agree then keep silent or share yours but there’s no need for negativity, we have too much hatred in our world as it is.

  8. 🤔 понятно что в полицию не набирают гениев и нет времени хорошенько подумать😳
    полиция говорит – бросить нож, и тут же стреляет и в преступника и в заложника хотя им ничего не угрожало, проще было его застрелить на подходе к заложник, ну как бы и было оправдание всего действия, а так 🙄… эээ блять, где логика?

  9. In a hostage situation the police supposed to negotiate, Not kill the hostage and the knife man That there is a crime caused by the police.

  10. >>> mindless man walking around with a weapon
    >>> woman standing and waiting when it will Come closer and grab her
    Natural selection at action

  11. 죤나 이해안가는게 옆에 행인도있는데 총질한다는거자체가 진짜이해안간다 미국 놈들 겁쟁이들뿐인가?

  12. Here's the thing. People bitch about, not making their minds up in regards to "too much force" or "not enough force", blabla – fact of the matter is, there's a knife guy who walks towards an innocent bystander. The second he moves in that direction, he has to be stopped and it's absolutely on these officers that the lady is dead, it's on their conscience. Put this way: if the guy would've walked towards the police, they'd have immediately shot – rightfully so. Yet they wait and watch him walk to a disabled lady, let him put the knife to her throat and then proceed to not only shoot him, but her too. Absolutely disgusting show of hypocrisy, again, if he'd have walked towards the cops they'd have opened fire immediately, but him threatening the life of an innocent wasn't reason enough to take him out. Fuck them, i hope they have nightmares for the rest of their lives.

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