Bodycam Footage of Police Shooting Quadry Sanders in Lawton, Oklahoma

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Lawton, Oklahoma — Two former officers from the Lawton Police Department have been charged with first-degree manslaughter in connection to an officer-involved shooting that resulted in the death of Quadry Sanders in December 2021. After review of the entire case file presented by the OSBI, including the Medical Examiner’s Autopsy Report, the Comanche County District Attorney’s Office has made the determination that the shooting of Quadry Sanders was not justified. Officers Robert Hinkle and Nathan Ronan have been charged with First Degree Manslaughter and are presumed innocent of the charges until proven guilty. Their bond was set at $25,000 each. Both men posted bail. A hearing is set for August 1, 2022, with Judge Emmit Tayloe assigned to the case.

On December 5, 2021, officers from the Lawton Police Department responded to 1806 NW Lincoln Avenue, Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma. The officers were responding to a call received by dispatch at 20:37 hours from one of the residents at said property. The call to dispatch was made in reference to a male being present at said property in violation of an active protective order and said male was in possession of a firearm. Once officers arrived at 1806 NW Lincoln Avenue, the suspect was identified as Quadry Sanders. Officers learned that Sanders was inside the home located at 1806 NW Lincoln Avenue and was refusing to let one of the residents leave. Officers set up a perimeter around the house. A sergeant with the Lawton Police Department (LPD) then began giving Sanders orders using a PA system in a patrol vehicle. Shortly after commands were given, a female resident of the home exited.

Minutes later, Sanders was seen going out the back door of the home. An officer gave Sanders commands to show his hands, which he immediately complied with, but then Sanders ran back into the home. Seconds later, Quadry Sanders walked out of the front door of the home. Sanders was met underneath a carport by Officers Robert Hinkle and Nathan Ronan. Both Officers Hinkle and Ronan were wearing body cameras which captured the following events: Officer Hinkle begins telling Sanders “hands, hands” as well as “down, down, down, down.” Sanders hands are clearly seen and the only item visible in his hands is a ball cap, which he transfers from his right hand to his left hand. As he is receiving these orders, Sanders quickly turns back towards the front door of the home.

Officers Hinkle and Ronan then walk closer to Sanders. As Hinkle approaches, Sanders can be seen raising both of his hands in the air, above his head. At that time, Officer Hinkle shoots his firearm four times at Sanders. Sanders falls to the ground and appears to have been shot, at which time Officer Hinkle once again orders “hands, hands, hands,” and to “quit reaching.” Sanders sits up from his back with his hands above his head at which time Officer Hinkle fires his firearm seven additional times. Simultaneously with these shots, Officer Ronan also fires his weapon at Sanders four times. Sanders is then secured by Officer Hinkle. On the way to Comanche County Memorial Hospital by ambulance, Quadry Sanders was pronounced dead. No weapon was located on Sanders’ body or in the area where he was shot.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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28 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage of Police Shooting Quadry Sanders in Lawton, Oklahoma

  1. 1st set of shots (after reading the description) I can accept (sort of) the last volley hell no! Glad they were charged.

  2. That's messed up there was no reason to shoot him he had nothing in his hands and repeatedly you wonder why people hate cops that's a shame at cops deserves being prison

  3. I am one hundred percent for LEOs and I think they have the toughest job in the world. That being said, on the second round of firing you can clearly see the suspects hands are up in the air before the officer starts to fire.

  4. Y'all are asking a lot from these cops to go into a situation like that and not be on edge. I dont agree with manslaughter. But I do understand the need to terminate their employment….

  5. Been watching this for about 30 minutes now on .25 speed. I'm sorry guys but I feel like this is going to be considered justified. At first, I believed the first volley was justified and the second was not, but in a real world situation and the human brains ability to differentiate safe and unsafe, its going to be a huge factor in court. The suspect unfortunately made a very bad decision that ended his life, and that was to reach for his waistband while simultaneously hiding behind cover – the freezer. In that moment the first volley was absolutely justified with the information at hand.

    Now here we go.

    At first, I didn't believe the second volley was justified, but looking at the situation for 30 minutes with an understanding of human reaction time I can see now that the officers in question had absolutely no time to react to that second volley.

    This was the situation at hand:

    A protection order that was broken

    A man who broke said order armed with a firearm

    The said suspect matching the reported clothing description taking cover behind cover.

    With all that said make your own or reevaluate your decision.

  6. And you feel safe with officers like this on your streets
    First aid help to that poor sole he might still be here.
    Make good officers look real bad
    Officers like this put good officers in danger when someone run and shots at you because there scared to shop because of officers killing them this is why
    R.i.p bother bless your family

  7. Sickening. Killed him for complying. Didn't even have a damn weapon. Hope these cops go to the slammer and get what's coming to them there.

  8. Some people should not be officers if they crack under pressure. That officer was clearly freaking out and not using his brains. So sad for that man and his family.

  9. Now this was absolutely not justified and the Officer's should be held accountable, which is currently in process.

    There end up being <5 unjustified police officer involved shootings yearl

  10. I don’t feel sorry for fcukers violating their protective order lol and holding a person hostage not letting them leave? LMAO You can tell why they got a protective order against that fcuker in the first place

  11. Oh but that pesky slow motion. First off, he went back into the house. For what?… a cup of tea? Second he reached toward his waist band. Do the slow motion for your own self. A lawless heart doesn't like looking beyond his or her biases, they go straight to the bank. Peace and love to ya

  12. GOOD! this was disgusting. He didn't deserve that…lock those THUGS up for the rest of their lives like they do anybody else who does a person like they did him.

  13. Sadly that was a bad shoot. Officers made a bad choice and shoot. Suspect mad a bad choice and didn't follow commands. Now suspect is dead and two officers are possibly going to jail for a bad shoot. Why I always tell people to just follow the orders of the officers. Does not always mean you wont get that one bad officers but less likely to die.

  14. this shit is sad. Mans had his hands up. this is the bad cops we should remove. not ALL but ones like this. Who freak out and shoot folks.

  15. For all the brainless Karens in the comments that want to defund the police now because this man was an angel…this rat deserved what he got. He wasnt following commands, he was armed and reaching for his weapon and was also violating a restraining order. Rest in Piss!

  16. I have the utmost respect for LEOs. However, this was totally unjustified. The guy wasn't given any time to show his hands before he was shot multiple times. I want to see the video in slow motion to see why they thought they had to shoot him so many times.

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