Bodycam Footage of Albuquerque Police Officers Shooting Man at Gas Station

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Albuquerque, New Mexico — On August 28, 2022 at 11:14 p.m., Albuquerque Police Department received a call from an employee at the Valero gas station, located at 2721 Coors Blvd., N.W. who said a vehicle had been parked at the gas pump for several hours. The caller said the vehicle was not running, and she could barely see the driver because of the dark, tinted windows. She asked for officers to check on the driver. Officers in the Northwest Area Command arrived at the gas station at 11:32 p.m. They ran the license plate and determined the registered owner of the car was Keshawn Thomas. Officers discovered the driver, later confirmed to be Thomas, was asleep in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. Officers noticed alcohol, including an open container, inside the vehicle. They determined that since the vehicle was not running, they did not have charges for drunk driving. Officers decided they would tell Thomas he needed to have someone come and pick up the car.

They woke Thomas and asked him to exit the vehicle and take a seat. They told Thomas not to start the car and told him he was not in trouble. Thomas exited the vehicle but declined to sit down. An officer asked Thomas what he was doing with open containers in the car and pointed out he was drunk, and had been passed out for several hours. Officers later told investigators that they detected signs of intoxication during the encounter. An officer told him he should not be driving drunk because he could hurt himself or others. Thomas and officers argued with each other, and as the conversation became more heated, an additional officer was requested for assistance. A third officer arrived and he convinced Thomas to move away from gas pumps while he smoked cigarettes. Another officer determined Thomas did not have any warrants. Officers told Thomas he could call someone to pick up his vehicle so it would not be towed. Thomas asked if he could retrieve his phone from the vehicle.

Officers asked him if he had any weapons. He said he had a weapon in the trunk and pulled a gun magazine loaded with ammunition from his pocket and handed it to an officer. Thomas sat in the driver’s seat of his vehicle with the door open and appeared to be searching the interior of the car. Officers directed him to get his phone and exit the vehicle. After about 30 second, one of the officers called out that Thomas had a gun. All three officers fired their handguns, striking and killing Thomas. During later interviews with investigators, all three officers said they saw Thomas produce the gun and start to point it toward them, prompting them to shoot him and stop his actions. A loaded handgun, believed to be owned by Thomas, was recovered in the driver’s area of the vehicle. A gun magazine was also found on the driver’s seat. Investigators did not locate a phone in the car after it was searched.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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27 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage of Albuquerque Police Officers Shooting Man at Gas Station

  1. The shooting's justified, but the whole situation shows the value in preventing things from descending into a pissing contest with a drunk. Don't get into a drunk's debate, and don't let his attitude affect yours.

  2. I have no issue with the force used, (other than the fact that they created the situation with the horrible procedures of letting him back in the car, not detaining him, etc) but why didn’t they pull him out and start life-saving measures? These guys need some SERIOUS retraining

  3. You guys provoked all of this! Dropping f-bombs asking what the f is going on with him. He told you that he was going through a lot why can't you guys be real peace officers and approach someone without antagonizing them and acting like a damn Thug from the street looking for a fight. You guys are wrong for treating this man this way. Cold Killers. He told you he had a gun in the back of the trunk or wherever. When he told you that that's when you should have said okay don't get near the vehicle stop back let me take a look is it okay if I take a look? You didn't do that you allowed him to go to the car to reach or whatever and then you guys start shooting. It's wrong how you guys work. You were very disrespectful he did not raise his voice or act hostile to you at all you guys started this. You guys escalated it into a serious situation instead of deescalating. You guys are killers and that's all it is trigger happy police looking to shoot your guns off and then you want to walk around and say God's name in vain and act all distraught like you really care. Then you don't even give him Aid and just sit there and watch him die. You guys are the blame for this. He told you he had a gun in the car. Do your police work and handle that instead of just going off and start shooting. God in heaven will be the final judge. This young man was murdered for the world to see. Pure Evil and ugly is how you handled it.

  4. Being a former LEO, now retired, I've never seen so many piss-poor actions & procedures from officers. Mainly, they stupidly allowed him back in the car, as they all sat back a distance away. These officers created their own final situation themselves. Not only that, but from the get-go when the driver exited the car, they did no pat down, yet allowed him to reach into his pockets numerous times. smh The officer on the far right that fired the most, was at such an angle that he had no way of seeing that gun, yet in his report he wrote that he did.
    They didn't even check him for vitals, nor even get near him after they shot, to see if there were any signs of life. They all looked like clueless school children afterward.

  5. Thomas fought against the law, and the law won! He shouldn't have tried to pull a gun on the police. He's dead, the public upset except for me, and complaining the police shot an innocent drunk man even though he reached for a gun.

  6. I don't understand what is happening in this call. They shuffle him around for 12 minutes until he decides to kill himself. If you find someone that drunk at a gas pump, just cuff him and do all this at the jail. This was very avoidable.

  7. All that chitchat gets you hurt. The officer had him dead to rights but couldn’t resist running his mouth. Ego gets so many officers and civilians hurt. Just do your job… You’re not his buddy and you’re not his guidance counselor. Be polite and efficient and maybe everybody will go home.

  8. APD currently operates under a consent decree. As such many of the experienced officers retired, quit or transfered. Sadly the Mayor cares more about not offending criminals than backing his police.

  9. That was a bad decision letting him in the car…but a worse decision by the perp. Even a drunk idiot knows you don't retrieve a gun in that situation. You stay far away, tell the cops where it is…and let them handle it. He also said it was in the trunk, not inside the car. He clearly lied and the cops should have verified that and never let him back in the car. The fact that he lied and wanted back in the car is also clear indication that he likely wanted to retrieve and use it. Could have been handled better by the Cops, sure, but I can't say I'm upset a guy like that is off the streets for good.

  10. Is it me or did they even try to render ad. Or is it against policy. I know they are switching back and forth from camera to camera. It’s just most of police shootings the try and render ad

  11. This show how cops are just trained to kill people as the rendered no First-Aid. And to shoot someone that many times seems like a thin blue line sacrifice. But after all this is Albuquerque. Their ex-governor was charged with a hit and run!!

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