Body Cam Officer Involved Shooting Man Pointing Gun at Cops in Unmarked Car San Leandro PD

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The San Leandro Police Department released body camera (3) of an officer involved shooting that occurred on October 24, 2020, about 9:15PM, San Leandro Police Officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a Silver Sedan for traffic violations in the area of 148th Avenue and Wake Avenue. The sedan failed to stop, and a pursuit ensued.

The pursuit continued for several blocks and ended when the Sedan stopped near the intersection of 137th Avenue and School Street. The driver of the sedan immediately ran away on foot and fled into backyard of a residence in the 1700 block of 137th Avenue.

A firearm was discovered during the search of the sedan. Additional San Leandro Police Officers responded to area and, after an exhaustive search, the driver of the sedan was not located. Subsequently, the search for the driver was cancelled.
Acting on the belief that the driver of sedan was still hiding somewhere in the 1700 block of 137th Avenue, two uniformed police officers got an undercover police vehicle and began driving through the neighborhood in an effort to locate the driver.

About 11:55PM, the officers were parked on 137th Avenue just east of Bancroft Avenue when unbeknownst to them an unrelated silver vehicle pulled up behind them and suddenly stopped. As the officers began to exit the undercover vehicle to contact the driver of this uninvolved vehicle, the driver, later identified as John Berry 43, years old, who was still seated in the driver’s seat raised a firearm above the dashboard and in the direction of the officers.

Both officers immediately saw the driver raise the firearm in their direction and used their service weapons striking Berry man multiple times in his upper torso. Officers provided first aid to Berry until the arrival of paramedics. He was later transported to a local hospital where he was listed in critical condition.
As with all officer involved shootings, the department will be conducting a complete multi-level review. The officers involved were placed on administrative leave which is standard protocol in any officer involved shooting.
No officers sustained any injuries and a semi-automatic firearm was recovered at the scene.

The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office will also conduct an independent investigation of the incident, as they do with all officer involved shootings that result in injury or death.

It remains important to note that we are in the early stages of this investigation and more information will bring additional clarity to what happened.
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34 thoughts on “Body Cam Officer Involved Shooting Man Pointing Gun at Cops in Unmarked Car San Leandro PD

  1. Well, I guess that's what you get for drawing a gun on cops, even if you maybe really did not mean to.
    You should always identify your targets properly.
    The man is probably lucky the trigger guard blocked a round because that could have been the fatal round instead.
    Also, there is not really any way to explain his injury unless the gun was indeed pointed at the police and able to be impacted by their rounds.

  2. My god… And I thought I was a good shot… That's the results of some serious speed. That training paid off… Think, that was the moment the gun was seen, and to hit, ever so under the barrel, yep, that was a great shot! Hope they got that evidence photo framed haha

  3. Very unfortunate but he did a stupid thing and unfortunately he came up against cops and not robbers. He should have called the police instead of taking the roll of a police officer vigilante.

  4. Great or lucky shooting. Pinned his finger to the gun and pinned the trigger back making both the gun and the user inoperable in one bullet. Glad to see the guy was still okay last we know of, shitty thing to lose your life for and another reason unmarked cop cars can be sketchy and should probably be marked. I get it they need a way to not be targets though in gang areas

  5. I'd hate to be the attorney to break it to these two clowns they don't have a case, zero, zilch and nada! You just know they're going to try to chase that ambulance and the judge won't be able to contain himself from laughing!

    Judge; ahh state, could you repeat that part about the trigger guard and….

  6. Guns make people feel like heroes so they act all cocky, pulling up behind unknown cars and acting tough. In the end, guns just make them get hurt. It’s always the same. Guns are cancer.

  7. He chose to pull up behind a vehicle and chose to point a gun at two men sitting in a car. Sad for him that they were armed officers watching for a silver sedan. We all make choices.

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