Body Cam: Officer Involved in Fatal Shooting PASADENA POLICE DEPARTMENT August 15-2020

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The Pasadena Police Department released body camera, dash cam, surveillance camera video, pictures of an officer involved in a fatal shooting that occurred August 15, 2020.

PASADENA, Calif –On Saturday, August 15, 2020, an Officer Involved Shooting occurred on Raymond Avenue and Grandview Street after two PPD officers stopped a vehicle for a vehicle code violation. During the stop, the driver cooperated with officers and admitted he was driving on a suspended license, however, the passenger later identify as 32-year-old Anthony McClain in the vehicle elected to run away. While running, the passenger removed a handgun from his waistband and an Officer Involved Shooting occurred. 32-year-old Anthony McClain died at the hospital later.

The Critical Incident Community Briefing is based upon a preliminary review of the incident, which is still under investigation. Additional facts and evidence may be discovered and will be reviewed.

The Pasadena Police Department conducts thorough Criminal and Administrative investigations into all OIS incidents, which include interviews of witnesses and of the involved officers, eyewitness statements, as well as an analysis of video and forensic evidence. After the investigation is complete, a Use of Force Hearing will commence and the Chief of Police will make a final determination whether the officers involved acted within department policy.

This incident is actively being investigated by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and the City of Pasadena will also initiate an independent third party review.

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47 thoughts on “Body Cam: Officer Involved in Fatal Shooting PASADENA POLICE DEPARTMENT August 15-2020

  1. People are mad because cop shot a felon with a gun. This guy would have been on their street shooting one of their family members last week or next week.

  2. At first, I was thinking, why in the world did they shoot that dude??!! BUT then I saw the gun…..those cops want to be able to go home to their families at night….It's sad.

  3. Does him being a felon take away his right's as a human being, he was running away, he was not standing off with the police, we in the world think of a man that was shot in the back as a man that had no chance to defend his self, I hear the rich GOP who would not know how to live without thier government cheese, yall get welfare too! As a matter of fact white America gets most of it (GE, Chrysler, GM and the list goes on and the saddest part is we give these rich company monies and then get mad at feeding our own and then the racism comes out. Stop playing and we all pay taxes but it good to hear what the new racism sound like! The world is coming for you trust that Racism will not survive in the end cause there will be no white race! we will all be one! Aint that purity

  4. Hate how the crowd just jumps to conclusions knowing nothing. Talking all intelligently with all of the n-word, and bitch a$$ n-word. They sound so smart getting so mad all of the while not knowing what happened.

  5. We dying so senselessly. Then the hood adding chaos to the situation, why do we act a fool after something happens and we don’t even know the whole story. Why don’t we act this crazy to keep our kids on the right track.

    Act this crazy to stop promoting a culture of violence, sex, drugs and money. How about that.

    Somebody tell Labron THATS accountability.

  6. Sad. If you’re in the wrong and you try to run you run the risk of dying. Officers don’t know what you’re going to do especially if you DO have a weapon. You have to live with your choice, or not in this case.

  7. The dumbass girl yelling that she seen everything! All those people thinking they knew what went down probably just based on the bs story of one person that evolved and spread. Like that game "telephone" they used to play when we were kids.

  8. All the people that surround the police after the shooting and curse at them and yell should be arrested for inciting a riot or interfering with a police investigation

  9. The public has completely lost it! They dont know what happened, and still they are blaming the police. 🙁 God Bless The Men and Women in Blue!!!

  10. Damn these cops have it hard … Having to deal with this stuff. Risking their lives just to be bombarded with horrific hate speech and demonized by the media.

  11. Dude ran so fast he came out of his shoes.

    The guy might have survived if police were allowed to treat him instead of having an angry mob shouting at and threatening them over a righteous shoot.

  12. Criminal record, parole pending and in violation having a gun, probably to make another robbery, why do this? pretty sure wasn't working and won't help you but to sustain a criminal until you get put in Prison for 10+ years or get killed by police and never have a decent job; really stupid decision, then people complain black criminals get shot, all wrong. Want a decent life? Live like a decent person

  13. I am pro police. I love these videos showing more into their jobs. But honestly…I don't think this was justified. At first glance my first thought was he's running and trying to get rid of the gun. Turns out, that's exactly what he did. You can't just shoot people in the back. He didn't pull it and shoot. He just straight ran , and was probably looking back to see if he could throw it. He never pointed it or anything. Just trying to get away.

    Edit: I am 100% against BLM and all the bs going on right now. I just don't think this one was justified.

  14. People act like the police WANT to go out and kill people but they really don't! Poor guy having to hear all those people as he's dying. I bet he was thinking shut the fu up dude! The problem is, parents don't teach their children to respect authority any more and the younger people think they NEVER need to comply.

  15. They should`ve sprayed all the other screaming animals with the hot sauce from those huge bottles they carry. Happy ending anyway, one less criminal on the streets and the taxpayers saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cool.

  16. For all you police out there… is it really worth it? 30k a year, no support from your community or your political leaders… you are at risk of going to JAIL for performing your duties… ALL OFFICERS IN THESE URBAN CENTERS SHOULD RESIGN NOW! Let them figure it out amongst themselves

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