Body Cam Officer Involved Fatal controversial Shooting Waukegan Illinois Oct 20-2020

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Waukegan police have released body camera and dashboard camera footage from a fatal police shooting that left a Black man dead and a Black woman injured.

19-year-old Marcellis Stinnette was killed in the Oct. 20 shooting, while his girlfriend Tafara Williams suffered serious injuries.

According to Waukegan officials, the officer who fired the shots in the incident did not have his body camera activated when he opened fire, but turned the camera on shortly after the shooting. That footage, along with body camera footage from other officers and the dashboard footage from the officer’s vehicle, was released Wednesday after it was first shown to the Stinnette and Williams families.

In one of the videos released, taken from the dashboard of the officer who fired the shots at the vehicle, the car is shown speeding away from the police cruiser on the night of the shooting. After a brief pursuit, the vehicle comes to a stop on the grass on a side street, then is seen reversing.

The officer is heard yelling at the driver to stop, then gunshots are heard before the footage stops.

Another video shows the officer’s body-worn camera, which was turned on after the shots were fired.

“You almost tried to run me over!” the officer is heard shouting at Williams.

Williams can be heard shouting “he got shot, he got shot” while the officer’s body camera continues to roll.

According to Waukegan Mayor Sam Cunningham, the officer who fired the shots did not have his body camera activated at the time of the shooting.

“This was a breach of Waukegan Police Department policies, and one of the reasons for the officer’s termination,” Cunningham said.

The family was shown the footage early Wednesday, and held a press conference to discuss what the videos displayed.

“What you are going to see is an officer who’s overreacting to a situation, who’s acting aggressively, who’s going out of bounds,” Stinnette family attorney Kevin O’Connor said. “They waited over eight minutes to even get help. He could have survived if they would have been acting appropriately and helped him out. They threw him away like he was nothing.”

The Waukegan Police Department turned the case over to Illinois State Police. ISP’s findings will be shared with the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office, who will have final determination on whether charges will be filed in the case.

Police say Williams was driving the vehicle and Stinnette was a passenger that fled a traffic stop conducted by an officer late on Oct. 20. A short time later, their vehicle was spotted by another officer, who is shown on dashboard footage pursuing the vehicle.

Authorities said that Williams’ vehicle came to a stop, then began to reverse toward the officer, and that’s when he opened fire.

According to Williams’ account of the incident, officers on the scene waited eight minutes to call for medical assistance despite Stinnette suffering multiple gunshot wounds. He later died from his injuries.

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27 thoughts on “Body Cam Officer Involved Fatal controversial Shooting Waukegan Illinois Oct 20-2020

  1. When things got real and she noticed that her boyfriend got shot is when she thought "oh i fucked up, i better stop before it gets worse" and stopped with her BS. Shouldn't have run.

  2. Her mistake for running. I think this is justified. A car can easily kill someone. The dude had a warrant for a reason, she shouldn't have helped him escape and tried to run over a cop. Yes, the cop did a mistake by not activating his camera, which is unfortunate.

  3. Nothing controversial to see. Her boyfriend is gone so there’s that lmao😂bet she’s already crying on one of his friends shoulder that’s already waiting to smash after the funeral😂

  4. Make sure you have your body cam turned on after you just got shot at and are dealing with violent criminals, they never should have fired that cop, they should given him a medal, this is the reason why our cities are falling apart, it's all political games, and I see it mostly from corrupt democrats, if you want things to change vote these clowns out of office, hell they should be prosecuted for what they have done to their cities.

  5. What is controversial about it? Feeling criminal using a deadly weapon (the car against cops) and also using a deadly weapon against innocent citizens than may get run over or crashed by him (an hurt or killed in the accident) shooting to stop the threat is the sensible thing to do. Not shooting him and not stopping him can easily lead to the criminal causing a major crash and killing innocents. Or killing of cops, or future crimes if he manage to flee successfully. You weed out the weeds from the root.

  6. God what useless "cops" I definitely wouldn't want they on my streets I'm shocked they didn't hit anyone sleeping, what a loser pretending they ran my over twice!
    The cop definitely is a liar and of cause he BWC "happened" to be disabled yeah right!

  7. “The officer that is Hispanic who fired the shots” lol. They had to remark the race of this fool. Lol. Cops r cops

  8. I do not think they tried to run him over. This copper just was to lazy for jumping out of danger zone. Its important to admit ones mistakes to get good opinions on the rightful side of the law.

  9. "You are under arrest"
    "Because I said"

    Then they pull away and he says they "ran him over". Then a short time later he shoots and kills because they "tried to run him over. He already had his excuse for killing him made up This cop is in a power trip and he has to tell someone why they are under arrest. Cops can't just arrest you because they "said". He was just mad someone didn't "obey" him.

  10. It's crazy some of you think it's okay for a cop to say ALMOST ran over, and was able to gun the passenger down and everything's fine.

    This cop should be in prison. Almost doing something isn't a death sentence.

  11. GIRL: "Why did you shoot us?" …um, let me think …'cause you're a lousy driver and you're crashing into shit. NO, WAIT! …'cause you tried to run me down and kill me! … Duh!

  12. No, I disagree I don’t think everybody wants to be Bonnie & Clyde. I saw the movie and the historic scene photos. Never once did I want to be Clyde Barrow, all those bullet holes, no thanks.

  13. This is why you don’t shoot moving vehicles unless they pose a threat to you, terrible example of good policing, A great example of what not to do.. I hope this victim’s family receives the proper justice they deserve

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