Body Cam: Assault of Colby Covington by Jorge Masvidal

According to the Miami Beach Police Department arrest affidavit, on March 21, 2022, at approximately 10:55 p.m., officers were dispatched to 736 1st Street, Miami Beach, Florida, for a disturbance. The victim was UFC fighter Colby Covington, and he reported that he had been attacked by fellow UFC fighter — and his former roommate and training partner — Jorge Masvidal.

According to Covington, he had exited Papi Steak Restaurant when Masvidal ran up from his left side and sucker punched him in the mouth and eye, breaking one of Covington’s teeth. Covington stated that Masvidal said “You shouldn’t have been talking about my kids,” during the attack. Covington observed three or four other males also approaching him in an aggressive manner during the attack, and he attempted to create distance by pushing one of the males and re-entering Papi Steak Restaurant to avoid further injury.

Covington advised that Masvidal had been wearing a blue surgical face mask, a hoodie, and sweatpants, but that he was able to identify Masvidal due to their long-standing relationship as former roommates, training partners, and friends. Covington stated that he had immediately recognized Masvidal by his voice and by the upper half of his face, which included his long curly hair, which was sticking out of his hoodie. One of Covington’s front teeth was chipped during the incident, and Covington further stated that his Rolex watch had been damaged; repair of the watch was subsequently estimated to cost $15,000.

Police attempted to contact Masvidal, and in response received a phone call from Masvidal’s attorney, who invoked Masvidal’s rights. Masvidal surrendered himself to the Miami Beach Police Department. Previously, Real World Police published footage of Masvidal turning himself in to police and being transported to jail, as well as an audio recording of Colby Covington’s statement to the police. In this video, Real World Police presents exclusive, never-before-seen police body cam footage from the response to Papi Steak House on March 21, 2022. Note that this video presents footage from multiple body cameras, covering much of the same, relatively-brief time period.

Due to Florida’s victim’s rights law, Colby Covington is blurred throughout this video.

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49 thoughts on “Body Cam: Assault of Colby Covington by Jorge Masvidal

  1. The guys that came out of the Restaurant looked like Cuban or Mofia types with their taylored suits and slicked back hair. Of course i'm sure they would tell you that they are all upstanding citizens just running a legitimate business, the one guy with the high water pants and no socks (bare ankles) was awesome. LOL

  2. Jorge has brown skin but inside he’s white. Having to jump someone over words and having a hurt ego is behavior influenced by living in a white neighborhood.

  3. What we have here is 15 minutes of he said, he said, he said, he said x-ray vision and a chihuahua that didn’t say shit. Background filled w/ flashing lights creating a ambiance like no other.

  4. Why do the cops sound like they're trying to convince witnesses they don't know what they saw? How many times are they going to say "but he was wearing a hoody and a mask, though?" Ask plain questions -don't insert your ignorant biased questions.

  5. Q: How many cops does it take to investigate an incident between a couple MMA celebrities?
    A: About quadruple that than between 2 regular folk.
    Unprofessional. No better than the drunken gawkers hanging around outside the club, desperate to be a part of something shiny.

  6. 2 questions. 1. Who the hell is Colby Covington? and 2. Why should I give a shit about something that happened 9 months ago? Third question: How do I block ever seeing anything from "Real World Police" ever again?

  7. Shows how “eye witness reports” are untrustworthy. Not saying it wasn’t Jorge, but the difference in just what he was wearing is disputed. Mask, no mask, mask pulled down, hoodie over his head, no it was a backwards cap, how he punched him. It happens so quick it’s hard to trust eye witness reports.

  8. The cops are a joke they are saying since he had a mask on you can go punch people even know they know and hear you! So messed up, cops are a joke

  9. Welp, good luck identifying the guy in the mask. Could of been anyone! This dude just said i follow the UFC and that was him. Than said… his mask was down lol INNOCENT!!! COLBY HAS HATERS EVERYWHERE

  10. Colby doesn't want to get in legal problems, he shouldn't of talked about his kids that is off limits. I mean Masvidal had his chances in the cage and he couldn't do it. This wasn't a good look for either of them

  11. I wish Jorge would have stomped that pretty boy's face into the pavement. I don't care what the situation is, you NEVER drag someone's children into it. Covington is a classless POS.

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