Bill Maher Needs to do a Police Ride Along

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I’m really curious what training Bill Maher has been privy too and why he’s ignoring 99% of cops in the process. Is he just not looking? Why not go on a ride along? Why not have solid beat cops come on your show and dialogue?

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29 thoughts on “Bill Maher Needs to do a Police Ride Along

  1. How about the time Espanola police tried to serve a search warnt on the Rio areba sheriff's office for the chief of the sheriff's cell phones for corruption. And he and that sheriff's department tried to circumvent justice. How about that. Most are blue line gang. How about the male officer that choked a female officer for pulling him.

  2. The problem is that there are so many police departments with zero standards and poorly trained officers. Like i heard from gunny every Friday back in the marines "If you build a 100 of the greatest bridges you will being known as the worlds greatest bridge builder but if you fuck one goat your now just known as the goat fucker". The problem is you have a ton of departments running trains on goats. Dont get pissy at the people for getting angry. Take a long hard look at your fellow officers and call out all the useless out of shape cowards. Just go over to the channel policeactivity and watch a morbidly obese cop tase his squad car and then himself. They just posted it today. People are pissed so many fat out of shape cowards are getting tax dollars.

  3. Bill Maur another shill talking about something he knows ABSOLUTELY nothing about, for a paycheck… OK Bill we believe you… NOT ☹️

  4. I have no time for these Hollywood a$$hats. They expect us to lay our lives on the line for them, then have the audacity to question how we do our jobs🤦🤦🤦. Remember that the next time you call 911 you sheep.

  5. Pro-abort Maher is also fine with people who choose to kill a baby in the womb so that they can do as they please. It seems that he is often speaking out of ignorance in both cases, is not being consistent, and has sycophants who applaud him and show as much ignorance as he manifests. And, "Their training is all about how to preserve their lives" and "Everybody kisses their ass" are evidence of his ignorance. How is it that one who talks about issues about which he knows so little has so much media exposure? Fake intelligence.

  6. With all due respect Mike what about the Cops that stand outside schools while kids are shot? Or when a drowning man is calling for a cop's help and is only answered with "I'm not saving you" while his wife is restrained on shore? Or when serial stabbing suspect starts stabbing people on a New York subway train in full view of two police officers, who only get involved after a blood soaked citizen disarms the maniac themselves? Or when a mother has all the court restraining orders against the father, but when he comes around, kidnaps her children and later kills them, the cops just decided not to get involved at any point, just because.
    There's tons of stories just like these because despite the saying "To protect and serve" police all over this country are under no obligation to help anyone and courts tend to agree. So for just this once I agree with this idiot, it would be nice if cop's would do there jobs when they're called to actually do it.

  7. The cops at uvalde couldn’t muster up the courage to save a bunch of kids from getting murdered. How can we trust that to have the courage to support and defend the constitution of our nation. That being said I do back the blue

  8. Some people have the courage and bravery to put their life on the line the examples of officers that Mike used are those but they are not the majority policing is a job most people just want to collect a check and your a fool to think otherwise

  9. Okay police people and boot shiners. Texas dropped the ball. Those kids were IN CUSTODY. I realize you have a long list of duties, but responsibilities trump that. Perhaps some militarized training would impart a sense of espirit de corps that you are not collectively given. You buy (want/procure) the equipment.. Put in on and use it when needed. Quit crying about the "harm". How many cops are nationally known for heroism, as opposed to military heroes?

  10. No doubt there are many good men and women who put it all on the line. They are the majority. Then there's the notable few bad apples like what happened in Uvalde and Parkland. How do the good ones propose to getting those who aren't able to "ball up" (when children's lives are on the line) out of the business?

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