28 thoughts on “Biden is ok with Drunk Driving!?

  1. Wow, that was like two years ago, a little slow on the uptake there, Mike.

    Imagine being so consumed with hatred for someone that as soon as you hear anything about them you have to pull over your car to post a lying youtube video about it.

  2. My uncle was killed in a head on drunk driver in 1982 or 83. Four people died that night. My uncle and 3 coworkers.. I could go on and on about how this messed up my life, but the fact is he stole so much from so many and this was his 3rf or 4th time getting caught. Idk when enough will be enough but it hasn't been enough in 40 + yrs apparently.

  3. If you kill or injure someone while drunk driving, it IS a felony that can result in serious prison time. Otherwise, it’s a misdemeanor. I’m currently being charged with a DUI where no one was hurt (although I did crash into a telephone pole 🤷‍♂️). Still a shitty thing to do

  4. So, by Biden’s rationale, it’s ok for someone to drive drunk and potentially kill someone but law abiding citizens shouldn’t have sidearms and rifles to defend their lives, their families, and their freedom? Yeah, makes sense.

  5. I personally believe drunk driving should be a felony, even on the first offense. Drunk driving should have a serious consequence that deters people from doing it, in the first place. Unfortunately, death of others or yourself isn't a big enough deterrent for people, for some wild reason.

  6. Where's Mother's against drunk driving? Oh they must be Democratically connected to completely ignore Pisslosi's husband and his wreck that took out 20ft. of fence and if anyone was injured it's a felony in California. I don't give one turd whatever Bidens said since he was selected President. What a damned idiot. He's definitely sticking his neck out for a Pisslosi who wasn't properly tested or they'd have found much more than alchohol in his system. If anyone involved was injured it's a felony. Even if he skinned his knee while trying to escape his car. I heard that a Sheriff drove by and didn't stop? It wasn't his jurisdiction. Then what the hell is he doing out of his jurisdiction and noticing a wrecked Porsh and 20 ft
    of fence scattered around the winery fields. Then just drive by and go. Waiting until the CHP to show up and then by the time he even blows into thier portable machine his blood alcohol level has dropped from .10 to .08 which is considered a drunk driving offense if the judge doesn't decide to drop it down to a wet reckless. 20 feet of fence should be a clue that it was reckless diving. He'll never do a full night in jail or be subjected to the same punishment as the regular citizen. Never. FJB and these elites.

  7. WTF DID HE JUST SAY? Out-loud, and in front of God and everybody? Well, to be fair, he also said a 9mm will "blow the lung out of your body" He has a different reality than
    the rest of us.

  8. Joe Biden is a TOTAL LEGENED! He’s REALLY leading our country in the right direction with his AWESOME leadership skills as president. He really got them Covid case numbers down, got Covid vaccines to people across our country, gave a ton of Covid vaccines to poor people in other countries of the world, has increased the number of jobs in our country and improved our economy, has taken better care of the immigrants trying to cross the Mexico border into the USA compared to Trump, just nominated the first black woman ever for the Supreme Court, he also passed a BIG bill to help the infrastructure of the US which means fixing roads and bridges, increasing Internet so the Internet will cover more for the US in the past there were a lot of small freakin towns and rural areas that couldn’t get good Internet.

  9. I was hit by a drunk 7 months ago. I had never been in a car accident where I was at the wheel, and I’d never had back pain by late middle age. Now it’s chronic pain and physical therapy twice a week. Yes, it could have been worse. On the other hand, I was in disbelief that he hit me because it was just so damn stupid. He missed seeing a red light and said he never saw my car either. It wouldn’t have happened if he had been sober. I see drunk drivers the same way I view dog waste on my shoe.

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