Bakersfield Police Bodycam Video of a Teen Holding a Knife Shot by Cops

* (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) *
Bakersfield, California — The Bakersfield Police Department released officer bodycam footage of a shooting that occurred on February 14th, 2022, in southwest Bakersfield. At about 10:34 PM, Bakersfield Police responded to the area of Pensinger Road at Buena Vista Road, regarding a caller stating that they were going to harm other people. Upon arrival at the intersection, officers made contact with a male juvenile (16) armed with a knife. An officer-involved shooting occurred during the encounter. The male juvenile was transported to an area hospital with a stable non-life-threatening injury. No one else was injured. A knife was recovered at the scene.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Bakersfield Police Bodycam Video of a Teen Holding a Knife Shot by Cops

  1. After all of these kids have been forced to go through over the past two years over politics is insane sadly the lockdowns and The Mask,injections if they've been giving to the American Kids this is just the beginning I'm afraid lots of kids have lost their minds because the adults failed them

  2. Sometimes, I feel the police actually trigger reactions in people that cause explosive behavior. Sure, police are called to the scene due to initial, suspicious behavior, but I think policing needs reform.

    I've watched tons of bodycam footage for the past 4 years and it seems the "I'm the police what I say it now" approach never seems to work with individuals who seem beyond their own self-control.. regardless of it being due to substance abuse, mental issues, etc. In cases where a person has lost their mind, showing up on scene acting like the boss with the "DO IT NOW" approach and trying to control an irrational person by threatening them with lethal force will never work. Almost always ends up in death. Luckily this suspect lived.

    Where are those futuristic, state-of-the-art, less lethal police options I've seen on the Discovery Channel since like the late 90s? "Future tech" or whatever they call it ..concept devices that never get mass produced and adopted

  3. When I was overcome with depression like this kid is, the only person I could turn to was Jesus. I cried out to Him and He has been with every time to give me hope. I got through all those times and I am a better man for Him. Let’s pray for this kid that his life can be changed for the better with Jesus.

  4. Doesn't help that you're announcing your strategy over the loudspeaker lol. Telling the kid you aren't going to shoot him is the wrong strategy IMO, he's not stupid; tell him if he runs at you, you'll probably shoot him once and there's a really good chance he'll survive, it'll hurt, he'll spend a long time handcuffed to a hospital bed, then he'll go to jail, he'll get a trial and then have to go to prison. Most people, even s*icidal people, wouldn't take that option. I don't if they charged this kid, but that's what he's potentially looking at now.

  5. I take it she is in charge. I guess calling him bud and standing around pointing less lethal didn't resolve it. Dont defund the police, just train these idiots.

  6. That kid is very very lucky that there was this amazing women cop present at that scene otherwise, it's very clear that the first option for all the other cops were 'shoot first question later'. He should be grateful for her and thank her later in his life.

  7. This is probably really dumb but I've always wondered, why don't we send in a dude with full on body armor like a Knight in full on chainmail to just tackle the guy. LMAO I'm not saying this is gonna solve anything but I've always wondered..

  8. It's interesting how there is so much muted audio so that you can't actually gather any real information about what specifically happend in terms of conversation.
    And then it's contraproductively cut so the officer is heard saying "– gonna shoot ya" at one point.

    Compared to other body cam captured content on this channel, there is very little information given about that incident.
    Is this because there is a pending investigation and all vital evidence must be withheld from the public?
    Or is it because lethal force was used on a minor (and he lived)?
    Or a combination of those?

    We've seen many other, even younger offenders on PoliceActivity that weren't given the "completely anonymous" treatment.
    Would appreciate if anyone knows.

  9. Great job, they didn't empty their mags on him for once. Looks like american officers have finally seen the light.

  10. Why aren’t you using nets yet??? We have them … start netting this people then shock them … o need to run the operations for police … I will change the game .

  11. Bakersfield is in the top 10 worst polluted and worst crime cities in the nation. Such a God forsaken place, I don't know why anyone would move there.

  12. Great job of police to see and respond to the situation with the understsanding this kid was having problems and needed help. This is an EXCELLENT example of good policing. Especially the female officer repeatedly telling other officers to only use less lethal. It was very scary to see this guy charging with a knife and they would have been within their legal rights to shoot him with bullets but so glad they took him down with a taser instead! If the taser had not worked, I would have understood if they would have used a gun because he certainly presented an immediate threat. Glad it didn't come to that.

    I've seen way too many other examples from other police departments with similar situations filling someone with bullets instead of trying less lethal first. Thanks for compassionate approcate to policing! Well done! This video should be used in police training for all departments.

  13. Hopefully he's more successful next time at ending his O² consumption and isn't such a bitch maid makings someone else do it for him

  14. This is terrible. Good job officers. I wish they all had tasers. Just keep hitting him from inside their vehicles until the knife leaves his hand. That's my personal idea.

  15. Supervisor here was astounding. I normally watch these and have pretty severe criticism of LEO emotional control, situational awareness, and use of force, but this was text-book.

  16. Listen, I understand not wanting to approach a person with a knife, I really do. But in this situation, with the Close quarters training most officers have and the age of the kid, I would think an officer, having assessed the situation and threat would holster their weapon and approach with cation and try to talk to the kid. Ask him what happened to lead him here, why are you doing this. Negotiate, get within range and attempt a disarm. There was both lethal and non lethal cover. I realize that for most people, this is an “only in the movies” approach but it would seem to be affective in some situations, like this. At some point, one would think, one may have to risk ones own life to save another’s. They did a fantastic job here but the boy still ended up shot. Sad situation with a semi-desirable outcome. Also, did anyone else want so badly to give that kid a hug?

  17. A an entire firing squad of non-lethal and that worthless violent psychopath of an officer pulls his sidearm?

    How is that officer any different than the suspect?
    A blood thirsty maniac undermining lawful commands with rash action.

    "good police work" my ass. At least taze the guy when you show up instead of pretending you care about civilian well-being so you can taunt and escalate to a shootout. There are so many actions that could have ended this quickly without firearms and none of them were taken. Pathetic police work. All it did was guarantee more psychos try this method of suicide. Maybe they like that. Good for funding. Shame on everyone saying this is good police work. They chose to attack a mentally ill man who was clearly in need of help not bullets. Barbaric ape behavior.

  18. We need way more mental health in this nation. Seems he wanted to die because he has a POS father. Good work by the officers and hope he's getting help.

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