Austin Police Officers Shoot and Tase Man Wielding Knife

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Austin, Texas — Austin Police Department released video footage of an officer-involved shooting that happened August 19. At approximately 4:35 p.m., the Austin Police Department responded to a 9-1-1 call of a male pedestrian on a high-speed roadway at the 2100 block of South US Highway 183 Northbound. As officers were responding to this location, they received updated information that this male was located in the middle of the highway. This male was later identified as Lashondell Gillespie.

The first officers arrived on scene at about 4:37 p.m., and located Gillespie who appeared to be aggressive, in the middle of the highway lanes of traffic. An officer reported Gillespie appeared to have a knife in his hand. At about 4:40 p.m., additional officers began to arrive on scene, and Gillespie advanced towards the officers with a knife. Officers gave Gillespie commands to drop the knife. He did not drop the knife and continued to move towards the officers with the knife. Two APD officers then fired shots as Gillespie moved closer to them.

Gillespie sustained injuries, fell to the ground, and still refused to drop the knife. Officers continued to command Gillespie to drop the knife. Gillespie continued to refuse to drop the knife. Then, at approximately 4:44 p.m., Gillespie was tased, disarmed and officers safely approached him to render aid. Gillespie was transported to a local hospital by Austin Travis County EMS with serious injuries. Gillespie is currently in stable condition at a local hospital. Gillespie is not currently charged with a crime and it is unknown if future charges are pending. The officers on scene did not sustain physical injuries.

This incident was captured on body worn camera. Per APD protocol, both officers who fired their duty weapons and the officer who deployed his taser have been placed on Administrative Leave. The two officers involved in the shooting have 11 years of service with the Department. The Officer involved in the tasing has 17 years of service with the Department. APD will conduct two concurrent investigations into this incident: a criminal investigation by the APD Special Investigations Unit in conjunction with the Travis County District Attorney’s Office, and an administrative investigation conducted by the APD Internal Affairs Unit, with oversight from the Office of Police Oversight.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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24 thoughts on “Austin Police Officers Shoot and Tase Man Wielding Knife

  1. Ngl.. kinda feel bad for the dude. Not for being shot, but losing his will to live that he would be doing such crazy things.

  2. normally i dont really feel for the suspects but you could tell this dude has been hurting deep down and he felt like this was the only way out. hope he got the help he needed

  3. Fucking hypocritical scumbag: a black man is actively seeking suicide by cops, while wearing a T-shirt that reads 'Defend Black Lives'. That makes sympathy difficult.

    TL;DR: I just kept writing. No apologies.
    99.9% of police-related deaths are due to people suffering from one (or more) of a few basic problems: (1) mental illness, up to & including 'suicide by cop'; (2) severe intoxication; (3) an unwillingness to take responsibility for one's own actions, so as to constantly blame others for the inevitably negative consequences; and (4) a hatred for authority (often born of narcissism, criminality & poverty). In many cases, three or even all four factors play a role in getting these people killed. When it comes to (2), alcohol combines with arrogance & macho pride to force a deadly game of bullying that doesn't end well against cops with drawn weapons.

    And given the latest data from the FBI on violent crime in the US, profiling absolutely makes sense: a group making up roughly 3% of the population (black males between the ages of 15-40) is responsible for >60% of the murder & violent crime.

    If there's a murder/armed robbery in South Central LA, the odds of it being black suspects are very high. If there was a bombing by Al Qaeda, the suspects are most likely Middle Eastern. If there was a series of shootings targeting Mosques, Synagogues & Black Churches, the suspects are almost certainly white. And >90% of all murder & violent crime in the US is committed by members of a group representing just 20% of the total population: males, aged 15-45. So it makes sense to 'profile' men when investigating a murder-rape, especially men in the 18-35 range.

    Depending on the neighborhood, it might make sense to speculate on ethnicity, to 'profile', without ever ruling out possibilities to the contrary. When Detectives find themselves investigating the shooting of a dead black 18-yr.old in the projects of Chiraq, they'd be fools to think the odds are evenly split between it being a black suspect, a white suspect, or an Asian-American suspect. They're just not. Taking offense at the common sense interpretation of raw data suggests a problem dealing with reality in general.

    I get it; it's not fair that cops deal with black people in the projects of Chicago or Detroit differently than they do with white people in rural Wyoming. But it's not the fault of the police that black people kill more black people than white people kill white people, or that black people murder FAR more white people than white people kill black people. This is despite the fact that the white population is five times larger than the black population, making the disparities in the crime rate fucking CRAZY once proportionality is taken into account. Is it poverty? There are far more whites than blacks living below the poverty line. So much for white privilege.

    And have you heard? Black people bear some diminished level of responsibility, a thoroughly racist notion pushed by white liberals & black socialists, dressed up for whatever specific political agenda in the larger 'fuck whites' platform is on the table. It's the most racist, anti-black idea to find widespread mainstream acceptance since Jim Crow. If you doubt it, mention the latest crime stats based on ethnicity to any white person who's even slightly left leaning, and watch that person bend over backwards to make excuses on their behalf, like a father would for his moronic, scumbag son who just got busted again for armed robbery. It's embarrassingly, glaringly racist. It's condescending and it's hypocritical. Will white criminals get the same sight-unseen defense? Fuck no. And they shouldn't. 
    We're guaranteed a fair shake in the eyes of the law. We can pursue happiness our own way, in our own time, but catching it or not catching it: that's our fucking problem. And giving children a better shot at attaining happiness as adults, that's the responsibility of parents. The government is not your daddy.

    Your absent daddy. Which allows me to crudely segue into the real problem most afflicting the black community: black culture. I'm not some 'family values'-preaching asshole, and I'm not condemning black culture in its entirety; black culture has far more brilliance than badness. I'm criticizing a tendency in black music & entertainment to glamorize ghetto living. The idea of working a job to pay your way through college is far more difficult for kids living in poor black neighborhoods, and the problems have fuck all to do with racism. Anyone who isn't involved in drug dealing as a teenager is seen as a punk & a bitch. Anyone who focuses on their education, or works a regular job, is a sucker. And with single-mother-multiple-sibling-by-different-daddies-households the norm, pressure to make money the easy way can come from inside the home, from brothers & mothers. It's not fair. But it's also not racist, or systemic. These are cultural problems that the black community has to fix for itself, because no white liberal savior can do it for them.

    Every member of a free, democratic society has equal agency & equal responsibility, and skin color is irrelevant. Racists like Ibram X. Kendi believe that America itself is a zero-sum-game, and it's Team Black versus Team White versus Team Asia, etc. He believes that Team white has to start losing before Team Black can start winning. Given the numbers, that seems like a terrible philosophy… but he has a powerful, shameless weapon he — and thousands like him — are fully exploiting to put Team Black up & Team White down: white liberal guilt. Because history went the way of whites, and some bad shit happened ten or so generations back. More African slaves were shipped to Brazil than Ye Olde America, but you rarely hear African Brazilians bitching. Actually, you don't hear black Brazilians calling themselves anything but Brazilians. And the Muslim Slave Trade in Africa began 7 centuries before the Transatlantic Slave Trade got started… and when the first Europeans wrote of Sub-Saharan Africa, it was constantly noted that slavery was ubiquitous on the continent. But… fuck all that. History requires no justifications. We can change our beliefs, our practices, lead what we believe are good, moral lives, and some obnoxious little twat 200 years from now will be condemning us all. It's inevitable. Passing judgement on past generations is pointless & self-serving bullshit for self-righteous douchebags.

    And then there's police-related deaths. Almost twice as many whites are killed by cops as blacks. Yes, proportionally, that puts blacks in the lead. But since blacks are so far ahead of whites in the violent crime stats, how could they NOT be? If anyone watches all these videos and comes to the conclusion that many of these officers shouldn't be given a gun & working patrol, that incompetence & stupidity is far too prevalent amongst police of all colors, I'd agree 100%; but if you walk away certain you witnessed the bloody results of institutional racism… you're a hopelessly brainwashed moron. And personally, I despise the police & the courts & the justice system. My reasons just happen to differ from the socialist fucktards on the left AND the paranoid far-right fucktards. Rant over…

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