Attorney Arrested for Attempted Murder: Siblings Interview

STUART, FLORIDA — On February 22, 2022, at approximately 12:52 p.m., the Stuart Police Department received a 911 call from a witness stating that she just saw a vehicle hit a bunch of people in the parking lot of Fresh Market at 2300 SE Ocean Blvd, and flee the scene westbound on SE Monterey Rd.

The witness followed the suspect vehicle as it traveled at a high rate of speed westbound on SE Monterey Rd, and provided Stuart Police dispatch with a description of the vehicle. When the vehicle, a black Kia Forte, made a right turn onto SE Palm Beach Rd from SE Monterey Rd, it was intercepted by Stuart Sergeant John Reddick.

Sgt. Reddick activated his emergency lights and siren and attempted to stop the vehicle as it approached the intersection of SE 10th St and SE Palm Beach Rd. The vehicle came to an abrupt stop in the middle of SE 10th St. As Sgt. Reddick exited his vehicle, the suspect vehicle continued northbound on SE Palm Beach Rd, then made a left turn onto westbound SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd before making a left into the parking lot of the Stuart Police Department.

The suspect vehicle pulled into a parking space and the driver exited the vehicle. Sgt. Reddick pulled in behind the suspect vehicle and took the driver into custody. The driver was later identified as a Beatrice Bijoux.

As soon as Bijoux was taken into custody, she made a spontaneous statement: “The voices in my head told me to kill someone.” Bijoux was temporarily secured inside of Sgt. Reddick’s patrol vehicle before being transported to a Stuart Police Department interview room.

Four victims were hit by the vehicle being driven by Bijoux. One, a 69 year old female was transported with life threatening injuries to Lawnwood Trauma Center by Martin County Air Rescue. Two others left on their own and refused further treatment, while the last was transported to Cleveland Clinic North by family members with a possible leg injury.

During her subsequent custodial interview, Bijoux was adamant that she intentionally wanted to kill other people, that she intentionally wanted to kill the people she struck with the car, and that she wanted to kill herself.

Bijoux went onto state that she was prescribed medication for bipolar disorder and for schizophrenia, and that she was under a doctor’s care. She stated she had not talked to her doctor since December 2021, and that she had been diagnosed with her mental health disorders in 2019.

Bijoux asked for her phone to delete all her social media. (That request was denied.)

Bijoux insisted on being charged with attempted murder in lieu of aggravated battery because her act was intentional.

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45 thoughts on “Attorney Arrested for Attempted Murder: Siblings Interview

  1. Right. She's a woman of God that heard voices to kill a group of people but don't belong in jail because of her "mental illness".

    "She needs to seeks Jesus…"

    Not at all. She's had enough spirituality. She needs to be locked up to prevent innocent lives from prematurely ending by this "religious" attorney.

  2. Real World Police. It has been years now i have been watching your channel. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO… ALL THAT HARD WORK AND TIME> THANK YOU

  3. how could these cops sit there and not see that that girl was absolutely, 100% not in a sane mental state.. It's clearly apparent from the start that the woman is terribly mentally ill so why is she being left to rot in a cell to deteriorate more? Are they just going to wait until she commits suicide? This is terribly disturbing, and they obviously don't care that she's not herself; they're just looking to close the case and move on. Very normal behavior for Miami-Dade PD.

  4. It can happen to anyone. I had a psychotic episode at 19 and I seen flames outside my window, heard my dad's voice loud in the sky, thought the sun was a camera, seen my life events on tv, thought the tv shows were all making fun of me. Yet I could talk to my family/people but the delusions got in the way. I was still myself but something seemed off because although I didn't have voices speaking to me, I kept fighting the thoughts in my head. Like being convinced my family were imposters and that everyone was out to get me. Understandably, the delusions and behavior will seem abnormal to others but for the sufferer, it's reality. We need to recognize it exists and stop treating people with mental illness like they are just evil. This will only make people afraid to seek help. Sometimes you can't reveal the thoughts until you take medicine for a while…you start to separate them from normal thinking. Then you realize just how broken your brain was. She should of been in a mental hospital where they make sure you take your meds until you are more stable on your own. I hope she and those that were injured, recover.

  5. If this was a man with the same mental illnesses people wouldn't be anywhere near as sympathetic to him. They'd all be out for blood. It's pathetic. This double standard people have for women is ridiculous. A crime is a crime. No matter who committed it. No matter what anatomy you are born with.

  6. Her poor sister, she's been to hell and back trying to look after her sister and is now the one fighting to get her sister the help she needs. Her sister's heart is so pure in that she's not only concerned about the welfare of her sister but also the condition of the victims. These investigators are doing an excellent job in the way they are conveying information to the family. Do have to say though, in the short clip with the boyfriend, he seems a little on the odd side and possibly may have an issue as well.

  7. It should be unlawful to interview some one who has that sort of mental impairment with out them having an attorney present to protect them from certain questions and answers

  8. I wonder why they didn't tell her that her sister has been hearing voices telling her to kill her little girl? If she's the sister that has a young child. Either way, her family needs to know that even tho' she asked them not to tell her sister. If they don't tell them and she happens to get bail and ends up hurting that little girl or worse, then those officers should hold some type of responsibility. I just hope they tell her family about that.

  9. Successful women, good family, good upbringing. Its a shame, but one thing that is obvious is this women has some serious mental problems. Its amazing she managed to get a law degree and start a practice with all these issues.Its really sad.

  10. 6 weeks is a very long time. I can’t even really think of a time period longer than 6 weeks. It’s like almost forever.

  11. People like that should have to report to a mental health clinic every day to take their medication in front of witnesses. There should be no opportunity for them not to take it. Trusting mental patients to take their medication on their own is a danger to themselves and everybody they come in contact with.

  12. When I grow up I’m gonna be a loopy lawyer…. actually I think I’m gonna be a nutty nurse. … never trust a “Title”

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