Arrest of Polo G: “It Was Them Honkies!”

Taurus Tremani Bartlett, better known as the rapper “Polo G,” rose to prominence with his singles “Finer Things” and “Pop Out.” But on June 12, 2021, while leaving an album release party, the rapper ultimately found himself arrested and in the back seat of a police car. Along with his brother. His sister. And some of his fans.

Four months ago, Real World Police published exclusive footage showing Polo G taunting his arresting officer, bragging about how much money he has and asking the officer whether he has any stocks or Bitcoin, and, bizarrely, whether he knows how to play baseball.

Shortly after Polo G’s arrest, his mother and manager — ‘Momager’ Stacia Mac — rallied together Polo G’s fans. Among her posts was an all-caps Tweet asking where the police had taken her children.

Well, looks like she already knew the answer. “Them honkies” had taken her kids to the Miami-Dade Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center (“TGK”), and to a juvenile detention facility. As shown in this video, Stacia Mac had already been provided the address for each facility, and had even written them down.

Moreover, despite subsequent allegations that Polo G had been stopped for no reason, in this video, Polo G’s security guard appears to clearly acknowledge that they had been stopped because they had cut off a police car.


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15:43 Arrest
16:24 “Discriminating us!”
17:28 “He needs to relax… He’s being aggressive…” ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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34 thoughts on “Arrest of Polo G: “It Was Them Honkies!”

  1. SO, if she can say "Honkies," can others say "N—s"? She broke out the race thing, is there a double standard? Every cop there was a POC, and she's going on about intimidation and race. If she goes there, others can, too. No wonder her kid is such a huge POS with a POS mother like that. What's "ridiculous" is her whole demeanor. Entitled. Privileged. Arrogant. Inane. Imagine just how much more of a fool she'd have been if the cop whose body cam she was speaking to the whole time was a "honkie."

  2. Miss the days when the certain segment of the population responsible for the most crime and lowering of property values kept to their own spaces

  3. Got to love it when the real racists are the ones claiming discrimination and racism. And isn't it funny that we see this with a lot of moms that mooch off their kid's success and follow them around dressed like street workers?

  4. This woman doesn't understand that more police means there's less of a chance that lethal force will be necessary. The more police present, the less likely a cop feels threatened and needs to use deadly force in the instance of perceived threat to bodily harm. When a cop feels outnumbered and vulnerable, the gun comes out. This is why I don't support tiny women on the force for patrol duty. It's too easy to overpower them and cause them to use lethal force in the name of self preservation. A 6'6" male officer will just choke slam you and write out a use of force report.

  5. Heck yeah, no accountability blaming race and acting a complete fool. I don’t know what it is, but someone never got their butt whooped for damn sure

  6. Who uses the word "Honkies" anymore? It's so 70's. I am so tired too of hearing claims of racism and discrimination. You got arrested because you were STUPID. Your race has nothing to do with being STUPID.
    There are plenty of black officers present arresting people too, why not scream at them?
    Racism works both ways. Accusing a caucasian officer of racism for no reason is just as bad as the officer arresting you just because you're black. This kind of crap does not fly anymore for anyone with a normal IQ.
    If you are stupid, you get consequences, period.

  7. love how they think she can call the shots when her son is making that money. Bet if she was broke and he wasnt signed into a record deal, I wonder if her mouth would be running the same way shes running it now. Karens comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Just witnessed a real Karen in her natural habitat….

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