Armed Suspect Holds Driver Hostage Before Cops Fatally Shoot Him

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Broomfield, Colorado — On September 29, 2022, the Denver Police Department Fugitive Unit sought 25-year-old Anthony Lainez in connection with the investigation of a homicide in Denver. Lainez had outstanding warrants for his arrest, and the Fugitive Unit was engaged in physical and electronic surveillance to locate and apprehend him. The DA’s office said detectives watched Lainez leave the home with a woman, and drive off in a white Ford Edge with temporary New Mexico tags. The woman was identified as Sky Toya. Broomfield Police Department officers, who had been called in for backup and tried to stop Lainez but he drove around them and took off.

Lainez was heading south on Sheridan in a white Ford Edge when he turned left and got into a crash with a blue Ford Explorer, police said. Lainez got out of his car after it spun out. He tried to get into the car of another driver who had stopped after witnessing the crash. Lainez got in the front passenger’s seat and Toya hopped in the back passenger’s side. Lainez held a gun to the driver’s ribs and told him to “go” but the driver pulled the keys out of the ignition and tried to escape. Lainez grabbed the driver and pulled him back into the car. Undercover Denver detectives in police tactical gear. Detective James Waidler ran up to the Corolla while yelling at Lainez to show his hands. He described that Lainez appeared to be holding the victim as a shield.

Denver Detective Jay Lopez arrived moments after Detective Waidler. Lopez drove his truck near the Corolla to distract Lainez, got out, and ran up to the front quarter panel of the Corolla to break the windshield with the muzzle of his rifle. Lainez pulled out a gun and shot Lopez in the neck. Lopez shot at Lainez while dropping to the ground. During that shootout, Waidler pulled the hostage to safety and returned fire at Lainez, seated in the driver’s seat. The carjacking victim fell to the ground. Detective Waidler stepped backwards and fell to the ground. Lainez got out of the driver’s door while holding the gun and advanced on Detective Waidler. Detective Waidler fired his gun at Lainez several more times, striking him and causing him to fall to the ground.

Denver Detective Cole Connors heard the report of the crash and attempted carjacking. He was the third officer on scene. Detective Connors saw Lainez on the ground reaching for the handgun that lay next to him. Detective Connors yelled, “Don’t grab the gun!” Lainez ignored the command and reached for the handgun. Detective Connors fired his handgun at Lainez until he stopped moving and was no longer a threat to anyone. Immediately after the shooting incident, the Denver Detectives were joined by their fellow Fugitive Unit officers and Broomfield police officers. The officers tended to Detective Lopez and Toya was taken into custody without incident. Lainez was pronounced dead on scene. Detective Lopez survived and spent nearly a month and a half in the hospital.

Criminalists assigned to the CIRT gathered evidence and processed the scene. A loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun was located.Evidence collected from the scene confirmed that Lainez fired two rounds from this gun. The weapon was later discovered to have been reported stolen. Lainez tested positive for cocaine and methamphetamine and a 9mm semiautomatic handgun was found near his body at the scene. Additional guns and ammunition, drugs and $1,000 in cash were found inside the Corolla. Toya, the female participant who was arrested on scene, was charged with aggravated robbery, possession of a controlled substance, and first degree criminal trespass. Toya pled guilty to aggravated robbery in Broomfield County District Court and, on April 27, 2023, was sentenced to twelve years in the Department of Corrections.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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  1. And that folks is why officers and we as the responsible, gun-owning public need magazines that hold more than ten rounds. Something the freaking Dems/Libs/Leftists are trying to make happen, limit our magazines. Because deadly threats often re-animate after being hit several times. Especially if they're hopped up on coke and meth. I'd like to know that I have several more rounds in the gun should the person I'm trying to put down doesn't stop coming at me or those I'm trying to protect.

  2. Bro the fact that in 2023 people still don’t lock their doors astonishes me. It’s one of the easiest things to do to add a layer of defense to protect yourself.

  3. That dude is deader than dead if it was the officer at (pause 0:20) who fired the first shots.
    Edit: nvm that went pretty badly for the officers involved. Not entirely their fault tho.

  4. Drug induced insanity. Usually is. Until we control the flow of drugs coming in at our porous southern border it will continue & worsen

  5. Unfortunately, that woman screaming "help" the entire time turned out to be a soy fed liberal beta male that no doubt protested to defund the police. Do you think they have a different attitude and respect for LEOs now? I don't…

  6. This kid is UNARMED. Once the threat was resolved.. releasing of hostage, why not tase this idiot first? Cops weren't being threatened in the least here. Give me a break !!!!

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