Armed Suspect Gets Shot by Officers Responding To a Home Burglary in Lancaster County

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania — On August 6, 2023, a resident of the New Street address was alerted by a home video security system to someone entering her home. The resident called her 14-year-old son, who was home alone, and told him to go out onto the roof to wait for police to arrive. The resident then called 911 and reported that someone that appeared to be a masked juvenile entered her home. A review of the home security camera shows the suspect, 17-year-old Darron Shaw repositioning the outside, wall-mounted camera toward the ground before entering the home. The camera is later found on the ground outside the doorway. Shaw is then recorded on a camera in the kitchen crouching down and moving through the kitchen area.

Police were dispatched to the West New Street residence for a burglary in progress at approximately 12:10 a.m. Two responding officers, Officers 1 and 2, approach the rear of the residence and walk past the door where Shaw eventually exits. The officers observe a broken window in the interior open door, which is partially ajar. One officer speaks to the juvenile on the roof and is told the suspect is still inside. Both officers take a position in the rear of the yard to the left of the doorway. Almost immediately after getting into their positions, Shaw appears at the rear door, opens the outside door, and points what was later determined to be a loaded, semi-automatic 9mm gun with extended magazine in the direction of a third officer who was between the houses.

A third arriving officer stops at the end of a narrow breezeway to the right of the door just prior to Shaw appearing at the rear door. The two responding officers fired at Shaw who was struck four to five times and then continued to flee the area, climbing over a fence, and travelling approximately 102 feet before collapsing. Responding officers cautiously approach Shaw and begin to render aid. Officers then carried Shaw to an arriving ambulance. Shaw was taken to an area hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The gun and extended magazine were recovered on the interior side of the fence that Shaw jumped over. According to the autopsy, Shaw was hit in his left front abdominal area, left hand, left lower thigh, right foot, and the back of his right knee. Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams has concluded that both officers were legally justified when they deployed their firearms at Shaw.

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2:34 – Bodycam: Officer #2
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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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24 thoughts on “Armed Suspect Gets Shot by Officers Responding To a Home Burglary in Lancaster County

  1. Think how many victims and crimes have been prevented by euthanizing this one armed aggressor. Unfortunately the family that raised him is probably raising a few more.

  2. Very happy outcome and without being comical, I sincerely hope that the homeowner (or their insurance company) will now SUE THE FAMILY for the cost of the damage. Let's put these people on the back foot and show them that this is not a lottery! It's time to show everyone that the person who commits the crime is responsible for everything that happens afterword, not the police, not the self defender, not the government, the criminal alone-period!

  3. Dont call the savage a kid or juvenile. He was armed & willing to kill. That time of night should scare all law abiding citizens. Im glad the young teen was able to make safe by hiding on the roof. Im glad police are ok. Thanks to police a SAVAGE IS OFF THE STREETS now citizens are safer

  4. Seems these videos only show cops killing like the lady with the knife heck she was dead an the cops yelling let me see your hands..iv been through a police academy some of these could of been know lethal..o well less paper work

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