Arkansas State Police pursuit of Ramon Avendano

On January 10, 2020, Arkansas State Police Trooper Justin Williams and Trooper First Class James Taylor were dispatched to a report of a stolen blue 2010 Infiniti G37 being tracked by the West Chicago Police Department traveling westbound on I-40 near the 242 mile marker. The vehicle was reported as being driven by Ramon A. Avendano, a parolee who had possibly stolen five firearms. Turned out he hadn’t.

From the report of James Taylor, lightly edited for clarity and brevity: “I was stationary at the 216 mile marker westbound when I observed the vehicle pass with Trooper Williams and two St. Francis County Sheriff’s Department vehicles behind the suspect vehicle. As they passed the 216 mile marker, Trooper Williams activated his emergency lights and the vehicle did not stop. I activated my emergency lights and siren and became the secondary unit in the pursuit. While the subject was evading, he turned his headlights off and was passing on the shoulder on several occasions, reaching speeds of 151 mph. The Hazen Police Department advised that they would deploy spike strips at the 198 mile marker. Officer Dillion deployed the spike strips and advised that it was a successful deployment. We then continued to pursue the vehicle at a high rate of speed for an additional nine miles before the suspect vehicle impacted a civilian vehicle in the rear at the 187 mile marker and came to a stop in the north ditch of I-40.”

In the civilian vehicle were the driver and her six-month-old infant. Both were transported to the hospital for treatment.

“After impact, Avendano continued to evade apprehension by fleeing on foot into a nearby ditch, where he was apprehended by the Hazen PD K9 in a ditch just north of the scene. I heard other officers giving commands and went to assist. When I arrived at the other officer’s location, we placed the subject into custody without further incident. Mr. Avendano was transported to Baptist Health North Little Rock for injuries sustained in the collision and the subsequent dog bite.” Officer Clayton Dillion of the Hazen Police Department was also injured while attempting to apprehend Avendano. Officer Dillion was transported to Baptist Health North Little Rock for treatment and later released. Upon release from the hospital, Avendano was transported to the Prairie County Sheriff’s Department by Trooper Justin Williams.”

Avendano was charged with theft by receiving, greater than $5,000 but less than $25,000; felony fleeing, leaving the scene of an injury accident, and fleeing on foot. On March 16, 2020, Avendando entered a negotiated plea of guilty to the first three counts; the charge of fleeing on foot was dismissed. Avendano was sentenced to 60 months supervised probation and 66 days in jail, with credit for 66 days served. He was ordered to pay various fines, fees, and restitution, and his driver’s license was suspended for six months.

Arkansas has sentencing guidelines. The presumptive sentence for felony fleeing by vehicle or conveyance is dependent on one’s criminal history score. If the offender falls into the lowest two tiers (of six), the presumptive sentence does not include incarceration.

For unknown reasons, Trooper First Class Taylor’s incident report states that the uninvolved woman and her daughter were not “injury transported.” That is clearly incorrect.



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  1. The worst part is that that piece of crap got out of all responsibilities for nearly killing a child and a mother. Our Judicial System sucks

  2. You would think that police officers would carry a window breaking tool on their person. Also, what is with the officer asking the other officer to use his pocket knife? Sir. why aren’t you carrying a pocket knife? 🤔

  3. Could have killed that person and baby. He got nothing for what he did. Need more punishment. He will be back on the road when he gets his license :((

  4. With that speed the Audi was allowed to go because the company didn't computer control it to a more reasonable top end, I hope the innocent victims sued Audi, having the deep pockets!

  5. I was shocked to see the SMALL price Avendano paid .thats truly an INJUSTICE.
    He risked countless lives and got PROBATION.

  6. I'm going to disagree with the police chasing the bad guy at such high speed. So many bad things could've happened. They could've caused the perp to hit a school bus, or a family in a SUV.

  7. Does nobody in this State know how to keep to the right? The number of idiots who sit in the left lane even when the officers are directly behind them trying to get by amazes me. DMV will give any brain dead moron a license to drive.

  8. Well how could they know he didn’t have weapons until they got him, that’s the information they got which is what they go by, kinda common sense until you know for sure and the woman got out of the car and was walking around by herself and it appears a deputy checked the baby for obvious injuries immediately which any ambulance service will want to take the baby and mother even non emergency which would be non injury transport in to be checked to make sure there are no internal injuries, but they appeared fine at the scene where they admitted to the hospital with injuries later? So your problem with this situation is lost on me. Yea they are aggressive but so are criminals but they always have one or are given an excuse as to there actions but not law enforcement panzy cops aren’t going to help anybody.

  9. After he was sentenced, Im surprised the Prosecutor didnt throw him a ''Surprise party'' and a free steak dinner on the tax payers tab…Justice dept is gross, this guy could of killed a family or an officer…

  10. That guy should of never been allowed medical treatment for what he done to the mom and baby. He was worried about himself he didn't care if they died

  11. So this is safe for the public when cops are pursuing people at 150mph?!!! This is complete bullshit and the wrong way about doing this!!! Why wouldn’t they get the plate number in the beginning and then have a helicopter overhead follow the guy to where he’s going and have cops close in on whoever at that location instead of putting innocent peoples lives in extreme danger not to mention the cops lives in danger when what they do for a profession is already dangerous enough!!!

  12. Okay, wait a minute, regardless of whether the driver is a criminal– that BABY and the passenger should still be treated as if they were just involved in a 140mph PLUS ROLL OVER COLLISION- because… newsflash ARKANSAS trooper(s)– THEY WERE!! Letting the woman get out, watching her fall, and pulling that baby out with NO PRECAUTIONS for Spinal cord, neck or other injuries that may be made worse, or more life threatening, simply by uncontrolled movement of the patients! Then proceeding to HAND said BABY over to the woman who couldn't keep her balance a moment ago. Screaming of stupidity, I'm sure emotions were high, and the troopers were pissed off because of the situation, but don't rip that baby out and risk a lifetime disability, it wasn't the child's fault that he was in a car with a giant moron…OMG!

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