Arkansas Police Impersonator’s Arrest Recorded By His Own Body Camera

I guess there’s something about the name “Jeremy”…

On February 8, 2019 at 1:56 pm while traveling on South Pine Street in Cabot, Arkansas, Detective David Dillon of the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office observed a black Dodge Ram activate green, red, and yellow emergency lights. The vehicle then began driving in the center turn lane at “approximate speeds of 90 miles per hour,” passing several cars recklessly. On the rear window of the truck was a sticker reading “Caution: Working K9,” and the front of the truck was equipped with a push bumper. Detective Dillon initiated a traffic stop, was joined by some of his colleagues, and this is what happened — as captured on the body worn camera of Jeremy Kurck.

“There were visor lights that were red and green in color. There were also several antennas on top of the vehicle. I made contact with the driver who was identified as Mr. Jeremy Kurck. I observed a badge around his neck as well as a body worn camera. I asked Mr. Kurck to turn on the lights to see if there were any blue lights attached to his truck. Mr. Kurck turned on the lights and I observed a dash camera and a mounted radar that is identical to the ones we use in our emergency vehicles.”

“During a vehicle tow inventory of the truck there were also several other items inside that resembled law enforcement equipment as well. Those items were several pairs on hand cuffs, expandable baton and holder, a taser with the warning label that says may cause death or serious physical injury, a seat organizer like we use, a flashlight, pepper spray, bear spray, a radio that had our dispatch channel programmed inside it, and a portable breath test for determining blood alcohol content.”

“Mr. Kurck was dressed in tan tactical pants and black polo which is extremely similar to the uniform that we wear at the Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Kurck stated that he is a civil process server and was headed to the high school to serve a civil paper. Mr. Kurck stated he works for himself but this was his first paper to serve. Mr. Kurck was convicted of aggravated assault in 2008 and isn’t allowed to serve civil process papers in the State of Arkansas. Mr. Kurck stated that he worked for ADEM. After checking with ADEM it was learned that Mr. Kurck was only an amateur radio operator for them. ADEM requested that we seize the radio and his ADEM identification card.”

“The vehicle was towed to the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office for further investigation and Mr. Kurck was transported to the Lonoke County Detention. Since Mr. Kurck’s arrest, the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office has received information from some Central Arkansas Law Enforcement Agencies and citizens that this individual has been making contact with the public as a law enforcement officer.”

After publicizing Kurck’s arrest, the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office asked the public to let them know if they had encountered Kurck impersonating a police officer. In response, the Sheriff’s Office received numerous emails from members of the public and members of law enforcement regarding their encounters with Not-Officer Kurck. There’s even a letter from the DEA!

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32 thoughts on “Arkansas Police Impersonator’s Arrest Recorded By His Own Body Camera

  1. Kurck was ultimately charged with 1st degree criminal impersonation, criminal use of prohibited weapons, prohibited persons using emergency lights and sirens, and speeding – more than 15 mph over the limit. On December 11, 2019 Kurck accepted a plea bargain, entering a plea of guilty to the crimes of "Speeding in Excess of 15 mph Over Posted Speed Limit" and "Emergency Lights and Sirens – Prohibited Persons" — both misdemeanors. Kurck was sentenced to one year of probation plus fines totaling $1,235. It appears that he is having trouble getting the county to return his truck.

    Shameless plug: After publicizing Kurck's arrest, the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office asked the public to let them know if they had encountered Kurck impersonating a police officer. In response, the Sheriff's Office received numerous emails from members of the public and from members of law enforcement regarding their encounters with Not-Officer Kurck. There's even a letter from a DEA agent! All of those emails, court records, and records of Kurck's long history of law enforcement encounters relating to impersonation, are available to all channel supporters on Patreon now.

    Become a Sergeant on Patreon today and get instant access to a growing library of more than 60 Patreon-only full-length Real World Police videos!

  2. These guys need to settle this with a doughnut eating competition. I'd pay money to watch that. Both these guys look like pros.

  3. Ithis guy was smart he would of shut up and told them to talk to his attorney. The more you say the deeper you dig. The system is a about politics.

  4. I'm sorry but a 1st-year law student could have gotten him off on everything other than speeding over 15 mph. They could have suppressed the camera footage and any statements he made under threat of arrest. Roadside interrogations are seldom used in court for the obvious reason of reliability.

  5. " I'm trying to give you every opportunity to explain yourself " … Lol .. Hes giving you every opportunity to incriminate yourself …

    All bark no bite … Impersonation is a felony .. Clearly he was not

  6. I'm waiting for my dumb cousin to get put in jail for wearing a fake bounty hunter badge. He claims to be a bounty hunter but he never took any training or got any license to be one. He always wear the badge as he's driving or whatnot. Somehow he was able to get a gun and a permit to carry it, which I don't see how he got either of them. Because he's on SSI and he's not smart enough to have a gun never less calming to be a bounty hunter. He hasn't even try to make a arrest before, because if he did he would get a butt whooping or shot.
    He might be over 6 feet tall but he couldn't whoop himself out of a paper bag because I'm only 5'8 but I can take him down with eaz. He just been lucky so far not to get caught, because he have been wearing that badge for years. I don't even know where he got that badge at, knowing him he bought it from someone he knows.

  7. It’s weird I can smell cops from like two miles away, always do weird shit before I run into em too, like just recently started whistling weird and staring into the direction of where a cop just happened to pop up, and I was like god damn I must of looked like a psychopath, another time I just winked at a cop out of nowhere and he sped off, I don’t know why but my spidey senses go off

  8. Realistically they couldn't convict him with officer impersonation, he never ID'd himself to anyone that he as an officer, he wasn't wearing a police vest, nor did he have police lights. The plea deal was given because the prosecutor knew most of those charges wouldn't stick in front of a judge.

  9. This man is a former navy seal currently serving WW2 in McDonalds handing you the burger king big mac mopping up Wendy's. He's impersonating a former janitor cuz he's trying to clean up his past.

  10. I can understand the traffic violations however his badge didn't identify him as a police officer. He wasn't trying to pull anybody over they're just making assumptions. The lights on the truck aren't in violation as they do not have blue lights on them. And he does not have to prove to the cops he was not impersonating a police officer they have to prove he was impersonating a police officer I would have laughed if a cop ever said that to me. Don't get me wrong the guy's a dumbass are driving like that but it's not the defendant's job to prove they didn't do something it's the prosecutor's job to prove they did do something beyond A reasonable doubt. Especially when he's told he's under arrest I would have just stopped answering questions.

  11. The truck search triggered me. Why do you have a police style ham radio, and a radar detector, and handcuffs, and pepper spray, and do you have a gun with you, etc. I have all those things in my truck lol. Difference is, I don't wear a badge, I don't have flashing lights, and I don't try to pull people over! lol.

  12. fake video!!! a cop, a real cop, isnt going to stand there, question the criminal, read the criminal his rights, WITH BOTH HANDS IN HIS POCKETS!

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