Are Cops Coming For Your Guns?

Mike the Cop sits down with Jeff and Jason from ReadyMan. Jeff has a military/spec ops and law enforcement background and Jason was the co-author of their book “Black Autumn.”

We discuss the potential and problems with gun confiscation by law enforcement. Hope you enjoy!

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41 thoughts on “Are Cops Coming For Your Guns?

  1. This cop has the mentality (as most cops do because they're being trained to do so) that a Veteran with firearms, and apparently pitbulls, is anti police!

  2. I dont want to kill or die but at some point i must be ready to do both. My wife and child understand i dont want to leave them but i must hold my line if only because all those before me who died for me to have the rights i do, how am i any better.

  3. Cops are pussies that hide behind a badge and constantly shit all over people's constitutional rights and you know it! Cops are soldiers that couldn't rank up. They. Use drop weapons all the time when they kill unarmed innocent civilians.

  4. I live in New York and we have these red flags it simply eliminates due process and takes my rights away without me even knowing or having a chance to defend myself before all my firearms are taken along with me it’s so unconstitutional it’s not funny

  5. Be prepared if you got to die for your rights take some of those confiscation nazi's with you nobody wants it to come to pass but the Democrats are pushing for it

  6. When it comes to confiscation people are looking in the wrong direction it would be the Blue Hats there have to be a foreign Force to accomplish their means

  7. Be careful once politicians get in power that want to take guns you only need 2/3 of the country to decide to remove the 2nd amendment.

  8. Unfortunately I think a lot of cops would uphold their paycheck over the Constitution. It's already shown to happen in numerous places, and any cop that fails to uphold the Constitution is a traitor and deserves a traitor's death. Gun owners need to become FAR more active in politics, and REALLY push back against this shit, before these cops are even put into these situations… These politicians don't have the fucking balls to go door to door, that's a fact.

  9. I just want to state an observation. As much as everyone thinks the police officers will not enforce new gun laws, please refer to our more liberal states red flag laws. Its all fun and games until the government smacks their dirty hand down. The best we can do is vote out these lunatics. If they have their way, the police will continue doing their jobs. Business as usual. All you have to do to know what I am saying is true is look at what police in states like California, Illinois, and New York are doing. Do you think those officers said at one point that they would never go against the constitution. I bet they did. Again, They are only doing their jobs, and that is to enforce whatever law these insane politicians cram down our throats. You better believe they will do it too, and no one is going to stand up to them or fight back, just like Venezuela, and the UK. Its not a matter of if, but when. America will fall to these lunatics, and it will all be done by people who are just doing their jobs.

  10. Rights or no rights. Cops and soldiers follow orders. So if they're ordered to take guns. Guess what they're going to do. Your rights mean nothing at that point. Look at the Katrina disaster.

  11. Bumpstocks are ridiculous, just do a thorough background check , like done with a CCW and allow the sale of all Class 3 weapons ! The people should have access to the same firearms that the military does , this was the intent of the Constitution! And dont get me started on suppressors , they should be covered under the safe hearing act ! For your listeners they do not completely make gunfire undetectable , makes the best accessories for training first time shooters ! And to top it off they are not even firearms !

  12. Ruby ridge and Wako both were wrongs committed by corrupt government. The Clintons and Janet Reno should have been prosecuted for first degree murder! How does the FBI justify a sniper ( Horochi if i am correct ) for mistaking her holding a baby form a man holding a weapon ! I have the utmost respect for officers " but " these issues have to be address !

  13. Here where I live we would never have that problem our police took their vow to defend the Constitution seriously! Shout out to the Rowan County Sheriff's Dept . And a big shout out to one of the best Sheriff' ever " Kevin " !

  14. All they gotta do is change the laws (already happening) then EVERY cop will “follow orders.” Cops, no matter how nice or patriotic they all work for a corporate government who is actively at war against the people. If they were going to do something…what the hell are they waiting for. This isn’t America anymore. Period.

  15. This guy is full of it when talking about cops not being willing to confiscate guns. 90% of all conservative cops would absolutely cave to unlawful orders if their job was at risk. Also, all it takes is for the media or their boss to label someone as a bad guy radical for them to act on orders.

  16. Lets not forget it was a supreme court ruling that stopped what was going on in Katrina. Also don't forget that it was not just the local police involved , there were agencies from around the country.

  17. Regarding the military. I spent several years in the military and they are the least of the peoples worries. There are safeties in place to prevent them from violating the constitution. There are lawful and unlawful orders, If an unlawful order is given it is not to be followed and a junior person can have the senior person arrested for issuing it. There is a considerable amount of time spent teaching what orders are to be followed and which are not.

  18. Forgotten confiscations also occurred during the LA riots in 92. LAPD was given orders to take any guns they came across and they did. The Chief at the time stood on TV and said anyone found armed would be arrested and they did. There were officers who chose to look the other way using an out of site out of mind rule. When the time comes we will see who is on what side of the line.

  19. You say the majority of local cops would resist the call from the feds to confiscate. Yet you say you can take guns via court order until a case is adjudicated. Where is the line? You are taking someone's rights away before due process takes place – you are guilty until proven innocent. Now what happens when a judge signs some court order via a red flag law and tells you that it's now the law go confiscate because everyone is now a "fellon"?. Just seems like you do what your told not what you know is right, with that said it scares me that the opposite would happen as far as local police would NOT resist…

    Cops are people too, we all need a pay check, we all need to eat, and provide for our families.

  20. In CT our red flag law makes it so that basically nobody even needs proof they just have to say they think you're unstable and the police can come take your guns, also if someone puts a restraining order on you for any reason, they can take your guns. Both of these situations last until the courts decide you're ok to have them.

  21. To be a liberal means you are open to ideas. Many of our founders were liberals. The left in this country are progressives and have rejected sanity.

  22. Lol, cops don’t give a shit about the constitution… they violate people’s rights every single day.. look on YouTube. There are hundreds of videos posted every day.

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