149 MPH Pursuit Ended With 102 MPH PIT

From the report of Arkanasas State Police Trooper John Parker: “I was traveling southbound on State Highway 7 near Ouachita 63. I saw a silver Nissan Maxima traveling at a high rate of speed. I locked the vehicle in at 93 mph in a 65 mph zone. I turned around at the nearest crossover and began traveling northbound.

While traveling northbound, I noticed her about a mile ahead of me, and she was traveling 110 mph. I finally caught up to the vehicle just south of the State Highway 376 intersection. While behind her with my lights and siren on, we were traveling between 90 mph and 100 mph in the left lane. As we approached a vehicle in the left lane, she moved into the right lane to pass the vehicle. After passing this vehicle she moved back into the left lane just before reaching the State Highway 376 intersection.

I advised Warren dispatch the driver was not stopping. The driver failed to yield and continued around the right hand curve just before the Coke plant and Lakewood drive. While negotiating the curve, she was mainly in the left lane, but drifted into the right lane a couple times through the curve. By the time we reached the Coke plant, it was evident that the driver was fleeing, traveling at 96 mph, and not going to stop. We were approximately half a mile from the Camden city limits. Due to the time of day and traffic volume I performed a PIT Maneuver. At the time of the PIT Maneuver, the vehicle was traveling at 102 mph.

The vehicle began to rotate in a clockwise movement while traveling in a northwestern direction. The vehicle left the road and entered onto the northbound roadside where it struck two trees and overturned.
I contacted Warren dispatch and advised them to contact EMS, fire, and rescue to extract her. Once they arrived, EMS transported the driver, Tracy Gray, to Ouachita County Medical Center for treatment.”

00:00 Maxima speeding in the opposite direction
02:06 149 MPH
02:46 Caught up
04:02 PIT (not much to see after this point)
07:32 “Get off the horn!” (horn sounds attenuated for your sanity)
08:40 Not much to see after here
13:17 “Just relax”
13:54 “What happened?”
17:30 “Hey give me some facts for this”
21:17 Interesting conversation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kot9-_Vznow ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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24 thoughts on “149 MPH Pursuit Ended With 102 MPH PIT

  1. Arkansas roads/countryside are just absolutely beautiful. Driving, especially road-trips are my biggest joy, I am a blue line supporter, a law abiding citizen and driving from OK where I’m stationed to see family in MS could take me thru a whole lot of Arkansas…BUT I would never take that route after watching all these ASP vids…lol

  2. Man, don't you just hate it when you are cruising along at 102, minding your own business, and the cops put you into the treeline?

  3. Assholes put everybody in danger, including the speeder, just for a speeding ticket. He’s just lucky nobody died doing the pit at over a hundred mph. But he got to write his ticket!🖕🏾

  4. Every thumbnail out of Arkansas looks the same haha, I knew before clicking this was probably ASP. They DO NOT fuck around and will probably chase you all the way to New York

  5. Officer had the worse radio communication, even dispatch had hard time hearing him.
    Why do officers always sound like had snort of cocaine, the constant sniffing? Does adrenaline cause nose to run?

  6. Call me crazy but it seems Arkansan roads would be a bit safer if ASP wasn’t so itchy to PIT people for everything from excessive speeds to a missing license plate screw. How long before they end up doing it to a pregnant woman who wanted to stop safely due to the tiny shoulder of the highway they were on? Oh wait…

  7. I’m more in favor of using radios and maybe get a road block set up ahead than this.
    Pits are lethal force for sure. Should be last resort not the first idea. These guys enjoy it too much

  8. Damn, I’m surprised she survived that. You would figure that spinning out straight into the woods at nearly 100 mph would be a death sentence.

  9. At this point they should just have road signs in AK warning drivers about the consequences of running from ASP lol

  10. Don't the cops know they can't pit someone when they have their hazards on? All jokes aside, great work by the officer for being able to execute the pit maneuver without wrecking

  11. 4:40 – OFFICER: Lemme see your hands!
    CRIMINAL: Sorry, officer I can't raise my hands from all the shit inside my car after being PIT at 102 mph

  12. Hi, I'm interested in becoming an ASP trooper. My qualifications are: 1. Proficient at conducting constitutionally illegal searches. 2. I can chase at 140mph+. well skilled.

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