14-year-old Shoots CMPD Officer During Foot Chase in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Charlotte, North Carolina — On Monday, December 27, 2021, officers were dispatched to a Larceny from Vehicle in progress call for service in the 6100 block of Winged Elm Court. The caller also advised that the suspect had pointed a firearm at a nearby citizen. Responding officers made contact with the suspect, who fled on foot. At the time, it was not known that the suspect was a juvenile. During a brief foot chase, the armed suspect fired at the pursuing officer, Elliott Whitley, striking Whitley in the shoulder.

Officer Whitley returned fire and the suspect was not struck. The suspect continued to run with the weapon towards a heavily populated apartment complex as well as in the direction of other responding officers who were able to take the suspect into custody. Officer Whitley was transported to an area hospital and was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect was later identified as a 14-year-old who had an extensive felony history including charges in 46 criminal cases dating back as far as 2014. The CMPD Homicide Unit responded to the scene to lead the investigation, and Crime Scene Investigation responded to collect physical evidence.

Representatives of the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Homicide Prosecution Team also responded to assist. As is standard procedure with any officer-involved shooting, the Internal Affairs Bureau conducted a separate but parallel investigation to determine whether CMPD policies and procedures were adhered to during the incident. The investigation determined that Officer Whitley was justified in his actions, including returning fire, due to the deadly threat posed by the suspect. Officer Whitley was placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard policy whenever an officer discharges a service weapon

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0:00 – 911 Call
1:07 – Bodycam: Officer Whitley

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “14-year-old Shoots CMPD Officer During Foot Chase in Charlotte, North Carolina

  1. Bear this in mind the next time law enforcement shoots a minor wielding a gun and people cry, "Why'd they hafta shoot him, HE WAS JUST A KID!" Bullets don't care if they came from a gun held by an adult or a child, they can kill you just as dead either way.

  2. I’m sure we’ll hear about how he’s a good kid and he goes to church. He has a short life ahead of him. This lifestyle will end him

  3. He should have never been on paid administrative leave Because he was protecting himself since that kid shot him. I hope that kid actually stays in Jail forever.

  4. This is the out of control crime that the MSM is always crickets about, they won't show these criminals shooting at police which is happening all over this country daily and its 99% the same demographic. It's only when it fits their narrative is when they will show anything, it really sickens me how corrupt the news has gotten.

  5. Until we start charging parents with the crimes of their underage kids crimes they won't stop pumping out shit stain criminals that grow up to terrorize their communities, growing up like savages without proper moral education or parental responsibilities.

  6. This dirtbag of a child should either get the death penalty, life in prison or at the very least sterilized so if he doesn't spend the term of his life in prison, he has no ability to have any children. All that said, this was a residential community and if the cop wasn't CERTAIN he could hit the suspect he should NOT have emptied his magazine because those OFF TARGET bullets could have hit an unintended target.

  7. There is no reform for this evil kid. Euthanization is best for all of society. Guarantee you that if this kid isn't locked away for life he will kill someone's son or daughter at some point!

  8. Say what🤔

    Were made in HIS image. HE made us with the power of free choice
    A good prayer:
    I'm a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation and for shedding they Blood for me. I love you JESUS.
    Romans 10:5/10 ct…❤️k
    If you'd like to call someone who cares
    bc you don't know when you'll die?
    .y r u hesitant. . ….
    …. …..

  9. If I'm speeding, I get a ticket if caught. I'm not given several times for that policeman to follow me on down the road to see if I quit speeding.
    These REAL criminals need to get that same courtesy. Tell them twice- stop or ill taze or shoot, then do it. Saying it more than twice– ridiculous. Show them you mean business!!

  10. It needs to become mandatory.
    Police: I will give you 2 chances. Stop or I WILL stop you.

    We have swung so far to the left that policemen have been stripped of their abilities to keep us safe.
    I know there are a few bad apples. (And it makes me REALLY angry with those bad apples–especially when we see drunk higher-ups who want to be let off. Or those who say, you know I've got this camera, so I've got to do my job. Instead, think of the kids and innocents who those bad apples could kill, and do the right thing. )

  11. How are you that young with such an extensive criminal history…that's a deadly little 14 yo man, crazy scary. Also, how tf did he miss all them shots? It's good no bullets went through any walls and hit anybody with the way he was shooting…he might as well not shot at the kid. If he was hit In the same shoulder as his shooting hand, I get it…then don't return fire if you can't get accurate shots down range, that's how you kill innocent bystanders.

  12. It's only a matter of time before this crazy kid will succeed in killing someone. Since he's a minor this kid will be out in several years,unfortunately.

  13. So his criminal charges began when he was 6 years old?! Holy crap. He will kill someone and the state (tax payers) will cough up millions in a law suit.

  14. We witnessed a "Pulp Fiction" style miracle that that kid wasn't hit at all. Wow. He should take that as an omen and change his ways….but no. He absolutely will not. Speedy recovery officer!

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