Your Dog is Your Responsibility

Los Angeles Police Department
Your Dog is Your Responsibility – LAPD

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  1. All those public statements about why the police dog bit a suspect is just eyewash. In fact, a dog that bites with little provocation is a hazardous dog & should never be allowed to mingle with the public.

    Years ago I read an in-depth article about the issues behind having an attack dog. The conclusion was that the hazards of an attack dog were far too high for all but the most extreme situations. Such as guarding the atomic bomb depots. Instead, the article recommended getting an Alarm Dog. That is, a dog trained to bark upon command. It is rare that any criminal will attempt violence against someone accompanied by a dog that it vigorously barking.

  2. If I heard an announcement like that I would be encouraging all of my neighbors to come out. I honestly don't care what the they think the guy did that they're trying to find. Phuc them for ordering an entire neighborhood to stay inside their own home.

  3. I like your videos bro but a dog can sense another sent far away even though look you're on a bike you're sweating it distracts the dogs don't get me wrong you know your rights I know my rights but sometimes it's better just to let them do their job long as I don't fuk with you they try to slap you in the face with violation of your rights it's all good but sometimes just let me do the job he sounds like a cool dude to me but that's just my opinion anyways like your movies be safe brother watch your back all the time you never know and don't trust these dudes too much late oh big thumbs up

  4. shit went down again at this same spot on 68th and vermont and Kansas. they closed a few more parameters this time. They also brought out the K9's again.

  5. Just read of a young woman at a party who was severely bitten by a police dog she didnโ€™t even know was there, as she was dancing. Ka-Ching!

  6. So now we know it's legal to raise protection dogs to protect ourselves. if it's good for them it's good for us. Law is the law. Isn't it nice they showing us what we can do that when it's ok for them same for us.

  7. They are teaching the dogs to attack instead of tracking- so in other words they are teaching them to attack human Prey and thatโ€™s the danger they canโ€™t control the predator in the Beast. Even worse than that if you harm the Dog in any way you are charged with harm to an officer (animal not human) , which should be considered a tool not a human

  8. You are also right next to the police, so they would just allow the dog to attack you when they are standing close to you? Doesn't make sense.

  9. Police dogs are trained to attack upon command from thier handlers….once activated the dog will give chase and subdue (maul) the "suspect" until given the command to "release"….The cops dont like being filmed because they dont want "evidence" of what they actually do when they engage 'the people' in public…When independent documentation of what cops really do to people in the streets exists, its nolonger a case of our word against the cops, the prosecuter, and the judge…We must continue to expose the abusive corrupt system of our government… Stop the lies….Always record the police…๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿค”Shalom

  10. In truth, no cop should be using any animals in law enforcement. It takes signifigant animal abuse to make mean dogs, dogs that can never be rehomed.

  11. Police Dogs are trained to follow commands from their Handlers. They are only taken off leash when a suspect is running or is refusing to exit a building. So if you are a member of the Press, are visible to the Police and they release a Dog in your Direction they are liable and you would have a case in court if you suffered any injuries.

  12. When a police dog is used , the police should be charged with excessive force whatโ€™s the difference between allowing a dog to bite a person and a cop stabbing a person?

  13. People if you ( Believe any cops ) then you have brain damage!!! >>>>Blue isis, …..ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!!( They are not your friend!! ….all cops are sworn to rob you of your money! lie about everything they do and screw you like a dog! President Trump talks about gangs, and cops are gangs and there as dangerous as ms13!! and isis>>>> DO NOT EVER TRUST a cop and ALWAYS video them! to protect yourself! always remember cops are pirates and tyrants and Liars! DO NOT, carry on a conversation! that is what they call fishing! they will wrap you up and makeup charges on you!!

  14. I just heard this from some guy, Did you know cops that has the dogs ( K9 units )got to master bait the dog off before they learn tricks? or that's what i heard… I bet that cops finger smells like dog pussy lmao lol lol?

  15. Yeah, your nazi animal, YOUR responsibility, YOUR liability…..
    MAYBE you should train our DOGS not to attack innocent people scumbag…..?

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