23 thoughts on “You Be The Judge – Man Arrested at Huntington Beach Rally

  1. Been going here for a long time. The 80s riot was a lot more news worthy. And that about a restless crowd a lot of alcohol and of course girls in bikinis. Burning cops cars, national guard, tanks. This is baby coco and happens every Saturday night. Love our city. And stay out of people's way

  2. He hates you because you have a loud mouth and you were blocking his path and shouting into his face he had his mask on and was not speaking to you . I hate you to

  3. When you hold someone against their will by standing and blocking his freedom of travel yeah bitch you get beat up. And he doesn't hate you he just wants you to gtfo his face and leave him alone y do you care about how he feels soyboy!?

  4. I hate people like that. Annoying and always starting shit just because of how someone thinks or looks. Then he wants to act like it's a hate crime. Stay outta texas with that please

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