Watching The Redondo Beach Police

Watching The Redondo Beach Police

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  1. Katman I had a talk with Colquette this morning related to that altercation at the DUI checkpoint. To say the least what he had to say was interesting and it might even apply to some folks that record but I don't think his comments apply to you in the least. I am pretty sure though that it will create an interesting conversation. I didn't really make any effort to defend you because it was pretty obvious he wasn't going to change his mind on the spot. That is pretty much what I am doing here this morning. Here to steal some of your content so instead of verbally responding to Lt C I am just going to let the video speak for itself. Might also snag some screenshots of your channel because in my opinion it too speaks for itself. TTYS.

  2. Attention: To All Auditors:
    I have seen many abuses of law enforcement brought to my attention by all of you. These violations are on camera and show absolute proof by the same standard they use to show absolute proof you did wrong yet the chiefs of these department in 99 out of 100 cases state “Officers actions were within Department policy” Yet nearly ever civil rights lawsuits either settle out of court after being filed or a jury awards a civil judgment. Why is that? How can a civil rights jury rule and officer have violated someone’s rights yet the chief says there was no violation?
    It is time for auditors to unite as one organization. YOU have strength in numbers. I am shocked and dismayed when department policy says “In order to gain the respect of the public and officer my verbally respond to the citizen “Name and Badge Number Please”. And they refuse. I see a problem here in many cases. I thought “Why would an officer tell you to read it yourself?” Plausible deniability. The officer can state in their defense that you spelled the name wrong or wrote the badge number wrong. Or stepping closer to them to read it could be taken as an act against them giving them cause to detain, attack or arrest.
    We cannot allow abuse to happen Point of fact: Los Angeles paid out last year $12.000.000 to settle civil rights violation lawsuits against 2000 officer?? 5000 officers? 5 officers whose chiefs said “They acted within department policy.” 5 officers getting paid by the city some $125.000 per year. That’s $650.000 total and they cost Los Angeles citizen $2,000,000. It’s the taxpayers that get screwed because they have less money in the general fund and have to pay more in taxes to cover the loss.
    Although we cannot tolerate this we need to mover forward. So, this is what I propose. Auditors need to unite. Create an organization just like the law enforcement. Registration, monthly or yearly or in-between. Set rules and guidelines supported by the law and SCOTUS. Prepare a Newsletter keeping all member up on the latest news from Legislators, lawmakers, Congress and Senate and the President.
    Registration: All auditors can keep their names; News Now Houston, PINAC and so on but as a registered member will create a personal file of the auditor and assign them an ID number, send them a badge with that number on it and a nametag with their last name on it, they will get a shirt to wear that the name tag and badge gets on it. Why? Next time an officer says “I want your ID.” You say “It’s on my shirt. Name tag and badge” Just like they do to you. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. All auditors will abide by all the policies of the organization and law in regards of private property and state and local laws even federal.

    We don’t want bad auditors to be in the organization. So, any officer who has had an undesirable contact with an auditor they can request a complaint form they must fill out and send it to the organization. The organization will “Investigate” the incident and will be told if the person or persons acted within organization policy. If it’s Unfounded no other action required. If upheld, actions of reprimand, suspension or dismissal will happen. What taken are by policy not released but handled internally.
    As I stated the organization will release a newsletter that keeps all auditors up on the Laws and Policies from Federal on down Including SCOTUS rulings. This will keep all members fully informed what they can and can’t do and how far they can go in protecting their civil rights. This Newsletter is a powerful tool for all auditors to be smarter and sharp about the law and right better than law enforcement. Just the knowledge higher ranking officers being aware these guys are on their toes would train officers on their limits.
    My Suggestions:
    This organization should be called: Auditors United and say so on the issued badge and shirt. The shirt should be a bright color that can be seen day or night when a light is shined on it. You make yourself visible day or night so no reason to be asked “What are you doing?” and “May I see your ID?”

    Pass this along to all auditors. Get all to join and be it $25 a year or a month this organization can thrive and get legal retainer. Keeps all of you Safe, Sound and within the law and strong in your rights.

  3. Katman Mr. Possum wasn't gonna attack you he was taking Daniel's place, so Mr. Possum was your back-up tonight and if them cops messed with you, Mr. Possum to the rescue he would kicked them cops in the ass.

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