15 thoughts on “Torrance – The Privilege of Being Off Duty Police Officer

  1. The good thing is that constitutional carry is spreading across the country. Hope Justive Thomas makes it back to the bench soon, or the Second Amendment is all done in this country.

  2. He clearly has food looks like an 🍊 🍅 that's being set on the filthy sidewalk doesn't he have the right to cut up his food in public? Was he brandishing it as a weapon? Did he threaten or use it in an intimidating manor ?

  3. You know it is unlawful for someone convicted of a felony to possess pepper spray in the state of California. Even if that felony conviction was a non violent offense that occurred more than 20 years ago. So even if that person has payed their dept to society and has been a law abiding citizen ever since, they somehow don't have a right to defend themselves if attacked? There are so many laws on the books in this state that don't make sense. Onus News Service you continue to put out quality videos. I really respect the work that you do. You are a legend.

  4. In my state CCW and open carry is legal, no need to lick the shoes of the state to get permission to carry defensive firearms. I can no longer visit Commiefornia, they don’t respect my 2A rights.

  5. Countries are judged by how the weakest, poorest, & forgotten in society are treated & dealt with. FYI, we have highest incarceration rate of ANY country & it's not even close.

  6. CC UNIT channel is currently in need of some help catching a chomo in Torrance at Wal-Mart after he ran . The Child Sex Predators car is believed to have been indentified sitting in the stores parking lot .
    I will delete this message in the next hour or so . THANK YOU !

  7. Elections have consequences, and the people of California have not yet learned that lesson. Sadly, tis true in nearly every major city in the US.

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