Torrance Police – What Happened To Your Audio and Video ?

Torrance Police – What Happened To Your Audio and Video ?

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  1. Maybe unrelated but similar enough…I have a police report from my arrest in Inglewood a few years back where Sherry Lane and I disagreed when I told her I would be getting the video of her in custody interview of me. She assured me that I wouldn't be getting the video. I insisted I would get it and it wouldn't be the first time. The police report explains in great detail how she changed the name of the video on the police interrogator video system and then suddenly the video disappeared and could not be located. Further, she explained how she got police techs involved to help her and even with their help the video somehow disappeared. The interesting thing about that is for several months after that interview Inglewood police took the most sensitive information gained from it and repeatedly posted it on line for others to see. If I get to it I can make a video and/or show you the report and give you more details but besides refusing to provide the video under cover of it being deleted she was also unavailable to testify in court because "she retired." As it turns out she is still on the street working since "she retired." I suspect my attorney made up that lie but really hard to tell when you are in a courtroom full of liars where is each lie coming from and of all the deleted and edited videos who deleted or edited each video.

  2. Try this next time. Put in a FOIA for all video and audio for the whole watch (1st, 2nd, 3rd) that day instead of specific Officer's names. Another idea is to put in a FOIA for the serial numbers/ID of all cameras and the officers that they are issued to. If they give you that information, then you can make a FOIA without alerting the staff as to which Officer's camera you are interested in. In other words, get more creative with your FOIA requests.

  3. when the people voted for a solution to police criminal activity and it was decided that all cops are required under law to video and audio while on duty and they come back with no video or audio exist even when you are video and audio taping them fines for every violation of there dept. is in order it is up to the citizens of your towns to hold them responsable, contact the state attorney generals office with copies of all records and video or videos, but make sure you personally have backup video so that it does not get lost in the care of any law enforcement agencies.

  4. All cops are liars…..They are NOT here to keep you safe…..They only want to harm you. All cops hate cameras they don't control because they are liars.

  5. This probably means that the officers are erasing the footage before turning the cameras in for processing. If they are erasing the videos, then this would be willful destruction of government records.

  6. You know the kids in school who were never wrong, would lie, cheat and steal to prove thier point AND NEVER EVER EVER admitted they were wrong…ever.
    These people go on to become cops. IT WHO THEY ARE..ITS WHAT THEY.DO.
    In order for them to have a fulfilling life they must make thier surroundings mistake proof..but Intelligent people know there is no such place so we learn to live with our mistakes and the mistakes of others, but these people don't.
    So they gravitate towards a vocation that can manipulate reality to create a place wher, even if proven wrong, they can never be wrong.
    THIS is how those people look and act. They dress in matching uniforms, are given guns and a unit to protect the image of THIER justice..
    They are and always will be liars cheaters and thieves no.matter where they work.

  7. imagine my lack of shock that badged criminals, commit the crime of destruction of evidence. Which by the way is considered a felony of perjury of oath, under 18 usc 1001 …

  8. Just more evidence and proof that the entire system is corrupt. Police are not there to help you, they are there to collect revenue and keep you in fear. Ask yourself this question: Which do they do more? Provide service and assistance to the public? Or harass, lie to, intimidate, threaten, ticket, fine, bully, follow, confiscate from, assault, arrest, or even murder the public? I am not a trouble maker. I do not confront or instigate police. Im not talking about doing audits, either, I'm talking about just going about my business. I cannot remember the last time I saw a cop "helping" anyone. I can't recall a time a cop has EVER helped me. One time that sticks out in my mind, is about 7 years ago my Jeep broke down on the side of a very rural, not busy road, on the shoulder, not on the roadway. I didnt NEED help, my driveshaft u-joint broke and I had the tools and parts on me to fix it. Would have taken me 10 minutes max. A cop just happens to come by, and pulls up behind me and lights me up. I thought, Great! He can park there for a few minutes and make sure no one crashes into me while I quickly fix this. He gets out and says "get back in your car", as I was standing by my tailgate rummaging through my spare parts and tools. I tried to explain what the problem is and now he starts YELLING at me to get back in my car. I do so, and now he comes up and wants to know why I am out here. I told him, and asked him if he could just sit behind me with his lights on for 5 minutes I can fix this and be on my way. Of course, all I got was attitude and no help, assistance, or service. I was completely polite and respectful to this cop. What I DID get was an earful of how irresponsible I am to not maintain my vehicle, how reckless I am to "park" on the side of a "busy road" to "play with" my vehicle, two tickets, and my car impounded. He wouldn't even let me call AAA, he had it towed to the impound yard. Which, since my driveshaft was disconnected, had to be towed out of there anyway AFTER I paid the towing and storage fee of over $300. What would have taken 10 minutes and cost me nothing, in the end cost me 2 days and over $600 in revenue for the town. So, after the encounter was over, instead of me being able to respect this cop and say: "Thank you for your assistance, sir", what he got from me was: "HEY ASSHOLE, THANKS FOR NOTHING YOU FUCKING SCUMBAG!!!" He says "Have a nice day." I say: "HOW ABOUT YOU JUST FUCK OFF AND DIE?!?!?" I truly believe that that sort of encounter is more common than someone being helped by police. They EARN the hate and mistrust. It is time the THE PEOPLE overhaul this system.

  9. EXPOSED .. at least this will be here for years for the future to see .. what else can u do .. either do videos for utube or fight and it's going to be a war… we can't do shit against these freakin pigs

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