Torrance Police Arrest and Prosecute Innocent Man at DUI Checkpoint

Original Video June 10th, 2016 the Torrance police conducted a DUI checkpoint on PCH. A motorist made a legal right hand turn prior to the checkpoint. Torrance police motorcycle officers Salas and McDonald pulled the driver over and had him perform field sobriety tests. When the driver didn’t blow hard enough in the breathalyzer, officers arrested him. Once arrested, the driver blew a .05 which is well below the legal limit in California. Despite this, the driver was still prosecuted.
The day before trial was to begin, the DA dropped the charges after video evidence from Onus News showed the officers exaggerated their reports and their reports were inconsistent with the video evidence.
Torrance Police Arrest and Prosecute Innocent Man – Onus News Video Assists in Exonerating Him

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47 thoughts on “Torrance Police Arrest and Prosecute Innocent Man at DUI Checkpoint

  1. I think we should write the city council people and send them a link to this video. We need a hearing on this matter. I live in Torrance and love this town and am sad to see the level of criminality in this video. Email these guys . . .Patrick J. Furey, Mayor , PFurey@TorranceCA.Gov , Chen, George K. -GChen@TorranceCA.Gov
    Tim Goodrich – TGoodrich@TorranceCA.Gov. Mike Griffiths MGriffiths@TorranceCA.Gov
    Herring, Milton S -MHerring@TorranceCA.Gov. Mattucci, Aurelio – AMattucci@TorranceCA.Gov
    Geoff Rizzo – GRizzo@TorranceCA.Gov

  2. Thank god my family has 137 years of law in it , and I having no record, am more than willing to go to jail on some over excited cops lies. I don't drink! Even in college small amount of alcohol seem to upset my stomach…as such its just easier , and way more comfortable , and fun not to drink. I am also known to many friends , and co-workers as the phone call to make for a ride home…. Because of these things… I will not take part in an checkpoints, I will not preform any " Stupid Human" tricks for the cops on the side of the road , and don't answer questions. Arrest my ass, so I can have my lawyer witness a hospital blood draw , and lets get this lawsuit started! LOL WARNING… After I win a settlement, I am going to offer the city to keep the money , if they fire the cop that violated my rights…. Just to see if maybe they do it !

  3. DUMB AS* COP--"No matter what, I'm gonna get his as*. I'm gonna coerce, cheat, lie as much as possible because, because…well, I have…. (ATHORITY, AND I'LL DAMN WELL RULE THE WORLD AND EAT MY DONUTS). Yeah, that's what I'll do. SMDH

  4. How do these miserable excuses for human beings sleep at night….I have nothing in common I hope with disgraceful men as those shown here, if you really can even equate a man with how these officers conduct themselves ,and I'm tentative to use that description as I beleive a has character and carries himself with integrity, obviously none of those traits are seen in the video you've shared, disgraceful, but what a fantastic service you've performed, only a medal of Valor would be good enough for you, cheers my man. Bravo again !

  5. Great video. I feel sorry for that young man. He did nothing wrong but he still had his licence taken away for at least a year and then he has to pay a fine too. Instead of the cop shop getting their hands slapped and paying out a law suit.

  6. corruption in the high places protects their own. this clearly shows how backward and infantile our justice system is. We lack morality and balance. Where the punishment will not suit the crime or this in case being no crime done and still having to be dealt like a common criminal just to keep the revenue inflowing and keep courts and judges in business.

  7. Torrance is next door to me and I have much negative to say about this arm pit of the South Bay. One trick they pulled recently was to throw a big shindig related to the school district and invite all of the lunch wagons in the area to come to town and support it. Unknowledgeable owners of such coaches figured it was an invitation to come to town, so many did without Torrance licenses. They all got busted. City officials said one thing, the police another. BS!

  8. And your a lot richer,if you were any kind of Lawyer,you wouldn't have dragged this out for a year,even Ambulance chasers could have gotten this dismissed a lot sooner,so my question ,are you going to help him sue the State of California or are you happy to go to the Bahamas on his Dime

  9. It's not as serious as alot of people tend to think. A breathalyzer should not omit a person's tolerance, .08 doesn't affect everyone the same. If said drunk driver can pass a sobriety test, let them go about their way. Ive had 3 DUIs. 2 were in my driveway, and 1 was in a parking garage where I had already exited the vehicle. The 1st DUI, I was pulled for reving my engine in a parking lot. "Sitting still, not moving." The 2nd DUI I was parked at the gate of my hunting camp, "not in the vehicle but standing beside my truck" officers mistook me for a person of interest and surrounded me with guns, "I WASN'T EVEN THE GUY THEY WERE LOOKING FOR!" the 3rd DUI, I pulled over at a convenience store but did not exit the vehicle, "I pulled over to return a phone call, stopped in a designated parking spot." That was considered suspicious activity so the fucking cops followed me home, when I pulled in my driveway, they flipped on the blue lights. Fuck the DUI laws I got a 3 year jail sentence for doing nothing wrong! I was not a danger, I passed each sobriety test and was home or parked for each incident!

  10. You had to corrupt police officers it illegally arresting a driver that was not drunk. Taking a whole year to fight this phony charge and he takes a plea deal! I would have gone the whole route and then sue the officers for false arrest lying on lying on the stand. Violating his oath. And anything else that he broke so he can just make and arrest. Some lawyer you are. You're with the corruption of the judicial system. Plea deal plea deal. Afraid to work for the client.

  11. So how is it a win? He had to take a plea to to traffic infraction which would have gave the police on paper the right to have stoped and checked you in thr first place making the ilegal stop and dui charge valid in the dui suspicion right in the first place that was pointless court and battle why you even help him? Its clear he took a plea to win money probably for his lawyer and court fees only for him to avoid a dui he wasnt guilty of since he blew .05 and he got a ticket for a traffic violation he didnt commit and that only took a year lol dumbass well atleast it might have been worth it if he probably got tempted by the money they offered so he didnt care for right or wrong that guy accepted money and became corrupt as the officers who stoped him.

  12. Thanks for you work Katman! As the attorney that represented this driver, and the interviewee, I would like to clear up on thing. There was an illegal turn made. The turn at the checkpoint violated Vehicle Code 22100(a), which requires a turn from as far right as practicable. The driver here turned from the far left lane. The act of avoiding a checkpoint is evidence, and police will say that the driver was even aware of his own guilt. Since the turn here was illegal, their case was supported by evidence. It is a common misconception that a driver must be over a .08 to be convicted; this is not the case. Justice was served in this case, but turning away from a checkpoint, even if done legally, is risky, as it will raise suspicion.

  13. I don't understand why he had to plead guilty to the traffic infraction if he didn't commit one and passed all sobriety checks. Why wasn't everything dropped 100% and why isn't he sueing them for a false arrest? I love these follow up stories but typically disappointed with the results.

  14. excellent job you are the real american hero that is required.   thank you so much for your efforts you have single handedly made a huge difference,  the moral factor and results we get for our activism is priceless.  we will not fail .  our efforts will not stop . we will forever protect the truth and integrity of all men even our enemies.

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